Nfl Legends


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Nfl Legends

  1. 1. NFL Legends By: Justin Steiger NFL Legends BY: JUSTIN STEIGER 4-24-08
  2. 2. Barry Sanders BARRY SANDERS Barry sander was one of the best running backs in his time. He played on the Detroit Lions. His child hood model was Walter Payton.
  3. 3. Walter Payton Walter Payton is one of the greatest running back of all time .He played for the Chicago Bears. He went all Pro 7 times and had a career 16,726 rushing yards and 4,538
  4. 4. Joe Montana Joe Montana is the greatest QB in the world .He played for the 49ers and the Chiefs. He went to the Pro bowl 8 times.
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  6. 6. Jerry Rice Jerry Rice played for the 49ers At the same time as Joe Montana. He played for 20 seasons.
  7. 7. Bobby Thomas Bobby Thomas is one of the early legends. He played in 1933. He played on the EAGLES and the STELLERS.
  8. 8. Bret Fareve