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Twitter Starter Guide: How to, tips and instructions


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A beginners guide: covering anatomy and structure, how and what to post, tips and tools.

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Twitter Starter Guide: How to, tips and instructions

  1. 1. Twitter Introduction Find us @myvideoshorts
  2. 2. Twitter: what is it? Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service enabling its users to send and read text messages called tweets. Twitter asks “What’s happening?” and then makes the answer spread around the world immediately 140 character limit (short, sharp messages)Stats – 200+ Million users (140m+ active) – 60+ Billion tweets per annum – 250 Million tweets a day – 500,000 accounts added daily – 31% of users follow a brand – 7,800,000 brand recommendations per month
  3. 3. Twitter: why use it?• Brand Awareness – think of it as a free virtual bill board to get your message out• Hear what others are saying about your organization in real time• Hear what others are saying about your competitors• Engagement – others can ‘Retweet’ your posts to their followers and spread your message.• Conversion – with links to your website, videos and blogs.• Customer service – using twitter to collect and respond to client issues, queries etc.
  4. 4. TwitterAnatomy & Set-up Find us @myvideoshorts
  5. 5. Twitter
  6. 6. Twitter: Anatomy 9 10 11 1 31. settings drop-down 2 menu 82. Search3. Compose message 44. Profile view5. Direct message link 126. Follow / Following/ Tweet stats 6 57. Home Tweets8. Control Panel 79. Home: all tweets10. @ connect 13 mentions/interactions11. # Trending conversations12. Images from Tweets13. Twitter follow suggestions14. #Trending 14
  7. 7. Twitter: Set-Up
  8. 8. Twitter: Set-Up Bloomberg’s Branded Page
  9. 9. Twitter: Customize DesignChoose a theme fromdesign settings to customiseTwitter
  10. 10. Twitter: create your profile Add Profile details, bio and Facebook links.
  11. 11. Twitter: anatomy
  12. 12. Twitter: anatomy
  13. 13. TwitterTerminologyFind us @myvideoshorts
  14. 14. Twitter Terminology
  15. 15. Twitter Terminology
  16. 16. Twitter Terminology
  17. 17. Twitter Terminology
  18. 18. TweetingFind us @myvideoshorts
  19. 19. Tweet: how and what to postHow To Post On Twitter
  20. 20. Tweet: add media short links Copy and paste the links into your message. Click tweet buttonShort-links reduce character usage in your 140 charactermessage
  21. 21. Twitter: Short link creationYou can create short links using, whether or not you have an account.Example: Taking a long link from YouTube to create a short link in Step 1: Grab the Link From YouTube, click ‘share’ to expose link Copy Link in full
  22. 22. Twitter: Short link creationYou can create short links using, whether or not you have an account.Example: Taking a long link from YouTube to create a short link in Step 2: Generate Short Link Paste full link lifted from YouTube and click ‘Shorten’ generates a short-link Copy and paste into your tweets
  23. 23. Tweet: how and what to postWhat to Tweet
  24. 24. Twitter: mentions
  25. 25. Twitter: DM Find in drop-down menu Or Click on iconHow To Send A Direct Message
  26. 26. Twitter: How And What To PostTwitter: DM
  27. 27. Twitter Etiquette
  28. 28. Twitter: Who To& get followedTwitter: Follow FollowGrowing Your Twitter Community
  29. 29. Twitter: Follow others
  30. 30. Twitter: Who ToFollowTwitter: Find & FollowGrowing Your Twitter Community
  31. 31. Twitter: Build FollowersFollowing Accounts On TwitterTips For Following
  32. 32. Twitter: add contacts/friends 1 3 2 Add multiple emails with a comma
  33. 33. Twitter Search Find us @myvideoshorts
  34. 34. Who To search Twitter SearchTwitter: Follow:Understanding Search Results
  35. 35. Who To search Twitter SearchTwitter: Follow:Removing retweets from search resultsTo remove retweets from search results add ‘-rt’ to the end of the search term
  36. 36. Who To Follow: Twitter Search Twitter: searchLocation based searchSearch for tweets that come from or are near a location
  37. 37. Who To Follow: Twitter SearchTwitter: search
  38. 38. Twitter: search Twitter SearchWho To Follow:
  39. 39. Twitter: advanced searchTwitter: search
  40. 40. Twitter: search
  41. 41. Monitoring Tools Find us @myvideoshorts
  42. 42. Twitter Monitoring & Insight Tools Monitoring Tools
  43. 43. Hootsuite Monitoring Tools:
  44. 44. Hootsuite Monitoring Tools: Hootsuite Dashboard
  45. 45. HootsuiteHootsuite Report Builder - Keywords
  46. 46. Hootsuite Hootsuite Analytics Module
  47. 47. HootsuiteScheduling Tweets – Hootsuite Dashboard
  48. 48. HootsuiteScheduling Tweets – Hootsuite Dashboard
  49. 49. PromotionFind us @myvideoshorts
  50. 50. Twitter AdvertisingOfficial Twitter Advertising PlatformSign up to the official Twitter advertisingplatform and await an official invite
  51. 51. Twitter Advertising
  52. 52. Thanks forchecking us out! Find us @myvideoshorts