An introduction to phone gap and its benefits


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An introduction to phone gap and its benefits

  1. 1. An Introduction to PhoneGap and Its BenefitsPhoneGap is an Open Source Framework that supports multiple mobile platforms for creatingMobile Apps.PhoneGap is a strong contender to deem when you wish to build apps for multiple devices. As aninfluential open source framework, this one is ideal for cross-platform apps development. Byoffering leverage to help developers polish their existing skills, this saves them beginning workfrom scratch. Software developers have more room to build applications with PhoneGap whileusing JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 rather than lower-level languages. Developers can nowtarget multiple devices with a single code while using this language. Created to bridge gapbetween the many smartphones, ‘PhoneGap’ is true to its literal meaning in every single sense.Salient Features of PhoneGap Support for Multiple Platforms:The support covers mobile platforms viz. iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Symbian, RIM(BlackBerry) and Palm thus spanning every existing system that power smartphones in currentscenario. More Appealing and Multiplatform in Approach:The API PhoneGap offer gives developers access to platform and hardware specific features,aiding in use of same code on multiple platforms, making it appealing to wider audiences. Offers Support for Hardware:The API for PhoneGap support hardware specific features like accelerometer, vibration,geolocation, sound and more.Benefits PhoneGap:PhoneGap has given mobile apps developers a freedom from the hassle of compiling differentmobile applications for different platforms. SDK’s, hardware and compilers now seem a thing ofthe past when PhoneGap has added simplicity to writing apps using popular programminglanguages. The apps can be easily created for virtually every existing system that powersdifferent mobile phones of the current generation. Building cross platform apps for mobilephones can now be accomplished in just three simple steps.
  2. 2. This open source apps framework has already been downloaded 600,000 times with thenumber still counting. Apps that can be build using this amazing framework cover virtuallyevery device you can think of. Touted as an ideal complement to the existing family of Adobe’sdeveloper-friendly solutions, the scope PhoneGap has offered developers to create innovativeapps identify no precincts. Described as an industry-centric app solution for developers, thisone’s truly the tool for today and is created with future-attestation guarantee.Recently awarded ‘Technology of the Year 2012’ by InfoWorld and ‘Best Cross-PlatformDevelopment Tool’ by Code Project, PhoneGap needs no more proof to prove the potential andinnovation it can pride yourself on.For Detail information please visit: -