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Open source software development


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Published in: Technology
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Open source software development

  1. 1. Open Source Software Development-Benefits& OverviewWith growing industry competition and for optimal utilization of resources,businesses are required to use web applications and software in order to improveoperational efficiency. There has been huge demand for offshore softwaredevelopment & web application development companies across the world.In today’s scenario, companies across the different levels are using technology &internet to promote business online, increase the operational efficiency, reduce thecost, manage multiple branches internationally, make proper co-ordination amongvarious departments, simplifying the business processes.Since, the nature of technology is very dynamic and its trends change over theperiod of time; Cost, Skilled Resources have been one of the main factors tointegrate technology with business. For various business web applications it isrequired to have robust software. With the ongoing changes in technology trends,open source development has brought a revolution and allows software & webdevelopment possible for free using non-proprietary source code.Today there are various platforms & Content Management Systems available forcreating Software, Websites, Web Based Applications with open source. Joomla,Drupal, WordPress, Mambo are few most popular CMS used by developers. ForE-commerce web development; Magento, Oscommerce, X-cart, Zen-Cart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart are are widely used E-commerce Platforms. SugarCRM andVtiger are popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems. RichInternet Applications could be developed by Flex.PHP technology is widely used for developing websites, web applications in thisenvironment. PHP, is the technology that supports all open source platforms andprovides comprehensive application tools in order to do the custom web &software development. The major benefit of PHP development is cost effectivedevelopment with high quality and deliverable.As the name suggests, “open source” that means source codes for application
  2. 2. development & design are available openly from internet without any proprietaryor patent. As per business requirement, customization could be done easily withopen source. It is also easily integrated with scripting languages like C#, C++, C,etc. Developers find a unique benefit that it allows them to reuse the codes andcomponents, therefore the application could be updated in future. With largeavailability of free to download plug-ins it is highly cost effective and there islarge pool of manpower & resources are available.As the demand grows, open sources development is also getting acceptance fordeveloping mobile applications as per business needs. Because of its customized& secured solutions, scalability & technological flexibility and global acceptancefor developing some of the most successful web applications, open sourcedevelopment has now become one of the most desired web application platformsamong businesses & service providers.