My triz competition3 nurul and asna part 2


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Solution part 2

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  • The time consuming for the pipe replacement, like stopping the operation for a while, can be eliminated.
  • The subject is the pipeThe object is the materialWater is also part of the systemThe pipe has useful function to transport the materialWater has useful function to hold the transported material that being transported by the pipe.The material has harmful function towards the pipe as it rubs and knocks onto it.
  • Improving #33 because so that the pipe does not need to be replaced for every month.Improving #14 because to increase the pipe strength by increasing its thickness.Worsening #12 because to overcome the possibility of the sharp-pointed edge of the material and also to reduce its shape so that it can pass through the pipe system easily without touching the pipe inside.Improving #33, Worsening #1215 Dynamization, 34 Discarding & recovering, 29 Pneumatic & hydraulics, 28 Mechanical substitutionImproving #14, Worsening #1210 Preliminary action, 30 Flexible shells/thin films, 35 Parameter changes, 40 Composite material
  • My triz competition3 nurul and asna part 2

    1. 1. MYTRIZ COMPETITION 2012 PART 2 Nurul Akmar Ruslan Asna M Zain
    2. 2. Problem Breakdown • The wood-based material of pipe was leaking and damage after 1 month of operation. • Caused by the transported material knocked and rubbed onto the inside of the pipe. • The pipe system using water as medium of transportation. • The pipe is 1 meter long. 1 meter
    3. 3. ObjectiveTo prevent the pipe damage caused by the transported materialTo ensure the transported materials are not ruinedTo ensure the operation goes smoothly
    4. 4. Benefits/Impact if the Problem Solved• Could reduce the monthly cost for pipe replacement.• The time consuming for the pipe replacement can be eliminated.• Save the energy needs to replace the pipe.• Reduce the possibilities for the transported material to be ruined from the knocking and rubbing.
    5. 5. Function Analysis knock + rub transportPipe Material hold Water
    6. 6. Cause & Effect Chain Analysis Pipe leaking and damage Being knocked and rubbed by the transported material The material has sharp- The pipe thickness is too High speed of the water pointed edge thin stream
    7. 7. TOOL 1: ENGINEERING CONTRADICTION“If the sharp-pointed edge on the material is reduced and thethickness of the pipe is increased, then it will prevent the pipe fromleaking and damage after 1 month of operation.”Improving: #33 Ease of operation, #14 StrengthWorsening: #12 Shape Rubber sheetsPOTENTIAL SOLUTIONPrinciple 30: Flexible shells and thin films• To isolate the material from being directly contact with the pipe• Use a thin layer of flexible shells made from rubber• Laminate the thin layer of rubber at the interior part of the pipe. Pipe Interior
    8. 8. TOOL 2: SUFIELD MODEL• Harmful sufield between material and pipe• Add F(chemical) to reduce the F(mechanical) impact of knocking of material to the pipe which increase bouyancy of material by air bubble formed by the inert chemical F(M) F(M) Material Harm Pipe Material Harm Pipe F(C) F(C)