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Marketing Resume

  1. 1. Birgit Keil “Ain’t marketing fun?” Creative, experienced Marketing Director seeks partnership with the DIA to bring the world of art to life in the community. How am I going to do this you ask? With my expertise in marketing, leadership, design sensibilities, client relations and most of all - passion. Marketing Strategize, concept and design print, tv, web, video, and collater- al. Production and client presentation experience. National, regional and local work includes automotive and non-automotive. An excellent communicator who can "plus" your client relationships. •Creative strategy and development of national and regional events and •Worked with account and client to set goals and manage assignments to pletion. Design and project management of Chevy National Events and Promo- tions, 2010 and 2011 Chevy e-mail communication stream, including launch mailings. Managed Chevy CRM materials as well as Truck 248-425-8576 Leadership & Management The idea is that I let people do own thing. To see the light go on. Give them the autonomy and ownership of the project. This is when creativity blossoms and builds leaders along the way.“Birgit was one of the shining stars at C- E. She is dedicated and demands the •Recruited to form the Chevrolet Regional Advertising Division. As one of 5 in ahighest quality from her work. Birgit has core group, eventually built up and supervised a staff of 46 creatives in broad- a great personality, is a joy to work with cast, print and on-line advertising with billings of $480 million. and is gifted with strong conceptional •Worked with cross functional teams to build the Chevy brand including ac- skills. Her design sense aint bad either! count, digital design, production, CRM, interactive events, experiential market-Id work with Birgit again in a heartbeat. Scott DuChene ing and media buying. Top to bottom. Senior Director/Creative Services  Client Relations I believe the personal connection fosters professional“Birgit is an extremely talented creative loyalty and respect and builds long-term relationships. With engagement professional. She maintains a great out- through social media channels, I’ll be given the added ability to foster relation- look and positive attitude through even ships which will effect the community and the image of the DIA in a positivethe toughest creative problems placed in way.front of her. Ive had the good fortune of working with her on a number of chal- lenging projects where her ability to •Chevy clients requested that I be assigned to work on their account andstrike the right balance between creative projects. direction and business needs played a •Raised funds for an ALS event competition through BizdomU, resulting in thekey part in their overall success.” Heath highest amount of donations received for the 2010 class. Krumlauf, Senior Broadcast Producer,  •Utilized social media customer engagement to effectively market and establish Campbell­Ewald loyal client and colleague relationships.“Birgit is great to work with, both from a Budgets Planned budgets for multi-million dollar Chevy Events and Promo- conceptual standpoint and an organiza-tional one. Besides being able to provide tions from top to bottom - bidding to completion.the impetus for a good idea, she can takean idea with potential and make it better. •Supervised 3 major events a year with a budgets ranging from 2.3 to 5 million She is also an excellent manager, with a dollars and 5 annual promotions with budgets ranging from $500K - $700K. lot of experience directing projects and •Always conscious of budget and always within deadline. presenting to clients.”John Marshall, Senior Copywriter, Camp­ bell­Ewald
  2. 2. Birgit Keil 248-425-8576Awards and Recognition HistoryThe Cartoonist national cartoon contest 2011. Creative Consultant“Just Bea” Cartoon made it into round 6 of 10. • Freelance Art Director and Illustrator February 2010 - Present.(2) PACE Excellence Awards- 2011Tomorrow’s Child/Michigan SIDS Chicken Soup, Inc.National Award from TIME Magazine • The Big Chicken/Ownerfor creating winning Statue of Liberty 1987 - PresentFoundation Ad. Design, write, manage and market award winning whim- sical designs and illustrations for advertising, greetingCADDY Award - 2002 Award Finalist cards and collateral.Telly Award - 2002 Winner Automotive Clients and Work Include: Recycled Paper Greetings, TIME Magazine,Telly Award - 2001 Finalist - Automotive Renaissance Greetings/FTD, Marion Heath Greeting- Cards, Humane Society, Aids Innerfaith Network, PetTelly Award - 1998 Finalist - Automotive Supplies Plus.(3) Telly Awards - 1997 Winner - Automotive Campbell-Ewald Advertising, Warren MI • VP, ACD, Art DirectorDANDY - 1997 "Best Ad Camp. By A Dealer Assn.” November 2008 - February 26, 2010DANDY - 1997 "Best Single Ad By A Dealer Assn.” Responsible for the design and management of 2010 and 2011 Chevy e-mail communication stream, includingTelly Award - 1996 Winner - Automotive launch and mailings. Manage Chevy Truck Catalog & CRM materials.C-E Creative Excellence Award - 1996 Gold October 1994 - November 2008Campbell-Ewald Employee of the Year - 1995 Managed Chevy Retail (129 Chevy Dealer Associations) and Chevrolet RegionalAIN - Aids Interfaith Network Also: New Business Presentations1995 “On Wings Of Angels”Holiday Card Collection - Honorable Mention J. Walter Thompson, U.S.A., Detroit MIBest Selling Card of the collection • Senior Art DirectorTelly Award - 1994 Winner - Special Effects January 1992 - October 1994Telly Award - 1994 Finalist - Automotive Supervise creative on $9 million account Clients include: Ford Dealer Advertising Groups.AIN - Aids Interfaith Network Also: New Business Presentations, Sparky Andersons1994 “On Wings Of Angels” C.A.T.C.H. for Kids, Red CrossHoliday Card Collection - 3rd PlaceBest Selling Card of the collection Education Wayne State University BA in Liberal Arts Concentration in Fine & Graphic Arts BizdomU, Detroit, MI August 2010 - November 2010 Entrepreneurial Business Development A “Just Bea” cartoon developed and featured at  the “Detroit Earth Day 2011” Event at the DIA. p.2