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Current Fashion Trends for Women in Europe

This magazine is about the Current Fashion Trends for Women in Europe. As expected, some long-gone clothing styles have made their comeback to the Current Trends in Fashion. Read on to find out the must-haves for all you women out there this year.

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Current Fashion Trends for Women in Europe

  3. 3. ED W elcome to our 3rd Issue of MYstic FAshion TRends Magazine. In this issue, we have discussed about the changesI in fashion & the pattern of dress to wear with the changing of seasons. Our magazines are published over the mostT popular publishing sites on the internet. We hope for a good response from our readers all over the world. Your responseO good or bad can be conveyed to us at Wishing all the very best for the year ahead and happy ending.‘s We look forward to your feedback.LET Samay KumarT Editor MYstic FAshion TRends MagazineE Editor.mysticfashiontrends@gmail.comR PAGE 3
  4. 4. I E very year brings a new wave of fashion trends . This year, the retro era, the military look as well as the fairy princess look is ‘in’ and just as hip in Europe as any part of the world. Let’s find out what the Current Fashion Trends for Women are in Europe.N Fashion kings and queens, no matter how young or old, how upscale or thrifty, never forget to sport their best looks with the arrival of the new year nor do they miss out any opportunity to dress their best when enjoying a festival, a celebration or a special date.T This year, the retro era, the military look as well as the fairy princess look are ‘in’ and just as hip in Europe as any part of the world. Let’s find out what the Current Fashion Trends for Women are in Europe. Enrich your wardrobe with these must-haves andR secure repetitive glances from everyone around.ODUCTION PAGE 4
  5. 5. S Spring and summer is the time when people, particularly the young women, are veryP excited about fashion. It’s the time for prom. This year, floral patterned skirts are all the rage with young girls. Floral prints and patterns are making headlines in the Current European Fashion Trends. Floral printed skirts along with a belt tied around the waistR makes any girl look like a princess while retaining the sensuality of her curves. Women would love to find that lace is back in fashion. Dresses, tops, skirts – a lot of things are going to be laced this year with intricate designs and the assurance of elegance that only a woman can pull off.ING&SUMMER Printed Floral Skirts PAGE 5
  9. 9. Winds of change have brought leather in fashion trends this year. Leather jackets with zipped sleeves and biker pants areF here to take you all back to the retro age.A Another notable addition to the current fashionL trends in Europe is undoubtedly trench coats. The military look withL long trench coats and tight pants is going to look so hot in the chilly weather this year. Add soft colors like olive green, lavender, steel gray, or beige to your wardrobe if you want to add combination of style and subtlety to the way you dress. Or, if you want bring a splash of color into the grey life of winter, go for bright colors like red, pink, electric blue, yellow, or purple. You are sure to find envious second glances.WINTER Top: Leather Jacket with zipped sleeves & Leather Biker Pant. Bottom : Trench Coats . PAGE 9
  10. 10. Long sweaters worn with a fitting pair of jeans look great on European women. Don your V-neck long sweater or cardigan with a pair of jeans, leggings or trousers and you are going to look gorgeous in the winter.FALLWINTER Long sweaters with leggings Top: Long Sweaters with Jeans Bottom: Long Sweaters with Leggings & trousers worn by various models. PAGE 10
  11. 11. If you prefer single-piece clothing, there are one piece dresses with graphic patterns in the current fashion trends 2011. Don’t forget to put on a tuxedo jacket over it. Everyone’s eyes will be on you.FALLWINTE TUXEDO JACKETR PAGE 11
  12. 12. Boots, boots and boots everywhere. Knee boots, flat boots, cowboy boots, short boots andF slouch boots are cool new footwear to complement the look of the New Year. Flat boots that reach up to the knee look hot and hip and they are ‘in’ this year too.ASHION If you don’t have a flat boot, no need to worry because wedge boots can act as a replacement and look just as awesome.SHOES Top & Bottom Left: Flat Boots Top Right: Wedge Boots PAGE 12
  13. 13. If you don’t fall in the ‘teen’ category and want to wear something stylish with your kneeF length skirt, cowboy boots are for you.ASHION For older women in Europe, the current trends in fashion has brought slouch boots. Ladies, put on a pair of slouch boots and look more glamorous than ever. If you can get fur boots, it’ll add a touch of elegance like no other.SHOES Upper Section: CoyBoy Boots Lower Section: Stylish Slouch Boots PAGE 13
  14. 14. FASHION If you can get fur boots, it’ll add a touch of elegance like no other.SHOES Fur Boots Of Various Length & Size. PAGE 14
  15. 15. F Fur boots over kneesA with an elegant look.SHIONSHOES PAGE 15
  16. 16. Leather boots look great with the biker look or the military look. If you are planning toF don either of these, don’t forget to buy leather boots.ASHIONSHOES PAGE 16
  17. 17. Nothing complements the winter attire of a woman like a winter hat. This year, winter hats are back in fashion and they are looking classier than ever. Choose from winter hats with ear-flaps, lower caps, stocking hats, rat caps, felt hats, knitted caps, black hats, andACCESS Winter Hats Knitted CapO retro caps to complement your look in 2011. Beanie hats are here with a host of varieties. From thick rib hats toR jersey knits – you name it and they have it.I If you prefer the casual look, you can go for baker boy caps and if you feel a need for somethingE that’ll keep you very warm in the frigid weather, pick hoods with thermal insulation fabric.S Irrespective of whether you are a businesswoman, a home maker, a party animal or have a white-collar job, caps and hats will never look Rat Cap out of fashion on you. PAGE 17
  18. 18. ACCESSORIES Top Left: Black Hat ; Left Middle: Lower Caps ; Bottom Left: Cap with Ear Flaps ; Top Right: Winter Hats ; Right Middle :Retro Cap Bottom Left : Stocking Hat.
  19. 19. Be it the upscale fashion label stores or the thrifty, round the corner shops, wherever you wish to buy your outfits from this year, remember that looking stylish is your primary objective. It’s not necessary that expensive labels always ensure that you look good. It also depends on how you can pull it off. Fashion is a wonderful thing that attracts each and every human being. To stay updated on the latest happenings from the world of fashion, log on toA To share your views and opinions about fashion or the nature of fashion trends, log on to:U - SURANJANA BANERJEEO Writer Of www.MysticFashionTrends.comR’sBOX PAGE 19