VSC Wholesale & Retail Softswitch


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High-performance (up to 10k sessions per node), wholesale and retail applications (calling card, call shop, callback, follow me, softphone) with billing, intelligent routing based on ASR, ACD, PDD, percentage, priority, profit margin, etc.

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VSC Wholesale & Retail Softswitch

  1. 1. VMS 4.5 Softswitch Platform “ Think Outside the BOX ”
  2. 2. Complete Solutions Adaptive Retail Class 4 Billing Network Routing Softswitch Softswitch System Management Engine
  3. 3. Connection Diagrams SIP Billing System APPLICATION LAYER Provider Computer Element Management System CORE LAYER SIP RESOURCE LAYER DB IP Phone Provider SIP TRANSPORT LAYER VMS v4.0 Platform VMS v4.0 Platform E1/T1 Gateway Provider Mobile and Fix-line Phone SMS Modem Customer (Web, Portal)
  4. 4. Modular Design – Growth as you needs APPLICATION LAYER Callshop Portal * Customer Portal Agent Portal Contact Center Calling Card IVR Hosting Conference Follow Me IP Centrex VoiceMail IP Centrex Call Back Network Postpaid Prepaid/ Bridges Mobile MVNO Virtual Network Management System Billing System RESOURCE LAYER DB TDM / IP Media Server CORE LAYER System Core -Routing, CDR Output and Status Update Routing Engine TRANSPORT LAYER SIP/H323 Stacks VS3000x MGC (ISDN/SS7/SIP/H323/SIP-I/SIP-T) RTP Proxy (Topology Hiding) Telcobridges TMP6400 Platform
  5. 5. Performance System Performance* Signaling Only (SIP & H323) 10,000 Concurrent Calls Per Box Signaling & RTP (G723) 10,000 Concurrent Calls Per Box Signaling & RTP (G711 @ 20ms) 5,000 BHCA @ SIP Only 720k BHCA @ H323 Only 360K BHCA @ SIP & RTP (G711 @ 20ms) 720K Latency on Media @ Peak Loading < 1 ms Latency on Signaling @ Peak Loading < 500 ms Route Decision per Second 500 * The system testing using Full set of VSC VMS 4.5 including Route Engine, Billing Server & Application Service
  6. 6. Retail Functions
  7. 7. Retail Calling Card • Retail Calling Cards – Full Function Calling Card System – Single Card Multi-Service • Prepaid Calling Card (One Stage / Two Stage) • Callback (One Stage / Two Stage) • FollowME (International Call Forward) • SMS Card • Soft Phone / ATA Box – Branding / Lot Management • Different Charge Plan • Different Route Plan • Different Minute Segment • Different Charges – Connection Charge, Maintenance Charge.. – Campaign Management • Eat All you Can • Free Minutes for Certain Countries • Free Credit for Certain Countries
  8. 8. Agent Portal • Web-base Portal provide System Agent/Distributor Management Owner – Charge Plan Manipulation at Distributor Level Distributor – Generate Report Specific to Salesman/Agent or Distributor Salesman Agent Account (PIN)
  9. 9. Customer Portal • Web-Base Portal for END Customer – Checking CDRs – Balance Transfer or Top-up – Setting up ICF – Triggering Callback
  10. 10. Wholesales Functions
  11. 11. Intelligent Routing Engine • VMS 4.5 Equipped with – Percentage Routing – Priority Routing – Time of Day Routing – Day of Week Routing – Special Routing – Adaptive Business Logic Routing • Based on QoS • Based on Profit Margin • Based on COST – Global Routing • If no route is found on local route plan, Global Routing will be use – Default Routing • If Route Engine Failure, Default Routing will be use
  12. 12. Flexible Routing Logic Route Profiles A Route Profiles B Route Profiles C Route Plan A Route Plan B Route Plan C Route List Route List Route List
  13. 13. Adaptive Business Logic Routing Collection Data from CDR different Element, such as ASR, ACD, PDD, Provide Cost, Customer Charge and other customizable elements Provider INFO Data Route Collector Engine Billing Route List Filter the outbound provider attribute from data collector with the route plan, and generate the route list in Further Filter the route list if REALTIME. Third-Party the provide limit apply, such Parameter as concurrent call, credit limit, minutes.
  14. 14. Adaptive Business Logic Routing
  15. 15. VSC Background
  16. 16. About VSC Technology Leader in telecom industry for IP switching solutions Over ten (10) years experience in Asia-Pacific telecom industry Work closely with our clients to developed commercially attractive solutions to: – Quickly expand their network capacity – Offer new and innovative commercial services – Provide total turkey solutions including logistics and billing – Build foundation for Next Generation Network services – Develop products built on IP-based Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) architecture – Integrated with legacy client sub-systems to provide new services
  17. 17. Our Vision “To provide world-class solutions globally for First and Second Tier Carriers and Telecom Service Providers that minimizes investment and operating costs by leveraging state-of-the art telecom technologies.”
  18. 18. Mission Statement “ Exceed Expectations through optimum Quality Improve cost-performance through Technology ”
  19. 19. Making Progress Continually • We had VS3000X & VMSX launch target for those small to medium operators • Launch Basix Lite Service in Philippine with Philcom • Achieve up to 3.6M BHCA on single node deployment on VMS v4.0 • Win first enterprise project MTRC & HKJC. 2008 • Deployment of ASP model IP-based call center with 2,000+ agents per node • Sign OEM partnership agreement with Sybase • New focus on IP technologies, launch VS Multimedia Suite of products for NGN with Softswitch and Class 5 features. 2007 • Developed VOIP Media gateway and successfully deploy 10,000 channels in a single node. • Deploy 64 T1 IVR Information System Service and Tele-conference in Hong Kong for Enterprise and Residential use. Carried over 30 million minutes per month • Signed Partnership agreement with one of the largest Fixed line carrier in Bangladesh for all local Value-added Services. 2006 • Introduced the VS3000 system using TelcoBridges hardware • Developed solution based on Solaris / Linux OS and Oracle / Sybase database • Successful deployment of 512 T1/E1 and 96 links SS7 in SINGLE CHASSIS 2005 • Deployed 10,000+ T1/E1 globally, 70% for over-sea’s customers • Developed the VS2000 system using NMS hardware, based on Window OS and MSSQL database 2003 • Successful deployment of 112 T1/E1 and 16 links SS7 in a SINGLE CHASSIS. • Deployed over 4,000+ T1/E1 globally, 40% of them are for over-sea’s customer • Successful deployment of 32 T1/E1 using Dialogic based hardware in SINGLE CHASSIS. The first company in the industry to deploy 32 trunks 2001 in a single chassis • Deploy over 1,500+ T1/E1 globally 2000 • Company start up, providing switch partitioning and IVRS calling card port rental solutions. • Using Dialogic based switch for IVRS Calling Card Service and Lucent for wholesale and Tandem, based on Window OS and MSSQL database • Over 20 ETS operators in Hong Kong using VSC port rental services July • Over 50% of our port rental customers purchased our switch after initial operation 1999 • Continuously profitable starting from 2nd month of service • Provide Facility and Management Service for rack space rental with 24x7 support
  20. 20. Customers
  21. 21. End of this part