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myStratex Strategy Board Game

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myStratex Strategy Board Game

  1. 1. Make Strategy Actionable
  2. 2. Introduction• An AMA study indicated only 3% of CEOs said their companies were successful at implementing strategy and 62% said their ability to execute was moderate or worse (Mankins and Steele, 2007, Contractor’s business management report);• According to a Fortune magazine article, less than 10 percent of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed (R. Charan & G. Colvin. "Why CEOs Fail." Fortune Magazine, 21 June 1999);• A Harvard study indicated that large companies only achieve about 63% of their strategic goals every year and a third of companies achieve less than 50% of plan (Mankins and Steele, Harvard Business Review, Jul–Aug 2005);• In another survey, companies estimated that 60% of planned productivity gains were lost due to failure to execute (Neiman and Thomson, Can Manage 17, Fall 2004).
  3. 3. I haven’t seen the plan…Source:
  4. 4. ResultsWith mySTRATEX your company’s employees will learn the strategyof your company. By playing the game, they will know in whichstrategic objectives to achieve, what are the initiatives in which yourcompany will be investing and which events may influence yourcompany’s performance.With mySTRATEX you and your management team will also be ableto better understand the cause-and-effect relationships betweendifferent strategic objectives.mySTRATEX will allow you to simulate 3 to 5 years of the life of yourcompany, executing the established strategy, making decisionsregarding strategic initiatives and responding to unexpected positiveor negative events.
  5. 5. mySTRATEXmySTRATEX is the result of more than 20 years of experience inhelping companies in defining, communicating, executing andmonitoring Strategic Plans. It is a great tool to motivate managers tolearn and implement the strategy of your company.mySTRATEX Simulation Pack is based on the Balanced Scorecardmodel, developed originally by Professors Robert S. Kaplan andDavid P. Norton.
  6. 6. mySTRATEX Board GameMany companies experience difficulties in defining, communicatingand implementing their strategy.mySTRATEX will help you demonstrate to your management teamthe importance of having a clear strategy and what the strategy ofyour company is.
  7. 7. mySTRATEX Board Game Pack
  8. 8. Playing mySTRATEX Board GameDuring the workshop two to fourteams per board game willcompete with each other,making decisions about differentstrategic investments. Theinteraction between strategicobjectives, decisions aboutinvesting in strategic initiativesand the occurrence of externaland internal events, willdetermine the scorecard of eachcompeting team and, ultimately,the winner of the simulation.
  9. 9. mySTRATEX Board Game We use a board game to simulate one year in the life of a company. The board is divided in four quarters and each quarter is divided in twelve cells. The movement of each player is dictated by the result of rolling two dice. There are three types of cells.
  10. 10. mySTRATEX Strategy MapIn the center of theboard game is theStrategy Map scorecard,representing thestrategic objectives andthe cause-effectrelationships betweenobjectives. EachStrategic Objective canhave a score,represented by theposition and the color aplastic chip.
  11. 11. mySTRATEX Event CardsmySTRATEX uses Event Cardsto simulate the things that canhappen during the life of acompany that will have a directimpact in its performance. Thereare External events that impactall participants and Internalevents that only impact the teamthat got the card. Each eventcan impact one or two strategicobjectives, resulting inadjustments of the respectivescore(s). Events can have apositive or negative impact.
  12. 12. mySTRATEX Strategic Initiative CardsDuring the simulation participants can invest in Strategic Initiatives.These investments will have a direct impact in the related strategicobjectives. Investing in Strategic Initiatives is also a way ofprotecting your company from negative events or benefiting frompositive events.
  13. 13. Winning the mySTRATEX Board GameThe team that has the mostpoints in the scorecard whenthe game finishes is thewinner. Only strategicobjectives that have a scoregreen or yellow count for thefinal total score.
  14. 14. mySTRATEX CustomizationOne of the main benefits of mySTRATEX is the ability to customizedthe game. You will be able to define your own Strategy Map, createExternal and Internal Event Cards and prepare Strategic InitiativeCards that reflect the intrinsic characteristics of your business.The mySTRATEX Board Game can be an important component of aStrategic Planning Retreat. The External Event Cards are adaptedfollowing the PESTEL analysis and the Internal Event Cards are anoutput of the SWOT Analysis. Once the Strategic Objectives aredefined and the cause-and-effect relationships established we canprint the Strategy Map, Event Cards and Initiative Cards that will beused for the mySTRATEX Simulation Exercise. After doing thesimulation it is often appropriate to reflect on the current StrategyMap and make some final adjustments.
  15. 15. Next StepsSend us an email with information about your needs and we willcontact you to explain how we can help you.
  16. 16. ContactsAntónio Lucena de FariaAv. Marginal - Ed. Parque Oceano 3º G,2780 -373 Oeiras, Portugal+351 214 228

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