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A brief look at what we do, how we do it, and some of the projects we have successfully completed.

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tSG Brochure Samples Lo-Res

  1. 1. Hello! Office: Suite 301, 10722 - 103 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 5G7 Tel: 780-758-8015 hello@MyTSG.ca
  2. 2. Welcome to the Studio Group Marketing + with the highly trained, experienced people who produce your solutions. You become a part of the streamlined Clarity. See? Communications production process, so you get what you ask for, and tSG’s services include, but are not limited to: you get it without going bankrupt. • Marketing research and analysis It’s called ‘collaboration’. It’s called ‘reasonably priced’. It’s • Marketing & communications strategy called ‘delivering the best services’. These are words that • Public relations meant something 50 years ago. For tSG, they’re words we • Copywriting • Promotions We Don’t Play ‘Telephone’ still believe in; they’re words we put into action. • Graphic design The Studio Group (you can call us ‘tSG’) is a boutique That’s why our logo reflects that golden era of the early 60s. • Audio & video production marketing and communications agency dedicated to • Web design & e-commerce individualised service. • Branding & visual identity A Nickel-and-Diming Free-Zone • Advertising How do we do it? Well... differently. Most marketing • Direct marketing + newsletters and advertising agencies will have you meet with an We founded tSG because we were disenchanted with the • Photography Account Executive (industry code for ‘sales manager’). way marketing agencies did things, like charging you a lot • Display advertising The Account Executive takes what you say, interprets it, of money but giving little to show for it. $35 for a phone • Posters & outdoor advertising and passes it along to a Creative Director. The Creative call? $50 for an e-mail? Please! Director interprets the interpretation, and hires sub- Marketing is about communicating. When you’re creating contractors to do the work. With a diverse background in broadcast + print media, a brand or a website, or conducting a direct marketing marketing, graphic design, web design and new media, or promotional campaign, you are communicating with Basically, it’s a flimsy game of ‘telephone’. And you’re not we have developed a passion for achieving excellence for your target markets. You have to be clear and consistent. included in the call. our clients. Your success is our number one priority, so we won’t charge you for an e-mail, and we won’t charge tSG believes in clarity and consistency. We don’t try to tSG has never enjoyed playing ‘telephone’. It’s a game you for the time it takes to come meet with you. Other blind you with jargon, and we keep our services under designed to make things go awry, make things take too marketing agencies might, but if they do, you have to one roof. We streamline the service and include you in long, and it’s a game that costs you too much money. At wonder if they are really working in your best interests. the production processes. We remain clear and consistent tSG, you meet with the company owners, the very same with you as we develop your clear and consistent professionals who do the work. We arrange with you a We make it easy for you. We can arrange a pre-set project marketing solutions. series of project meetings so everyone keeps moving cost or hourly fees. We can offer monthly payments, and forward together, on time, and on budget. You speak we don’t add interest charges. This is why we have a window in our logo. It’s all about the clarity. See? The Studio Group Marketing & Communications Ltd.
  3. 3. Case Study Regional Economic Development Initiative for Northwest Alberta – Campaign Development ProjecT Goal TiMefraMe REDI has recognised the need to develop the Mackenzie Including a week-long research trip to the region, this Region’s tourism industry. tSG was invited to create a project took tSG less than 6-weeks to complete. strategy for development. iMaGe acTion Presented here is a speculative promotional campaign 1. tSG researched the region and determined the developed by tSG to demonstrate how the region might viability of tourism as a development opportunity. be promoted given the identified market positioning. 2. tSG explored suitable market positions for the region and options to develop the necessary organisational infrastructure to support marketing endeavours. 3. tSG presented its findings including the most appropriate market position, potential product development concepts, branding considerations, and the steps needed to make it all happen. reSulTS tSG is now working very closely with REDI to implement a program that will help to create a representative tourism organisation by February 2011. Part of that program is communicating with key stakeholders and community members about the importance of a diverse economy and the benefits of a stronger tourism industry.
  4. 4. Case Study Yellowhead Brewery Ltd. – Label Concept ProjecT Goal TiMefraMe The Yellowhead Brewery wanted to revive a long- Once a direction was selected and communicated, tSG defunct Edmonton beer label and branding concept so was able to produce the fully re-built label in just four it would compete on its own terms in an aggressively weeks. This included locating and commissioning an artist competitive industry. to paint the individual images. acTion iMaGe 1. tSG met several times with the client to flesh-out Presented here is the final Yellowhead Brewery label. the brand concept to ensure a solid understanding of what the client had developed and envisioned. 2. Once the client had determined the direction in which they would head, we re-built from scratch the original label and contemporised it. 3. The label has since been deployed in other promotional materials including signage and brochure layouts, with a website yet to be constructed. reSulTS The label reflects the brand’s core dimensions and sets it apart from other Edmonton craft brewers. In just a couple of months, the company has found valuable shelf space for its product in several liquor outlets around the city, in part because the packaging is very distinctive.
  5. 5. Case Study Alberta Law Libraries – Research + Branding ProjecT Goal 4. The supporting analysis was presented to the ALL Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) is an amalgamation of many committee at the same time we presented the brand libraries scattered across the province. The libraries are concepts and logo designs. Priority logo designs and unique because they serve two very distinct market brand concepts were selected and refined further segments with very different needs and wants - legal before a final choice was made. professionals and the general public. ALL was created reSulTS from the merging of many different libraries and required a brand and visual identity that would speak to its ALL is nearing completion of the initial stages of its different market segments rebranding and is gearing up for the launch. Ultimately, the client is delighted with the product and feels they acTion are well-represented. The organisation is excited to be 1. Cost-effective and timely research was needed to launching the new brand and with it, a new future. determine how the market segments perceived ALL. TiMefraMe It was determined that the best way of discovering their perceptions, needs, and wants was to exploit The research and analysis was the greatest commitment ALL’s extensive network of libraries to disseminate of this project due to the differences between the target a survey. market segments and the unique characteristics of each. Constant refinement of the survey instrument delivered 2. tSG worked closely with ALL to create a survey the sample sets required for accurate and reliable data. instrument that met their needs. We felt it best In total, the project was three months from start to finish. to create two surveys instruments due to the unique nature of the target market segments. Each iMaGe instrument was deliberately refined to enhance ALL’s visual identity and brand tag are presented in respondents’ comfort with the survey thereby potential applications. ensuring a sizeable sample set. 3. Statistical analysis was performed and we discovered that despite the unique nature of the market segments, there were some common perceptions. These commonalities were used as the foundation for creating brand concepts.
  6. 6. Case Study Chokka Center for Integrative Health – Brand Development, Website + Promotion Plan ProjecT Goal challenge, this promotion plan made use of event CCIH facilitates the innovative treatment of mental health marketing, e-mail, and word-of-mouth to generate issues. It is a mind-body approach that recognises physical awareness of this innovative therapy. wellbeing as a vital contributor to mental health, and 4. Simultaneously, tSG developed a website, signage, vice-versa. It incorporates western drug-based therapy and stationery that is very uncommon in the with psychoanalysis, exercise, nutrition, and eastern medical profession. The website is clean and fresh, philosophies of meditation and spirituality. tSG was tasked easily navigable, and informative without being with developing a brand and logo, creating an informative, condescending or pompous. The supporting logo easily understood website, and a promotional plan. applications reflect the professionalism and care of a new approach to mental health. acTion 1. Working very closely with the client, tSG gained a reSulTS thorough understanding of the concept underpinning CCIH is now ready for its launch. It has already attracted the centre’s mission and vision. This was crucial to industry attention without any promotion. The company is developing a successful brand and logo. Thanks to the accepting patients and is preparing for the second phase company’s fresh, well-balanced visual identity, CCIH in its marketing plan. presents as a professional and friendly amalgamation of eastern and western health philosophies. TiMefraMe 2. Developing a brand and logo is one thing, but for This project was four months in the making. Regularly a company to realise its greatest potential, it must scheduled meetings provided an avenue for the client’s have the products and services that support the input as each project component progressed. Their brand. Since our clients’ success is important to involvement in building their self-image, internal processes, us, we provided CCIH with additional services by and company vision excited them. They were thrilled by the advising on service and product development. Also, experience of being a part of the marketing process that we consulted on general strategic directions for the we at tSG love so much. company and what it needed to do to advance. iMaGe 3. tSG also conducted extensive research on the state CCIH’s visual identity applications including letterhead, of the mental health industry. Drawing from many business cards, and envelopes is presented here. The resources, we conducted the secondary research company website can be found at www.ChokkaCenter.com. necessary to create a level-headed, cost-effective promotion plan. As most start-ups face a cashflow
  7. 7. Case Study PureLinks – Branding, Marketing + Website ProjecT Goal 4. tSG continues to assist PureLinks as it executes the Micropure Environmental Solutions created a new division to plan and works to succeed at developing its market. provide golf courses around the world with environmentally friendly solutions to turf grass and water management. tSG reSulTS was asked to brand the new division, create a marketing PureLinks will commence implementation of the plan this program and promotional materials, and assist with the coming fall. tSG will continue to play an active role in division’s start-up and organisational structure. executing the plan and supporting PureLinks as it grows. Also, we have been invited to assist Micropure with acTion starting its new divisions. 1. The very first thing we did was meet with the company President several times to gain a solid TiMefraMe understanding of his vision, the company’s This project took almost eight months to complete. The philosophy, and the complexities of the product. client expressed his desire to do everything with precision We visited the plant, read scientific journals, and and exactitude. He wanted the research to be accurate conducted research to ensure we all understood the and thorough. product’s benefits and challenges. iMaGe 2. We continued to work very closely with the client to develop a brand and visual identity. These Presented here is a version of one piece of marketing were then adapted to create marketing collateral collateral demonstrating how PureLink’s aesthetic works and a website that provided the right aesthetic hand-in-hand with the brand. appeal. The complex nature of the product was synthesised to make it easy for potential customers to understand. 3. Simultaneously, tSG was researching the market to determine the best market positioning, the best target markets for early penetration, and how best to promote the company and its products. This was documented for the client as a marketing and promotion plan.
  8. 8. Hello! Office: Suite 301, 10722 - 103 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 5G7 Tel: 780-758-8015 hello@MyTSG.ca