Offshore c sharp web software development benefits-overview


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In past few years, the software & IT industry has seen promising growth and technological development across the different technology platforms. Further to this, as a part of this development an enhanced programming language developed and introduced into market named

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Offshore c sharp web software development benefits-overview

  1. 1. Offshore C Sharp Web Software Development-Benefits-OverviewC# web software developmentIn past few years, the software & IT industry has seen promising growth and technologicaldevelopment across the different technology platforms. Further to this, as a part of thisdevelopment an enhanced programming language developed and introduced into market namedC# (pronounced as C Sharp) that has become one of the most preferred programming languagesfor developing various software and web applications and tools.C# is developed by Microsoft Corporation and is comparatively new programming language. Itwas submitted to the ECMA for standardization. It has various enhanced features integrated withlot of flexibility and is a very powerful in terms of functions & usability.There are various benefits of C# web-software development. C# is used with .NET frameworkand therefore it is required to install .NET framework on computer to develop C# basedapplication. It is the programming language that has been derived from C and C++. Microsoftincluded new features for making these languages more simple and easy to use. Therefore, C#provides easy options and removes all the complexities of other languages like C++ & Java.These options included macros removal, virtual base classes, multiple inheritances etc.Developers who have working knowledge of C++ and Java can learn C# in much easier manner.Various functions ranging from expressions, operators, statements have been taken from C++and Java and with further improvements in these options such as including additional syntaxchanges and eliminating redundancies make this language easier to learn. As a result, C# issimple to learn and understand.It is an object oriented programming language and does not provide any global variables orfunctions. It has class declaration and object inheritance. Types such as “int” and “string” inheritfrom the system object class. The code is written in classes that contain member methods. Withhelp of these classes and methods one can reuse code in other applications by passing relevantinformation. It supports – (a) encapsulation – (the process where functionality is placed into asingle package), (b) inheritance – (the process where, existing codes and functions could be
  2. 2. extended into new programs & packages in organized manner), and (c) polymorphism. C# useslimited terms which are called keywords to describe information and, this option is the base onwhich the whole functionality of language is built. The language has automatic garbagecollection option and there is no compulsion of pointers. No-Boolean variables such as integers,floats can’t be used as conditions. Therefore, the code happens to be clean and with less error.Since C# is a part of .NET framework, therefore it is compiled with Microsoft IntermediateLanguage (MSIL). Because of this, it becomes an independent platform.Apart from various benefits over C++, it has advantages over JAVA as well. Generally it runsfaster than Java. It includes unsigned numeric types and has more primitive or value types.Conditional compilation, simplified multithreading are few other benefits.C# provides a cost effective web-software development and because of new tools and featurestakes less development time. It decreases the latency issues and activities such as migration andupgrading has become easier. Because of variety of advance features C# can be used to developsoftware and web applications for organizations across the level ranging from the start-ups tolarge enterprises. These applications could be included websites, portals, software, ERP, CRM,communication tools, e-commerce applications etc.In recent years, C# has shown tremendous growth and the demand is increased in market.Therefore, offshore C# software web development has become one of the most preferredoptions among developer’s community and organizationsFor Detail information please visit: -