Agile software web development offshore benefits overview


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Agile software web development offshore benefits overview

  1. 1. Agile Software Web Development-OffshoreBenefits OverviewIn today’s fast paced technology driven environment, software & IT industry has seentremendous growth and technology advancement in past few years. Companies & Businesses ofdifferent industries across the levels are investing more on software and web applications to getthe whole operation streamlined. To cater these requirements, software and developmentcompanies are implementing those software development methodologies, which are more costeffective, and provide a collaborative working environment during project development. Agilesoftware development is one such methodology that is being widely used by offshore softwaredevelopment companies in order to deliver projects in more effective manner.Agile software development methodology was introduced in the year 2001 under the AgileManifesto. During any project development the business requirements & specifications,assigned tasks, and priorities could be changed. Considering this, agile methods are consideredvery useful and practical in this scenario. It consists of software development methodologieswhich are based on iterative and incremental method of development. The whole development isdone with effective collaboration between small cross-functional and self-organized teams andclient. It provides a greater flexibility where whole project could be split into different smallphases or stages with specific time assigned respectively. This helps to complete the wholeproject in more efficient manner with given time.Agile development is driven by certain set of beliefs and principles. According to these beliefs,communication and interaction at individual level needs to be done in prioritized manner alongwith agile development tools and processes. It insists that, the human interaction andcommunication plays pivot role during project development. It gives the primary importance to aworking software in comparison to documentation. Though, detailed documentation is requiredbut, it is much better to present the development process through working software during clientinteraction. It is very important to have effective collaboration and communication with client onfrequent basis during each phase of project development. It insists, there should be a propermechanism for responding to changes requested during the development process. However,planning is an essential step but, there might be cases where some changes are requested fromclient due to some factors such as market condition. Therefore, effective change managementsystem plays very crucial part in agile development.Agile methods does not have long-term planning, instead it focused on breaking the tasks withsmall increments. In Iteration process, activities are divided into short time frames from one tofour weeks. Every time frame or iteration consists of a small team that works on all componentsof software development cycle named-requirement analysis, design, coding, unit testing andacceptance testing. Further, it helps in minimizing the risk involved if, there is any changes are
  2. 2. suggested during the development. It is expected to have a product release at the end of eachiteration with least bugs.Generally, teams are small, self-organized and cross-functional with less influence of anycorporate hierarchy. The team size could be of 5 to 9 members. Each team member consideredresponsible for tasks assigned in iteration. Most of the time, the communication is face-to-face incase, the team is in same place. There is close co-operation between developers and businessend. One person is appointed by stakeholder who can interact with development team during theiteration process. As a measure of success, a working software is considered the best way toshow the development process.There are various types of agile methods in practice, such as – agile modeling, agile modifiedprocess, essential unified process, dynamic systems development method, extreme programming,open unified process, feature driven development, scrum and velocity tracking.Sustainability, effective change management, customer satisfaction by delivering the project witheffective collaboration at both client and development end are few prime objectives of agiledevelopment. Effective resource allocation and optimal resource utilization makes it more costeffective methods of software development. Because of above mentioned benefits, Offshoreagile software web development has become one of the most preferred options among webdevelopment companies across the globe.For Detail information please visit: -