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  1. 1. Rakesh Venugopal Life is the first gift, Love is the second, Understanding is the third. Sometimes, we think of why friends keep forwarding mails to us without writing a single word........ Maybe this could explain why.......... When you have nothing to say, still want to keep contact, guess what you do, you forward mails. When you have something to say, but don't know what, and don't know how, guess what you do, you forward mails. Why we Forward emails????? When you have a lot to say, and don't know why, guess what you do, you forward mails. When you are still wanted, when you are still remembered, when you are still important, when you are still loved, when you are still missed, guess what you get A Forwarded Mail. So dear friends and family next time if I forward you a mail don't think I have only sent you a mail but I've remembered you in my heart.