Offshore joomla web development outsourcing benefits of open source cms


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In recent years, it has been seen that there is a significant development and changes in Internet space & technology, due to this technological advancement there are various platforms available for web application & software development.

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Offshore joomla web development outsourcing benefits of open source cms

  1. 1. Offshore Joomla Web Development- Outsourcing Benefits ofOpen Source CMSIn recent years, it has been seen that there is a significant development and changes in Internetspace & technology, due to this technological advancement there are various platforms availablefor web application & software development.In past few years, it has been seen that there is a upward trend in web development which arecompletely based up-on large amount of content. Various types of portals & websites such asnews websites, information websites etc. need significant amount of content that could beuploaded and managed effectively with least manual efforts. Keeping this into consideration,there is a huge demand of effective Content Management System and, as a part of open sourceweb development; Joomla has been considered one of the most popular CMS for website design& development.Joomla has shown tremendous growth over past few years, because of its various features whichare easy to integrate, and flexible according to business requirements. It is a ContentManagement System that has been built with free open source technology and used forpublishing different types of content on the internet or intranet through websites / portals or otherweb applications. Because of its flexible & advance features both simple and complex websites& web applications could be developed. It has been developed in PHP programming languageand for data storage purpose it uses MySQL Database. It is very user friendly and easy to installand use. A less technical person with basic knowledge can also install and use it with ease. Itcould also be installed through package management system.There are various advantages of Joomla Web Development because of which, it has becomeone of the most popular open source cms all over the world. Joomla provides a wide range oftemplates through which developers can easily modify the design and structure of websiteaccording to business requirements. These templates are customized and could be changed anytime whenever website needs a revamp. A Joomla Template is a string of various files which areassociated with its CMS that is responsible for organizing the presentation of content onwebsites. All kind of content ranging from text, image, video, audio, flash could be integratedwith it.Nowadays, in order to promote the website across the different web platforms, it is veryimportant to develop the website with search engine friendly and web 2.0 features. With Joomla,dynamic websites could be developed with features that are friendly with search engineoptimization guidelines. Search engine crawlers can identify and read the website in easiermanners because, we can opt an option of not providing nested tables or query strings in URLs.Further, it supports seo activities for website.
  2. 2. One of the best features that Joomla has that, it supports multiple user authentications. Thatmeans, user permissions could be given to more than one user. Further, more than one personcan log on to the website with their permissions given individually. At the same time, differentgroup of users can work on same website or applications and multiple authors can upload thecontent without delegating the work to designers and developers. Websites with differentlanguages could also be developed with Joomla, and this feature makes it more user-friendly andexpands its reach across the globe. Joomla is supported by all major operating systems such asWindows, Mac OS , Linux etc. The continuous technological improvement is one of the keybenefits of Joomla, there are many add-ons and extensions are available today which aredeveloped by open source Joomla community developers across the world. Web applicationscould be customized using these extensions & plug-ins. Features such as languageinternationalization, page caching, printable version of page, RSS feed integration, blogs, pollssearch modules make it feature rich platform.Variety of websites, portals, and web applications such as news & reference websites, corporatewebsites, E-commerce and online shopping web applications, social networking & communityportals etc. could be easily developed with Joomla.In terms of investing money on web development process by any business or company, Joomlaweb development provides cost-effective solutions. Therefore, Offshore Joomla WebDevelopment has become one of the most preferred CMS for developing secure, high qualityweb applications.For Detail information please visit: -