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StreetWisdom Detailed Presentation


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StreetWisdom Online was established by like-minded individuals with a common passion which is to help others experience life to the fullest thru deeply-rooted principles “proven by men” and validated by the book of life. The Bible.

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StreetWisdom Detailed Presentation

  1. 1. Street Wisdom Online Webinar Orientation
  2. 2. PAGOD KA NA BA? Did this, Done that pero walang nag work out?
  3. 3. Sobrang On FIRE KA? Excited ka sa LAHAT NG MGA MAGAGANDANG nangyayari? Feeling mo YOUR ON TOP of the WORLD?
  4. 4. Mahalaga sa iyo ang Relasyon SA KAPWA TAO. Bago ka pa lang NAGSISIMULA. Student ka at gusto mo MAG EXCEL. Bagong BUSINESSMAN. Nag FAIL ka na sa mga ginawa mo before. Naloko ka na sa BUHAY. Wala kang PERA palagi. Nahirapan ka mag TIWALA. SUCCESSFUL ka ngayon sa ginagawa mo. HINDI MO ALAM kung bakit ka nanonood ngayon… Itong PRESENTATION ay para sa iyo kung :
  6. 6. D O N O T M O V E . “Baka ito na ang matagal mo nang HINAHANAP.”
  7. 7. Introducing…
  8. 8. Street Wisdom Online Is a Global Online Platform which aims to help provide the right direction to everyone. A Global Online Platform with a community that helps each members for the improvement of each others life be it in personal, professional or business life. A Global Online Platform which will be the source of variety of digital products and services which can be distributed worldwide for the use of anyone wanting to experience progress and personal or business improvement.
  9. 9. Who are we? StreetWisdom Online was established by like- minded individuals with a common passion which is to help others experience life to the fullest thru deeply-rooted principles “proven by men” and validated by the book of life. The Bible.
  10. 10. Our VISION Right Direction for Everyone. #rightdirection4e1
  11. 11. Our MISSION To spread to the world thru the power of the internet that success is an internal exploration, and that the only way to true and lasting success is inward discovery and the unfolding of what is already within. To teach people the right way of doing relationships, business or anything that concerns life, as designed by the Master Creator.
  12. 12. Our PRODUCTS • Ever Increasing Soulful eBooks & Audio Books • Continuous Weekly Live Webinar Interactive Trainings • Continuously Increasing Video Trainings • Community Coaching Sessions from Professional Life Coaches • Professional Landing Pages and Marketing System
  13. 13. Our Membership Investment $33only One TIME out of Pocket!
  14. 14. What is the POINT? The AMOUNT of your INVESTMENT in LEARNING is NOTHING as compared to our ordinary daily expenses… but it has A HUGE IMPACT for our FUTURE and the NEXT GENERATIONS to FOLLOW!
  16. 16. RENEWAL STARTS on the 6th Month (after you have enjoyed all the fruits of your LEARNING) $33 $30 and every 6 months thereafter! which can be deducted from your BONUS! only!
  17. 17. BONUS??? you mean MONEY?
  18. 18. As our way of saying… Thank You for HELPING US in the attainment of our VISION.
  19. 19. BONUS PLAN We came up with an EXCITING
  20. 20. 1. DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS = 20% (of CP) $6 for New Member $6 for Renewal 2. DUAL TEAM PAIRING BONUS = 30% (of CP) $9 for New Member $9 for Renewal Max Payout per Day = $108 Max Bonus Potential per Month = $3,240 Max Bonus Potential per Year = $38,880 3. GENERATIONAL MATCHING BONUS = 10% of DT Bonus 4 Generations Deep for Members 6 Generations Deep for Builders SIMPLE YET VERY POWERFUL BONUS PLAN!
  21. 21. LEARN while you EARN with US!
  22. 22. The MARKET IS SO RIPE Too many marketers, business, even individuals fail for the lack of “RIGHT DIRECTION”. HAVING A GOOD INTENTION is never a guarantee. It is still the right direction that will ensure you get to your ULTIMATE GOAL. The ONLINE MARKET has EXPLODED and is CONTINUOUSLY GROWING! Consider these facts : Why JOIN US NOW?
  23. 23. YOU WILL PIONEER StreetWisdom not only locally but GLOBALLY! We have FULLY AUTOMATED, FULLY INTEGRATED very accessible PAYMENT PROCESSORS ready to receive payments 24/7 and account gets activated in SECONDS! MARKET IS FRESH MARKET IS READY MARKET NEEDS OUR PRODUCTS GLOBAL SYSTEM IS READY! Why JOIN NOW?
  24. 24. • Street Wisdom Online is not a get rich quick scheme money program. • It is not an INVESTMENT Program wherein you join and you earn by simply waiting for your money to grow. • It is not a RECRUITMENT PROGRAM wherein you join to recruit members. • You JOIN and became a member because you want to LEARN. The new found valuable learnings you earned thru this program may then be used in whatever endeavour you are taking which would include our own referral program as well. • StreetWisdom never promises you will earn, but commits to make you learn. • The BONUSES the company gives are “incentives” based on company performance not a form of salary that an employee is legally entitled to. • We are a Neutral program that can cater to all Companies, we do not hold on any member exclusively. DISCLAIMER
  25. 25. INTERESTED ? Please go back to the person who shared you this orientation and ask for more details… Detailed explanation of the BONUS PLAN on PART 2!