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What are solo ads and how to write an effective email swipe


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If you want to learn exactly what a solo ad is and write an effective email swipe, look no further. When you decide this article all the way through, you will write amazing high converting solo ad swipes that will get more email opens which means more leads and sales.

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What are solo ads and how to write an effective email swipe

  1. 1. Navigation MenuNavigation Menu Posted By Jesse Singh on Mar 11, 2014 | 0 comments So you want to know what are solo ads? You probably just started in the internet marketing world and you keep hearing and seeing solo ad advertisements everywhere… If you want to know what is a solo ad and want to learn how to write one, you came to the right place because what I am going to reveal in this blog post is the magic solo ad formula you can use to write ANY solo ad…. Let’s dig in this shall we? What Are Solo Ads – Definition Just before I get into the definition, I just want to know if you know what an email swipe is? If you ever opted in anyone’s What Are Solo Ads And How Do You Write An Effective Email Swipe converted by
  2. 2. email list, an email swipe looks like this… Subject line: How to make $394 every 24 hours in the next 30 days. Body: Learn how you cam make $394 every 24 hours in the next 30 days by following this proven 2 step copy and past formula Click Here to Learn More…. And when you do click this link, you will be sent to a capture page where you can decide to opt-in to find out more… Alright, let’s get back to “What are solo ads” shall we? A Solo ad is when you place an ad to leverage someone else’s large email list to get you leads and sales… When you do place a Solo Ad, you have an option of how many clicks you can buy. For example, 100 clicks will cost you $30-50 depending on the solo ad provider. The solo ad provider will ask you for your URL and Email swipe. Make sure your URL is an actual capture page where it collects leads like this one here. Example of a capture page: Once you give your Solo Ad provider the URL and email converted by
  3. 3. swipe, he/she will broadcast your swipe with your link to his/her email list. That is the simplest way I can explain what a solo ad is…. Now the big challenge is when you do have a capture page, how do you write a solo ad swipe effectively? I am going to reveal a formula that I use that gets me amazing results…The crazy thing is, it’s so SIMPLE. It’s always the simple things in life that work the best …LOL What Are Solo Ads – The Formula Are you ready for this…..? ARE You sure you can handle this formula? Just kidding, it’s so easy that a 10 year old can do this…LoL Okay, so what is this Solo Ad formula that has generated me lots of sales from Solo Ads? The Formula is….. SUBJECT LINE: How to get (XYZ) result in ( XYZ) Time Using (XYZ) So XYZ is what you fill in… Ex: Subject Line: How to get ($100 Per Day) Working Less Than (10 Mins Per day) Ex: Subject Line: How to Get ($100) using this (3 Step System) in the next (20 mins) In an email swipe, the SUBJECT Line will get you that initial open of the email, however, the BODY COPY is what drives those visitors to your website. So the body is VERY important… converted by
  4. 4. Here is the BODY COPY Formula example below: “If you are sick & tired of XYZ then this new, amazing breakthrough/system/formula/will help you achieve XYZ… Click here to learn more…. Now don’t write “Amazing breakthrough” “system” “formula” all at once, choose one of these power words in your body. I am not going to get into “POWER WORDS” that persuade people to pull out their credit cars to Buy This Here…That is topic on it’s own! Maybe another blog post? LOL So here is another example of some body copy… If you are sick & tired of cold calling, buying dead- beat leads, trying to sell to friends and family… then this new amazing 2 step copy and past system will allow you to earn an extra $394 per day in less than 17 mins … Click Here now to learn more…. Another great way to write a solo ad swipe is copy the content on your capture page! Lets use this one in this example … So let’s observe what it says here converted by
  5. 5. … FREE VIDEO REVEALS! Copy & Paste Formula Generates $692.42 Daily Online Without Recruiting, No Cold Calling or Technical skills. Let’s break this down in our email swipe… As the subject line you can write: ”FREE VIDEO REVEALS $692.42 Daily Online Without Recruiting” The body: Learn how to make $694.42 Per Day Online Without Recruiting, No Cold Calling Or Technical Skills. Watch This Free Video And Learn More…. See how easy that was? I just copied and pasted the content on my capture page. It is VERY important that your email swipe is congruent with your capture page. If it’s not, it can really hurt your opt-in conversions. That’s it ladies and gentlemen, you are ready to rock solo ads. Remember, the key is to test different capture pages with different swipes AND…. Remember to make SMALL changes and re-test to see what works best. Testing is KEY. I hope you found value in this, until next time stay BLESSED Like, Share Comment if you found value Bless and Be Blessed, converted by
  6. 6. PS – In all seriousness, if you want to make $694.42 without recruiting, no cold calling or technical skills, Watch This FREE VIDEO NOW! It’s going to blow your mind…. Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment Author:Author: Jesse SinghJesse Singh converted by
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