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Making a tube bracelet tutorial from


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This stack of bracelets is made of colorful wax cotton cord, tube beads and round metal beads. Wearing several bracelets may much better than just a single one,or let it be the part of your arm party.

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Making a tube bracelet tutorial from

  1. 1. Making a tube bracelet tutorial from www.zacoo.comStep 1Cut a piece of wax cotton cord of 25cm long and thread a tube beadand cross the ends.Step 2Then we need to make a slider closure for this bracelet. We will makea square not.Cut a new piece of wax cotton cord and tighten the two cord endswith the tube bead.Follow the way of making a square knot until to your desired length.Step 3Thread one of the cords onto a needle.Step 4Thread the needle to the backside of square knots and pull the needleand the cord through the square knot.
  2. 2. Step 5Do the same on the other side of the same cord and trim away anyexcel cord.Step 6Make a faster knot on one side of cord. Wrap the cord two loops toyour finger.Step 7Thread the cord end to the loops, as shown in illustrates.Step 8Pull tight the cord ends to make a knot. Do the same to make a knoton the other side of cord.Step 9Congratulations, you’ve make a simple tube bead bracelet.Step 10Just make a stack of metal beads bracelets using this technique.Source from: