Facebook pages: guide to set-up, tips, tricks and metrics


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A introduction and overview of Facebook Pages covering set-up, ads, tips and metrics.

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Facebook pages: guide to set-up, tips, tricks and metrics

  1. 1. Facebook PagesFind us on: Facebook/myvideoshorts
  2. 2. Facebook PagesAnatomy & Set-up
  3. 3. Set-up1. Choose your sector
  4. 4. Structure
  5. 5. Customise 1Activity:1. Add Cover2. Add Profile 23. Add Tabs4. Add Photos5. Add Videos6. Add Bio 3 6 4 5
  6. 6. Add cover image Place cursor over cover area , hover and click edit pencil icon Upload image and drag into position
  7. 7. Add profile image Place cursor over picture box / edit icon Upload image, ideally a Logo
  8. 8. Add Tabs 1. Place cursor over picture tab area, click to open 2. Select “Find more Apps” 3. Choose and Add (up to 12 visible)
  9. 9. Add photos 1 2 31. Place cursor over + Add photos2. To edit: place cursor over top-right corner3. To tag: double click on image and tag box opens
  10. 10. Add Videos 1. Select + Add Videos 2. Upload videos: 100mb / 10 min limit 3. Edit Titles and add tags as required
  11. 11. Tag photos1. Place cursor over picture and click edit icon2. Add description and comment3. Photo is ‘tagged’ with content which appears on image.
  12. 12. Add Bio Add your information Add your information
  13. 13. FacebookTerminology
  14. 14. Pages Terminology• Events: a feature that lets your organize gatherings, respond to invites, and keep up with what your friends are doing.• Questions: a feature that lets you get recommendations, conduct polls and learn from your friends and other people on Facebook.• Lists: ways to organise your fans on Facebook• Notifications: are email, onsite, or mobile updates about activity on Facebook• Pinned Post: are Page posts that admins have chosen to display prominently at the top of their Page. A pinned post always appears in the top left of a Pages timeline and has a flag in its top-right corner. A post a Page admin pins to the top of their Page will remain there for 7 days• Highlighted Post: allows you to feature the posts you think are important. When you *star a post, it expands to widescreen
  15. 15. Ticker FeedTicker: Ticker shows you the things you can already see on Facebook, but inreal time. People can only see the posts, comments and likes that you share withthem. So if you share something with friends, only they will see it in ticker.Ticker includes live stories—things like status updates, friendships, photos, videos,links, likes and comments. You can see this activity elsewhere on Facebook. Tickerjust lets you see it as it happens.• Keep up with the latest news as it happens• Click or hover over a story to join in the conversation
  16. 16. Activity Log•Activity Log: a tool that lets you review and manage everything youshare on Facebook. Only you can see your activity log From your Pages activity log: • See all your Pages stories, organized by date • Star posts to make them bigger • Hide & Delete posts • Change the date of posts by your page • Report and remove spam posted on your Page
  17. 17. BuildCommunity
  18. 18. Invite…
  19. 19. Invite Friends 312 1. Select Build Audience at top right of page. From Drop Down select “invite friends” 2. Search all Friends (taken from personal profile page) 3. Choose from list and Submit invite
  20. 20. Invite Email or Contact filesInvite Contacts from Email and/or upload contact file
  21. 21. Facebook Page BadgeThe "Find Us on Facebook" badge provides your business a way to promoteyour Page from your website, and helps direct your customers to your presenceon Facebook.Badge code created in Facebook – copy and paste to website CMS
  22. 22. Ads & Sponsored Stories• Facebook Ads for Pages and Events allow users to engage with your ads the same way they interact with other content on Facebook – without leaving the page they are viewing. Ads for Pages include a "Like" link, while ads for Facebook Events include an "RSVP" link.• People who view these ads can connect with your Pages and Events from the ad itself, automatically creating a story on their timeline and possibly even their friends’ home page, generating additional free distribution for you.• Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with your Page, app or event. You pay to sponsor these stories so more people will see it when their friends have engaged with you on Facebook.• People may see when their friends like your Page, but because there’s a lot of activity in news feed, they may miss it. When you create sponsored stories, you’re increasing the number of people who will learn about you through the actions of their friends. .
  23. 23. Ads
  24. 24. Targeting
  25. 25. Targeting/filtering
  26. 26. BudgetingCPC = Cost Per Click with charges accruing only when the ad is clicked onCPM = Cost per 1000 impressions with charges accruing when ad is seen by targetaudience
  27. 27. Calculating ROI
  28. 28. Tips & Tricks
  29. 29. Tips
  30. 30. TipsSource: www.facebook.com
  31. 31. Schedule Posts From the Status menu: Click on the Clock icon to open up schedule options, choose - Year - Month - Day - Hour - Minute
  32. 32. Pin Posts Click the edit icon Select “Pin to Top” The post will be showcased at the top of your page for 7 days To unpin – Click the edit icon Select “Unpin From Top”
  33. 33. Highlight Posts 1. Add your comment and picture/video 2. Place your cursor over the star symbol 3. Click Highlight. The image stretches to widescreen
  34. 34. Create Events
  35. 35. Insights& Metrics Source: www.facebook.com
  36. 36. Facebook insightsSource: www.facebook.com
  37. 37. Facebook insightsSource: www.facebook.com
  38. 38. Facebook insightsSource: www.facebook.com
  39. 39. ReachSource: www.facebook.com
  40. 40. Engaged UsersSource: www.facebook.com
  41. 41. Talking about thisSource: www.facebook.com
  42. 42. Like SourcesSource: www.facebook.com
  43. 43. Thanks forchecking us out! Find us on: Facebook/myvideoshorts