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PWUAASC 2019 Souvenir Program

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PWUAASC 2019 Souvenir Program

  1. 1. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction 35th Anniversary/Induction Dinner-Dance & PWU Post Centennial Celebration Saturday, July 20, 2019 Sheraton Cerritos Hotel. Cerritos, CA Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California (PWUAASC) Our Alma Mater! Our Nourishing Mother!
  2. 2. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  3. 3. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  4. 4. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Dear Fellow Philwomenians, At 35, most women are just reaching their prime. And so it goes for PWUAA of Southern California whose members share many more years of memories made from worthwhile activities, unforgettable experiences and fond recollections of their past schooldays at the Philippine Women's University. PWU is celebrating its Centennial this 2019 which makes PWUAA of Southern California's 35th celebration even more significant. The school was founded to teach young women (and now even men) to raise good families but also to establish their own careers and contribute to their chosen communities. All over the world, Philwomenians have been doing just that and among you here tonight, we have several outstanding examples. The Philippines is at a crossroads and those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to see it from a safe distance can also see the areas that most need our help. I hope that you will include our beloved campus on Taft Avenue and find a way either individually or as groups of alumni to make a difference in whatever way you can. Be one of the "100 Reasons to be Proud" of PWU this centennial year. Thank you and Mabuhay! Lyca Lydia Francisca Benitez Brown PWU Board of Trustees Member The Philippine Women's University and its Affiliate Schools for Men & Women Address: 1743 Taft Avenue, Manila 1004 Philippines MESSAGE
  5. 5. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction My dear fellow Philwomenians, honored guests, family and friends. Welcome to the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Dinner Dance and the Post-Philippine Women’s University Centennial Celebration in the United States. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished and thank you all for your support and hard work. I feel blessed and truly honored in being able to share in this night with you all. We have come together to commemorate the centennial anniversary of our Alma Mater. On June 9, 1919, Philippine Women’s College officially opened its classes. As we mark this momentous occasion, we should remember all those who have helped us achieve this milestone. Tonight we celebrate and pay tribute to the dreams and our founders in providing quality education to Filipino women. We have all benefited so much from our education and I am proud to count myself among you all as an alumnus of PWU. I encourage you all to share your stories and experiences with each other. I hope that with each gathering, our PWU family will continue to grow in friendship and fellowship. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the four founders - Shirley Yaptinchay Eylam, Paz Esquerra Carillo, Fe Alban Santos and Alma P. de Guzman who initiated the birth of the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California ( PWUAASC ) in March 1984. Let’s reaffirm our dedication to our association and our mission of supporting our Alma Mater and local community outreach programs, as well as to continue to serve as a dedicated member of PWUAASC. I believe strongly in the work that we do and know that our efforts make a difference in our community, alumni and current students of PWU. Vicky Callanta Soong BSN class’74 RN (retired) PWUAASC President 2017- 2018
  6. 6. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  7. 7. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction B O ARD O F S U P E RV IS O R S COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES 822 KENNETH HAHN HALL OF ADMINISTRATION/ LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90012 Telephone (213) 974-4444 / FAX (213) 229-3676 J A N I CE H AH N Chair July 20, 2019 Dear Friends: Welcome to the 35th Anniversary and PWU Post Centennial Celebration. I am proud of all the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California (PWUAASC) has accomplished here in LA County and around the world. We want to recognize the important work this organization does to provide leadership in the community as well as numerous social, religious and educational activities. I also want to thank Vicky Soong, this year’s president for all of her hard work and dedication to move the PWUAASC toward a bigger and better future. I hope you will enjoy tonight’s celebration and may the PWUAASC continue to inspire and support women here in the community, in LA County and around the world for many more years to come. Congratulations & enjoy this wonderful evening. Sincerely, JANICE HAHN Chair of the Board of Supervisors County of Los Angeles
  8. 8. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Cynthia U. Tan (1984 - 1986) Exal A. Igidbashian (1990) Sylvia F. Magturo (1997 - 1998) Juliet O. Abrantes (1991) Nina M. Ponce de Leon (1999 - 2000) Fe A. Santos (1992) Elden C. Pablo (2001 - 2002) Esther D. Reyes (1993 - 1994) Lynne A. Isaac (2003 - 2004) Minda A. Gorospe (1995 - 1996) Tessie N. Lightholder (2005 - 2006) Lydia V. Solis (2015 - 2016) Placida C. Worrell (2007 - 2008) Vicky Callanta-Soong (2017 - 2018) Lena O. Mazanka (1986 - 1987) Paz E. Carillo (1987 - 1988) Arceli G.C. Gagajena (2009 - 2010) Dr. Regina F. Tercero (1988 - 1989) Virginia B. Vivas (2011 - 2012) Marigene Ocampo-Strouse (2013 - 2014) PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY* Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California Website: • Email:
  9. 9. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction OFFICERS 2019-2020 Arceli Gagajena CORRESP. SECRETARY Puring Worrell TREASURER Juliet O. Abrantes Exal Igidbashian ASST. TREASURER Tess Go Hoey Vicky C. Soong AUDITOR Elden C. PabloTessie N. Lightholder Esther D. Reyes Nanette Rosadia Dr. Mely P. Ocampo Consultant Emeritus Minda A. Gorospe Adviser Lydia V. Solis P.R.O. Mel Paredes Marilu Barretto PRESIDENT Marilou Kinetz PRESIDENT-ELECT Lolly D. Enrile VICE PRESIDENT Marigene O. Strouse RECORDING SECRETARY BOARD MEMBERS Website: • Email: Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California
  10. 10. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC 35th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION COMMITTEE Overall Committee Chairman Lu Barretto -PWUAASC President Vicky Soong - Outgoing President CO - Chairman Marilou Kinetz - President-Elect TICKETS & REGISTRATION Puring Worrell - Chairman Marigene Strouse Lily Harris SOUVENIR PROGRAM Elden Pablo - Chairman Arceli Gagajena Esther Reyes Vicky Soong ADS SOLICITATION Esther Reyes - Chairman DECORATIONS Exal Igidbashian - Chairman Tess Go- Hoey Lolly Enrile Tessie Lightholder RAFFLE TICKETS AND PRIZES Nanette Rosadia - Chairman Elden Pablo RECEPTION/MEET & GREET Esther Reyes - Chairman All Past Presidents
  11. 11. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC 35th Anniversary and Post PWU Centennial Celebration Sheraton Cerritos Hotel July 20, 2019 P R O G R A M M E Reception / No Host Cocktails………………………………………………. 6:00 p.m. National Anthems………………………………………………………………… To be led by PWUAASC Past Presidents, Star Spangled Banner Officers and Members Lupang Hinirang Invocation ……………………………………………………………………………. Minda A. Gorospe PWUAASC Adviser President 1995-1996 Dinner…………………………………………………………………………………… 7:00 p.m. Welcome Address …………………………………………………………………. Vicky C. Soong President 2017-2018 Appreciation Awards to Outgoing Officers ……………………………. Vicky C. Soong Esther D. Reyes President 1993-1994 Presentation of Plaque to Outgoing President ………………………. Marilu Barretto President 2019-2020 Introduction of the Keynote Speaker …………………………………….. Dr. Regina F. Tercero President 1988-1989 Keynote Address ………………………………………………………………….. Lyca Benitez-Brown Member, PWU Board of Trustees Director, Media Center Director, Alumni Relations Inspirational Message………………………………………………………………Dr. Milagros P. Ocampo Founding Adviser, PWUAASC Retired PWU Vice President of Division of Allied Health Sciences & Social Development Pamana Rites ……………………………………………………………………………Narrated by Sylvia F. Magturo, President 1997-1998 Presidential Address………………………………………………………………… Marilu Barretto Incoming President Induction of New Members ……………………………………………………..Marilu Barretto University Hymn……………………….……………………………………………...All Philwomenians DANCE DANCE DANCE Opening Dance to be led by the PWUAASC Officers MASTERS OF CEREMONY Lydia V. Solis and Lena Ocampo-Mazanka
  12. 12. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction 35 Years of Keeping the Philwomenian Spirit Alive and Well... March 1984 saw the birth of the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California (PWUAASC). Initiated by Shirley Yaptinchay Eylam, Paz Esguerra Carillo, Fe Alban Santos and Alma P. de Guzman, flyers were sent out to reach as many Philwomenians as possible living in Southern California. The response was very promising. The results were viewed with much delight and encouragement by the Alma Mater back in Manila. Earlier, it had sent inquiries on the presence and status of overseas PWU alumni. Former university officials and faculty members who had migrated to Southern California such as Dr. Milagros P. Ocampo and the late Angelina S. Villarica had made earlier in–roads into this alumni outreach prior to 1984. That March 1984 meeting set the stage for the formal installation of PWUAASC’s first set of Officers at the elegant Bonaventure Hotel in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Cynthia Ugalde Tan became the First President. The Officers, Board Members and the entire Executive Board were regal in their traditional PWU gala ternos. History was in the making. Since then to this day, 20 other Presidents had been installed, namely: Lena Ocampo Mazanka, Paz Esguerra Carillo, Regina Flores Tercero, Exal Acejo Igidbashian, Juliet Ocampo Abrantes, Fe Alban Santos, Esther Dizon Reyes, Minda Aureus Gorospe, Sylvia Flores Magturo, Nina Miclat Ponce de Leon, Elden Canuel Pablo, Lynne Alcantara Isaac, Teresita Navarro Lightholder, Placida Cayme Worrell Transfiguracion, Arceli Go Chua Gagajena, Virginia Balanza Vivas, Marigene Ocampo Strouse. Lydia V. Solis, Vicky Callanta Soong, and Marilu Vargas Barretto. This thirty-five-year journey has taken Southern California Philwomenians to various multi-faceted activities: cultural, educational, civic, social, and even revivals of some deep-seated Filipino religious devotional practices. The group’s consistency and aggressive scholarship fund-raising projects have benefited many of the poor but deserving PWU college and high school students back in the Philippines. There was a Final Boost Scholarship Program in 2011, that assisted deserving students to complete their final year in college. To fund their many projects all these years, PWUAASC members have learned how to become organizers and achievers. Through these continued fundraising activities from one administration to the next, the Association’s coffers were continuously supplemented. The constant pulling together of talents and resources has always given credence to the "Bayanihan" spirit, which is deeply ingrained in every Philwomenian and implanted in her heart and her mind, the moment she set foot on the hallowed grounds of her Alma Mater from decades past. "Bayanihan" is her badge and ID card. It is her open secret wherever she is in the world today. PWUAASC, in addition to its on-going scholarship programs for PWU Manila and Iloilo, including funding for the Final Boost Scholarship Program, undertook a myriad of other activities that also focused on the well-being of its members and their immediate families. One of their first initiatives was the Student Achievers Award Program. It rewarded the children of alumni who excelled in academics, and in other fields of youthful endeavors, such as active participation in civic and social action, excellence in various sports, and remarkable success stories in the Arts and Sciences Departments of their schools, colleges, and universities. On their own, many other Philwomenians also assist in no small way in their local communities or in the parish churches they attend.
  13. 13. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Part of PWUAASC’s history are the many activities and events it has held over the years: the Annual Picnics, Christmas Parties and Induction of Officers Dinner Dances; the occasional Casino Fund-raising Turnarounds, the Debutantes’ Balls, Cerritos Spring Festivals, and July 4th Celebrations; feeding of the Homeless of Mission Dolores in East L.A. and the Los Angeles Mission; donation of hygienic packages at the Cardinal Manning Center for homeless men; gifts of school supplies at the Harbor UCLA Pediatric MZ clinic; Relief Fund Drive for the victims of the Mt. Pinatubo disaster in the Philippines and typhoon Ondoy; Philippine (emergency) Disaster Relief Organization (PeDRO) 5K Walk for survivors and families of victims of Super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda; and numerous other active involvements in other civic and charitable initiatives here and elsewhere; and finally, the publication of an alumni newsletter which will now be part of the newly constructed website. In recent years, the Alma Mater called for financial help to support her Faculty Development Projects. The Association responded right away. It set up a Special Fund for Faculty Development. PWUAASC networks with other Filipino groups in Los Angeles and in other neighboring counties as well, in a genuine show of solidarity and support for other community outreach programs and events that benefit various Filipino and Filipino American groups and communities. In 2006, as part of the100th Year Celebration of Filipino Migration to the USA, the Association participated in a country-wide Santacruzan event now archived in the world-famous Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. PWU alumni have the distinction of being the first to raise funds for Michael Christian Martinez, the only Filipino and the only Southeast Asian in the 2014 Winter Olympics. The name Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California, Virginia B. Vivas, President, is engraved on the Dr. Jose P. Rizal Monument in Carson, Calif., the only life-size statue of our national hero. In the year 2017 & 2018 Vicky Soong, Immediate Past President and her officers continued to serve the community by partnering with other non- profit organizations like Search to Involve Filipino American (SIPA) in food distribution to the homeless and participation with St. Elizabeth Seton church food drive. PWUAASC annually participated in celebrating "The Larry Itliong Day", at Carson, CA, the commemoration of Philippine Independence Day, and the "Simbang Gabi "tradition at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, in Los Angeles, CA. In 2031, letters buried in a time capsule under the monument during the ground breaking Jose Rizal ceremonies, will be read. One of those letters was written by Lena O. Mazanka for the future generation of families of PWUAASC. The letter read in part…“We hope that our efforts have helped in guiding you to become outstanding citizens of this great country, with deep appreciation of your Filipino roots. It is with great pride that we pass the torch of community leadership and service to you, and trust that you would likewise pass this commitment to the future generations.” Through conscientious efforts of then Past President Arceli C. Gagajena and Past President Virginia B. Vivas, PWUAASC was granted the 501(C)3 status on February 22, 2010. With this tax-exempt status, PWUAASC strives to continue its mission to serve, and look forward to the next 35 years and beyond, building legacies and creating memories. On February, 2019 a group of officers and members of PWUAASC joined other Philwomenians from all over the world to celebrate its Alma Mater's 100th year anniversary in Manila, Philippines. PWUAASC was recognized at the festive event which drew a dignified crowd of Alumni, family, and friends.
  14. 14. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC FINAL BOOST SCHOLARS Recipients from 2012-2017 Financial support for PWU students who in their senior years are faced with challenges to complete their education such as parent’s loss of job, sickness or death. SY 2012-2013 - Renz Samuel Hernandez - ABCA Cyndice Jeffrel Calucag - ABCA SY 2013-2014 - Mary Grace Golong BSHM SY 2014- 2015 -Maylene Ibita -BEED - 1st Semester Maylene Ibita-BEED - 2nd Semester Princess Wylene Gumabon-BSHM SY 2015-2016 - Klarissa Jan. A Abril - BSHM Jeannette F. Chavez- BAMKTG Eileen Mitha Seles- BSHM Kimberly Costa-BSE Jeanette F. Chavez - BAMKTG Renalyn Santos -BSA SY 2016-2017 Reina Hyanina Hernandez -ABFS Cyrene Joy Rapadas- BEED (awaiting reports for recipients from SY 2018-2019)
  15. 15. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC Induction of Officers & Board of Directors, Vicky Callanta Soong, President -2017 & 2018 PWUAASC Officers & Board of Directors - Traditional Pamana Rites Ceremony
  16. 16. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction r PWUAASC at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral for Annual "Simbang Gabi", Los Angeles PWUAASC at the Rizal Monument with LA Consul General Adelio Cruz and Carson City Councilman Elito Santarina PWUAASC "Our Lady of Miraculous Medal" PWUAASC Casino Turnaround Fundraising
  17. 17. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC at Fil-Am Parade and "Larry Itliong Day" Carson, CA PWUAASC Community Outreach-Food Drive Program at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, Rowland Heights, CA
  18. 18. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC Officers and Members with Dr. Amelou B. Reyes, Lyca Benitez, PWU President Dr. Jose Francisco B. Benitez, PWUAASC Advisor the late Panny Gagajena, and PWUAASC Adviser Minda Gorospe. PWU Centennial Celebration, Conrad Hotel, Metro-Manila Philippines
  19. 19. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction So happy and honored to be of service to my beloved alma mater, PWU and to PWUAASC as President 2019-2020 MARILOU V. BARRETTO with ART
  20. 20. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Congratulations! The Philippine Women’s University on its 100th year! Honored and Happy to be an adviser to PWUAASC 2019-2020 MINDA AUREUS GOROSPE & SONS Simply Elegant!
  21. 21. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  22. 22. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Mabuhay and Congratulations to PWUAASC’s 35th Anniversary And to 2019-2020 Officers and Board of Directors From: Ayette Velez Loo JMD Class 69’ J
  24. 24. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  25. 25. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Vicky Soong PWUAASC Immediate Past President & Family Harrison Soong First born grandson Thank you for the opportunity and trust given to me as PWUAASC president for the Year 2017-2018! Good luck to the newly-elected Officers especially President Lu Barretto!
  26. 26. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  27. 27. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  28. 28. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Congratulations to PWU on its Centennial Year and PWUAASC 35th Anniversary Wishing the 2019-2020 PWUAASC Officers and Board Members led by Ms. Lu Barretto a successful two year-term. Continue the good work and write another productive chapter in the PWUAASC story. Greetings from: Bob & Marigene Strouse
  29. 29. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  30. 30. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  31. 31. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  32. 32. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  33. 33. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction We are proud and happy to support Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California and PWU Centennial (100th - year) Celebration! David and Nanette Anderson
  34. 34. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Elizabeth, Leonard & the Bordador family wishes PWUAASC more success on their Mission and Future Endeavors!
  35. 35. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction "Grandchildren! God’s blessings!" Mabuhay! PWU & PWUAASC! on your Anniversaries! Mel Jimenez Paredes
  36. 36. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  37. 37. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction On its 35th year & PWU’s 100th year! Special Greetings to: Lu Barretto, President Marilou Kinetz, President-elect Executive Officers, Board of Directors & Advisers From: Virginia B. Vivas, President 2011-2012 & Lydia V. Solis, President 2015-2016
  38. 38. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  39. 39. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction MABUHAY The 35th Anniversary of the PWUAASC And 100th Anniversary of PWU Manila BEST WISHES FROM THE TERCERO FAMILY Hillsborough, La Mirada California Late husband, Armando Tercero Dr. Regina Tercero, 2019 Flores Family and Spouses, 1997 Daughter Gina and hubby Ray, Son Armand Rex with AJ, Jude their sons Jude and AJ, May 2019 Dr. REGINA FLORES TERCERO, PWUAASC President 1988-89, PWUAASC Charter Assistant Secretary/Secretary1984-86, and various officer positions. PWU JMD 1969, MBA 1990, EdD 2019 Pepperdine University USA, Continuing Education 2002 at University of Oxford, UK. Mother, Consuelo Flores, PWUAASC Charter Assistant Treasurer 1984-86 and other officer positions. PWU college professor at the College of Biological Sciences. Sister, Sylvia Flores Magturo, PWUAASC President 1997-98 and several officer positions. PWU JMD 1970.
  41. 41. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Happy to support PWUAASC on its 35th year Anniversary! More Power to You! At your service! Zenaida (Aida/Sandy) Uy & Yoly Tanimura Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Rookies of the Year! Sandy Uy and Yoly Tanimura received 2019 Leading Edge Award
  42. 42. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  43. 43. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  44. 44. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  45. 45. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  46. 46. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  47. 47. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Gem/Lolly with daughter Gigi, brother Mike, David and wife Marvic Aparente and children Michael, Michelle, Angel and Maevian Mabuhay, PWUAASC! Lolly David-Enrile PWUAASC Vice President 2019-2020 (Third term VP) Guillermo and Lourdes Enrile Lolly and Gem with daughter Olivia
  48. 48. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Long live the PWUAASC! Congratulations on its 35th Anniversary! Exal Igidbashian & Family PWUAASC Past President 1990
  49. 49. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction
  50. 50. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Congratulations to PWU’s 100 years of Educating the Philippine Youth More power to PWUAASC on its 35 years of support of Alma Mater and its many projects in Southern California! Greetings from Ron Mazanka & Lena Ocampo-Mazanka Greetings to Our Beloved PWU on its Centennial Year & Special Congratulations to PWUAASC on its 35th Anniversary This PWUAASC milestone is an enduring testimony of your bayanihan spirit, commitment to service and loyalty to Alma Mater. I am very proud of you! Dr. Milagros P. Ocampo Retired PWU Vice President for Allied Health Sciences and Social Development; PWUAASC Founding Adviser Dr. Ocampo celebrating her 99th Birthday with children, Juliet, Marigene, Lena & Jodi
  51. 51. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Congratulations to PWUAASC 35th Anniversary Celebration! From: Myra De Leon Geronimo PWU JMD Division Class of 1971
  52. 52. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction Let others sing their praises of their Alma Maters fair … Alma Maters Let them ponder on the graces of their College great and rare But my heart beats true forever for the College I love best I shall cease to treasure never mem’ries of her in my breast, in my breast. CHORUS Loyal may we ever be may we learn her lessons right Proud may we ever be of the Philippine Women’s University Other hues thrill other bosoms red, blue, gray in other’s sight… other sight Are the fairest tints of blossoms but for me Maroon and White Wherever we may wander, and wherever we may roam On its message let us ponder, Love of country, God and home CHORUS Loyal may we ever be may we learn her lessons right Proud may we ever be of the Philippine Women’s University Philippine Women’s University THE PWU HYMN Acknowledgement The Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California Committee wishes to acknowledge the efforts of ll the wonderful people who helped put together this 35th Anniversary. We are grateful to all the advertisers, donors, members and friends, whose full support made this publication possible. Error and Omissions This souvenir program has been prepared and printed with quality and accuracy in mind. Errors and Omissions, if any, are committed inadvertently and for them, we sincerely apologize.
  53. 53. PWUAASC Anniversary Celebration & Induction PWUAASC MISSION STATEMENT Our Members: Graduates, former students and faculty members of the Philippine Women’s University and its branches and friends of the Association Our Projects: Scholarships, Grants-In-Aid, Book Drive, Financial Aid to Disaster Victims, Seminar/ Workshops, Donation of Educational Materials and Equipment. Our Aim: The Philippine Women’s University of Southern California is a nonprofit corporation established for charitable purposes. Our Philosophy: THE “BAYANIHAN” SPIRIT According to Philippine traditions “bayanihan” is best exemplified when neighbors, friends, relatives, and the “barrio” folks help move a house. It is the spirit of sharing and working together for a common goal. The PWUAASC believes in the “bayanihan” spirit through service in the community, a genuine concern for fellowmen, and a closer affinity among the alumni and the Filipinos as a whole. LOYALTY TO OUR ALMA MATER As the words of our College Hymn resounds, “but my heart beats true forever for the college I love best, I shall cease to treasure never, mem’ries of her in my breast. Loyal may we ever be...Proud may we ever be of the Philippine Women’s University...” so thus, we pledge our loyalty to her. We uphold the ideals and support its aims. THE VALUE OF EDUCATION The PWU legacy says: “Enlighten your minds...inspiring and challenging them toward effective participation in nation-building.” We believe in the molding of our youth as a foundation in the molding of a nation. The PWUAASC is sponsoring scholarships for indigent but deserving students, conducting workshops and seminars for professional growth, and donating education materials to the Alma Mater and to other needy schools in the Philippines. PRIDE IN OUR NATIONAL HERITAGE As immigrants in a foreign country, we are continuous search for our national identity. We take pride of our roots, our customs, our tradition, our cultur, and our race.