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Welcome on board


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Welcome on board

  1. 1. Welcome to MyTAGG 3 short slides to read for a good start !
  2. 2. Taggs : Allows you to create short URLs, intended for QRcodes and NFC chips, in order to control web page display. -Mobile page editor Allows you to create webpage and website, static or dynamic, by selecting preformed functionalities (widgets). 1/3 MyTAGG offers 2 main tools:
  3. 3. You’re going to find: - a mobile page called: -My business card - Wich can be displayed by Tagg’s URL -My first Tagg Add your own details to finish them. This is an easy way to discover and to learn how MyTAGG works. 2/3 Your business card has been precreated
  4. 4. You can also find help and tips in our Support section. In case of difficulties or for any commercial needs, feel free to contact us by using the Contact Form on your right. 3/3
  5. 5. This document is the property of MyTagg SAS. It cannot be reproduced, even partially, without the written permission of MyTagg SAS.