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Launch presentation

  1. 1. “The Marketing Destination” launch120, Inc. 416 500 2681
  2. 2. Existing Problems of Portfolio Companies  Limited Marketing Resources  Trying to Establish a Customer Presence in a new region  Lack of Marketing Ethos, Experience and Leadership For example the founders or existing management team’s background is financial and/or technical Trying to position new products and services  Reconciling different visions by different Founders/Management  Need to smooth rough edges so recent acquisitions fit together  Company does not present itself and products in an integrated, complementary way.
  3. 3. Target Audience SME Technology/Health companies that have recently participated in merger or acquisition activities Companies that have raised 250,000 Seed Capital or more (Start-ups)
  4. 4. Solutions  Internal Audits Area of Inquiry Possible Subjects •Overview •Competitive disadvantages Competition •Competitors by product line, ranked in order of •Points of differentiation importance •Pricing differences •Competitive advantages by product •Corporate structure •Teamwork General Information •Company history •Company reputation (internal perceptions) •Industry positioning •Business plan/objectives •Financial background •Long-range plans, programs •Corporate culture •Management vision •Product identification, product lines •Weaknesses Company Products •Product positioning •Product histories •Strengths •Product distribution •New product development plans •Potential crises/emergencies •Negative history, incidents The Company Crises/Issues •Negative issues •Potential areas of litigation •Best Customers profiles •Relationships Customers •Purchasing criteria •Problems •Primary selling methods (retail, wholesale, etc.) •Customer relations department, systems Sales and Marketing •Sales force structure •Key selling strategies •Sales materials, tools •Merchandising efforts •Sales training •Current programs •Management Marketing Communications •Existing materials •PR/ad staff, structure •Advertising •Agency roles •Public relations •Responsibilities •Promotions •Relationship with senior •Internal communications management •Other •Target audiences for communications
  5. 5. Solutions Planning Process 10 1 2 Implement the Define the Business Identify Attractive Arena Opportunities Strategy •Segment the market •Deflate the arena within which you will search for •Evaluate market attractive opportunities forces Understand the Profit Dynamic Understand the Market Environment •Estimate market acceptance 9 3 •Lay out market chain(s) •Develop price, cost, and •Understand buyer investment forecasts choice/rejection behavior Planning Process Complete the Assess Resources Winning Strategy and Competencies •Detail complete strategy 8 4 •Identify resources and •Ensure strategic leverage competencies for market chain members •Determine fit Plan Critical Make Tough Understand the Relationships Strategic Choices Competitive Challenge •Identify key players •Review past strategy •Analyze current and •Plan relationships •Identify strategic issues potential competitors •Organize relationship •Create options •Understand strategy drivers teams 7 6 5
  6. 6. Solutions Messaging/Copy Writing Investor/Media/Public Relations  Press is the cornerstone which BRAND awareness is built on.  It is the slow-burn that creates “top-of-mind” for all target audiences. Most importantly, public/media relations establishes credibility in the marketplace and keeps your awareness high.  Kennedy got a whole new article, and managed to make a useful friend of the editor. Three decades later he would be reminding Bobby of what hed said a thousand times, that things dont happen, they are made to happen in the public relations field. Joe Kennedy Marketing/Communication Plans
  7. 7. Solutions Strategic Alliances/Business Development (Fortune 1000) Partnerships are all about spinning a web to catch more customers. This is a powerful strategy to: increase brand and investor awareness; distribution, co-marketing and joint research initiatives; share risk and form equity relationships; develop sales and distribution channels. In addition it can be part of your exit strategy as an acquisition target. Success stories are: Oracle (over 15,000 partnerships), IBM, Microsoft, United Airlines, AMEX/Charles Schwab, GTE Alliances make a lot of sense because of the following:  access to new markets  multiple parties share risks and expenses  partners can retail their independent brand identification  working with partners possessing multiple skills can create major synergies.
  8. 8. Solutions  The Process of Assessing Resource/ Competency Fit Resources and Strategy Fit Competencies Your Firm Competitive Differentiation Resources Customer Needs and Strategy Competencies Competitor A Market Opportunity Resources and Strategy Competencies Competitors B, C, D...
  9. 9. Why launch120? Understands the plight of the Entrepreneur and/or Businesses in transition Clients/Companies served by launch120