Fundraise for Your Church With Body Gospel


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Fundraise for your church using Body Gospel, a unique way to provide health and wellness solutions that align with your beliefs. Contact me to learn more or to get started.

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Fundraise for Your Church With Body Gospel

  1. 1. Introduction to Body Gospel®
  2. 2. Body Gospel® Includes:
  3. 3. BodyGospel
  4. 4. Body Gospel for Churches Support Wellness Ministries • Fit Club Workout Groups • In-home fitness challenge Raise funds for the Church (as a “Coach”) • Sell Body Gospel (fit clubs/members) and earn 25% commission • Sell online/church store (Body Gospel and/or other programs)
  5. 5. Non-Profit CoachBeachbody Non-Profit Please print clear cannot be proces ly in blue or black ink. Please note th at this Applicatio Application sed without all fie n lds completed. 3435 Wilshire Blvd Yes No Are you a Team ., Suite 2120, Los Beachbody Custo Angeles, Californ mer? If so, please Phone: 1 (800) 24 ia 90010 APPLICANT INFO include your custo 0-0913 Fax: 1 (21 Organization nam e RMATION mer number here : ______________ ______________ 3) 201-7225 Organizational Con SPONSO ____________ R INFORMATION tact (First name, Name last name) Federal Tax ID num ID number berProgram Details Screen name Billing address Address City, State, and Zip City, State, and Zip Code Code Shipping Address Phone Fax Phone Email Fax Email Sponsor’s signatur e By signing this Ap By signing this Ap plication and Agreem plication and Agree active 501(c)3 organi ent, I certify that I of the applicant as ment, I agree to ful zation and authorize am a valid member described in the Tea fill my obligations d to enroll my org of a valid and m Beachbody Polici as the Sponsor anization with Tea I have provided the es and Procedure m Beachbody. most current versio s. I certify that and Compensation n of the Team Beach DIAMOND PACK $699.96 (a $1,279 va Plan to the Appli cant prior to his body Policies and Procedures Our most compre /her signing the hens lue) Agreement.• Complete a Non-Profit Coach and fitness freedom ive startup bundle puts you on the fas SHAKEOLOGY ST . In addition to the Business Starter t track to financial ARTER PACK $169 Platinum Collecti on of Beachbody® Kit, you get: In addition to the Business Starter .66 (a $253 value) P90X®, INS ANITY® Fitness Program • The Shakeology® Kit, you get: , Hip Hop Abs®, Tu s Fast Start Bonus Slim in 6 ®, One on rbo Jam®, Br azil Butt Lif t ®, Power90 ® • This Coach- exclu Pack One siv to ship a new worko with Tony Horton Volume 2, Disc , continue to ship you e offer includes free shipping, ut every month for 1. We will continu r selec and we wil tion every month l can cancel anytime the price of $14.9 e You can cancel at for the price of $8 . 6 a month, and you e. any tim 9.96. Platinum Collecti • A 30-day FREE on of Beachbody trial membership Nutritionals® • A 3rd Party Tools in the Team Beac Application including a copy of P90X Results and hbody Club Recover y™ packe ts, Core Omega-3 ™ Business Builder Herbal Immune Bo , Core Cal Mag™, Pack ost, P90X Peak He SH AKEOLOGY OPTIO Shakeology ® Fast alth Formula, P9 NS Start Bonus Pack 0X Bars multipack Packaging (CHECK This Coach-exclu . ONE) Packets sive offer includes Bag Flavor (CHECK ONE) door monthly. Th FREE shipping an Greenberry Chocolate e first shipment co d is delivered to you DV D, a combinatio mes r n of 12 single-servi with a special Shakeology workout Business Starter Gr eenb err y Sh ak ng Chocolate and Kit only $39.95 eo log y pa ckets , 12 single-serving (Included with val used to promote an d a set of rec ipe id 501(c)3 enr the product to cu card s that can be ollment) your IRS Letter of Determination selection every mo stomers. We will The Business Starte nth for the price of continue to ship you r Kit is an essentia $89.96, and you can r launch their busin l ingredient in helpi Membership in the cancel at any time. ess successfully. It ng new Coaches Team Beachbody® 1 Get Started Right Includes 1 Watch DV Th e Diamo nd Pa Club guide. The Watch D, 1 Print CD, and ck inc lud es a 1 YE you’ll need from day DVD contains all the Te am Be ac hb od y AR trial memb ers 1. The Print CD ser necessary training Club (a $155 value hip in the ves as a reference diet support, healt ). Yo u’l l receiv e inc training materials point for additiona hy recipes, state- redibl e onlin e . Finally, the Busin l long-term success of-the-ar t fitness date Get Started Rig ess Starter Kit inc . To continue the tools, and tips for ht guide—which sho ludes the most up jus t $2 .99 a we ek membership after ws Coaches how to -to- , billed $3 8.8 7 a 1 year, the cost is within 48 hours of get up and running yo u enter tod ay. quar ter in ad vanc joining Team Beach Yo u can cancel at e to the cre dit ca body®. as proof of your 501(c) 3 an y tim e to av oid rd 3rd Party Tools – Bu futur e ch arg es . siness Builder Pa Extras ck Note! Business Se As a bonus and to help you start pro As a Team Beachbo rv ice Fees Diamond Pack als moting your busin dy Coach, you’ll ha o includes a P90X ess on day one, the personalized Coach ve access to your “FREE base worko hat, exclusive pro Web sites, and su Online Office, two ut program of you duct materials, an pport tools to promo reach your first mi r choice” coupon da your business. As te and manage lestone (Emerald that incentivizes you an approved non-p Rank) as a Coach to $14.95 will be waive rofit Coach, the mo within your first 30 d. nthly charge of Payment Informat days. ion (Participation re qu ires payment by cr Card No. ________ ________________ edit card) Visa _________________ Mastercard ________________ _________________ American Expres Name as it appears on Card ___________ Expiration Date __ s Discover ________________ __________________ _________________ _____________ CVV Address where Ca ____________ Autho (security code) __ _________• Must have responsible party rd Statement is ma rized Signature __ iled _____________ _________________ I expressly autho _________________ ________________ rize Team Beachb ________________ _________________ ody/Product Partn _________________ ________ ers, LLC to charge ________________ Please include a the above credit _________________ copy of your IRS ________________ Determina Letter of Deter card for all charge ____________ tion is prov mination as proo s indica ted on this Applica Service Fees of $1 ided. Qualified non-profit organiz f of your 501(c)3 status; this Appli tion and Agreem ent. 4.95. Should you ations will not be cation cannot be your credit card an choose to purcha charged for the Bu processed until the d billing informatio se the Diamond Pa siness Starter Ki IRS Letter of Code will be resp n in the space prov ck or t (a $39.95 value) onsible for the co ided above. Non-pr Shakeology® Starter Park at the or the monthly Bu (pastor, administrator, etc.) I have carefully rea st of the Business ofit organizations time of your enro siness d the terms and con Starter Kit and mo not qualified unde llment, please pr at TeamBeachbo or provid ditions on the bac nthly Business Se r Section 501(c)3 ovide Coach business ed k of this Application at any time, with upon request), and agree to abi and Agreement, the rvice Fee. of the Internal Re this Agreement or without rea de by all ter Team Beachbody venue , wit son ms set Pol icies execute this App h or without reason, upon 30 day , by sending written notice to the forth in these documents. I undand Procedures, and the Team Bea lication. Application s’ ers chb information is sub advance notice to me. By signin company at the above-listed add tand that I have the right to ter ody Compensation Plan (available ject to verificatio g below, I certify ress. I further und minate my Indepe online n for proper registr that ers ndent ation. Applicants I am at least 18 years of age and tand and agree that Team Beachb Team Beachbody will be contacted that I have the rig ody with any discrepan ht to enter into this may terminate cies and will hav You, the buyer, m e 72 hours from Agreement and charges paid at an ay cancel this transaction and obta notification to cur e. the date of this try time prior to midnight of the third in a refund of all See the reverse ansaction (five business days for business day after Authorized Signatur e Date side of this form Alas for an explanatio ka residents). Mail the completed signed original App must fax both the lication and Agreem front and back of the application. Ple ent to: Team Bea ase allow up to 48 chbody, 3435 Wilshi re Blvd., Suite 212 n of this right. hours for processin 0, Los Angeles, Cal g of this application ifornia 90010, or fax . to 1 (213) 201-7225. If this application is faxed, you Rev. 04/28/10
  6. 6. Non-Profit Special Discounts • FREE Business Starter Kit Fee ($39.95 value) • FREE Web site with no Monthly Business Services Fee ($14.95) • Approved to sell in church bookstore
  7. 7. Great Fundraiser for Churches • Faith-centered workout • Can support specific ministries within church • Implement fitness program for members, (e.g., 30-day boot camp with Body Gospel) • Residual monthly commissions from Shakeology ® purchases
  8. 8. Suggestions for Fit Clubs • Limit enrollment (based on size of facility) • Club members get FREE group workouts • Club members purchase Body Gospel (for in-home daily workouts) • Club members encouraged to purchase Shakeology • After 30 days—decide which programs meet their needs** P90X®, Slim in 6®, Body Gospel®, etc.
  9. 9. Getting Started • Complete and submit application form to Coach Relations • Fax an IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter • Establish a kick-off plan • Retail sales—book store, Web site, promotion • Residual sales—Shakeology Home Direct program • Fit Club—day, total participants, requirements