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Opne Demat Account - My Value Trade


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Open Demat Account with Discount Broker such as My Value Trade, that have turned the industry on its head with their simple and reasonable pricing plans, forcing full-service stock brokers to adopt.

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Opne Demat Account - My Value Trade

  1. 1. Open Demat Account Open Demat Account for Online Trading with My Value Trade
  2. 2. How to Begin INVESTING? Don't Burdened by a heavy brokerage fee. TRADE FREELY WITH MYVALUETRADE
  3. 3. What can i INVEST in? Equity and Derivatives Commodities
  4. 4. Where do i INVEST? Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) National Commodity and Derivative Exchange National Stock Exchange (NSE) Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd National Multi Commodity Exchange of India
  5. 5. Trading account for front-end buying and selling of share Bank Account Demat account to hold shares Trading Account Bank account for fund transfer to buy shares and receive funds on share sales Through What Do i INVEST?
  6. 6. BANKS: Provide a 3-1 account, which ensure smooth and real time transfer of money to and from your bank account FULL SERVICE BROKERS: Provide an excellent advisory system DISCOUNT BROKERS: Extremely low brokerage fees. Many of them also simplify the pricing process by levying a fixed brokerage or a per-trade executed charge WHOM Do i make an ACCOUNT WITH?
  7. 7. WHAT Documents do i NEED? Fill up the KYC form provided Attach the required documents - (1) identity proof and (2) address proof Produce the original PAN card during account opening Aadhar Card or attested ID Proof Bank Statements (Depending upon broker) Passport size photographs
  8. 8. QUESTIONS TO ASK 1) DEMAT ACCOUNT OPENING CHARGES: One-time cost 2) ACCOUNT MAINTAINANCE CHARGES: Annual Fee 3) BROKERAGE CHARGES:  For intrady transaction  For future and options transations  For commodities transaction
  9. 9. Get in Touch with Us Website - Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin - Google Plus - Blog -
  10. 10. Website: Contact Address C-1, Jeevan Jyot Building, 18/20, Cawasjee Patel Street, Fort, Mumbai – 400001 Telephone No: +91-84678-84678 Email id: