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MYZEAL IT-Hire PHP-Open Source Developers


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Hire certified PHP and Open Source developers for creating robust Software & Web Applications built in Technologies such PHP, CakePHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS and Open Source Technologies.

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MYZEAL IT-Hire PHP-Open Source Developers

  1. 1. my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robustWHY 01 02 SHOULD YOU HIRE A DEVELOPER FROM MYZEAL IT SOLUTIONS? Certified and Competent Developer as per your project requirement Direct Interaction with the developer for prompt replies 03 Full UNIT testing cycle done by the developer to ensure the quality 04 Shared Testing resource(s) and Project Manager available as per the need 05 Overlapping Hours. 06 Verified & Transparent Billing. 07 Good Communication Skills both in written and verbal English 08 Open Communication Channels like Messenger, Emails and even US Phones 09 Daily updates and status review calls 10 Large Pool size of the 85+ resources available for any R&D work required in the project as replacement in case resource is not available because of unavoidable circumstances and project does not get delayed 11 Proven Track Record Strong Portfolio of the executed projects 12 Quick Escalation Matrix in place, 8 hours of resolution time 13 Standard Operating Procedures to ensure quality and timelines 14 Life time bug fixing free
  2. 2. EXECUTION Model my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robust Discussion Project Finalization Team Structuring & Contract Signing - Resources - Hiring - Client Interview Project Completion Project Initiation (Kick Off) & Sign Off $ Payment Project Discussion & Documentation Feedback INTERATIVE DEVELOPMENT Agile Development/ Implementation Review/UAT Delivery Testing/Q&A
  3. 3. my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robustVERTICALS + Health Care Health Care (Patient Portal, US Healthcare) Education (Training, LMS, Online Training, Online Assessment) Real Estate (LMS, B2B, B2C) Insurance (Auto, Life, Insurance Exchange) CMS E commerce (Auction, Daily Deals, Online Store) Social Networking (Collaboration, Dating)
  4. 4. my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robustPROJECT Samples Open Source Projects (few) - rest available on requestS.No. Project URL Details (if any)1. (Vehical Database developed using LAMP, MySQL)2. (eCommerce website/deal site developed using PHP5, MySQL)3. (health tracking system developed using PHP,MySQL, Drupal)4. (Online Payment Processing System developed using PHP5, MySQL)5. (Comparison website for products and services using PHP, MySQL)6. (Wordpress)9. (Wordpress)10. (E-Commerce)11. (E-Commerce)12. (E-Commerce)13. (E-Commerce)14.
  5. 5. my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robustCLIENT References 1 Online Vehicle Reporting Tool for US automobiles 2 eCommerce and Daily deals site 3 Healthcare US – on our staging server 4 Real Estate – integration with PHP, Flex and Flash 5 eCommerce and Fund Raising – hosted on our staging server 6 Job Portal – hosted on our staging server 7 Work Order Management System Client References: Available On Request Starts at $8/hr Specialised Rate Card: Available On Request
  6. 6. my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robustTESTIMONIAL “ I was literally amazed by the quality and amount of work MYZEAL IT delivered on my very limited budget. I got not only exactly what I wanted but even more including things that I hadnt even realized at the outset that I needed. MZITs skill and professionalism in planning, from database to functional & GUI design, all the way through to their attention to detail (apparent in the quality and depth of the site they delivered) was truly mind blowing. I will not do another project without offering it to these guys first. Top rate project managers, programmers, & designers that are fair, efficient, cost effective, and are willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Thanks Guys, keep up the great work, youve got a loyal customer here! Daniel The team at MYZEAL IT was extremely professional. They were very responsive to my requests and were in constant communication. MYZEAL IT was just what we needed. Their communication and follow-up was quick and dependable. The Programmer communicates everyday with a report of the completed tasks and next steps. The Designer totally revamped the look of our site to make it the professional and easy-to-use experience that we wanted for our users. We are very happy with our experience with MYZEAL IT and would recommend them to others. Melaine I think this is a fantastic company. This is the first time I have tendered out a software project. It was a complex project aimed to automate processes in my business. At the beginning of the project, I was not sure off the full scope of the project, but MYZEAL IT helped me build the requirements, and then the project plan. Their response to my feedback was very swift, and this reassured my confidence as I could see the software developing rapidly. WELL DONE team, and I look forward to working with you again. Zahid Sharad and his team at MYZEAL IT worked very hard to accommodate our needs and provided an end product that delivered on what we were looking for. We will be using them again for future development needs. Satish Working with MYZEAL IT has been a very good experience. They provide a great level of professionalism and work ethic, from Project introduction, to project Management, to development and support. We are looking forward to continue working with them. Eduardo You have been some of the best people I have ever worked with. At times I needed many different things changed and I made some mistakes with telling you what I wanted. You never complained, you made the changes and worked to great effect. We will definitely be working with each other again. Mark MYZEAL IT not only did what we asked, but helped us to figure out how to best implement the functionality. They are very professional and thorough; and made all the necessary changes that we requested going beyond the original guidelines to make sure we were completely satisfied. I look forward to a long standing relationship with MYZEAL IT. Max
  7. 7. my ZEAL IT rapid reliable robustOPEN SOURCE Expertise Access Control Label implementation for n level users. Auto share content on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn social server. Implementation of Mobile Payment. Implementation of Money Pool like Elance. Implementation of Facebook Store App. Data grabbing from different websites using Crawler Implementation of Money Booker payment gateway. Implementation of custom shipping/FedEx shipping/ Local Pick Up services. Multilingual Implementation, Cross-Browser Compatibility. Implementation of referral user functionality with unique referral URL Implementation of auto suggest search with multiple category-wise.