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Bealls florida automation overview

  1. 1. Automation Overview for Bealls Florida Bealls Florida Automation POC is built using below tools / components. 1). Open Source Selenium with Java 1.6. 2). HTML tag library 3). Excel library 4). Java Mail Screen Shot of Java Project Explorer Automation Frame is Core Java implementation, which contains the Main Class, Libraries files (API) & Test Scripts for the varies modules of the Application.
  2. 2. Automation Framework Architecture
  3. 3. Components of Hybrid Automation Framework • Main.Java: This is the starting point of our Automation Framework which reads control script and executes each test script marked for execution. • Control Script.Xls: This is a collection of test scripts, Main.Java reads and executes the scripts from the list. • Utilities.xls: This excel document contains information such as URL of the application under test, Target Browser etc. • Configuration.Java: This script will configure the framework as per the settings provided. • GenericFunc.Java: This script contains the generic functions which can be used across projects. • ProjectSpecific.Java: This script contains functions that are specific to the project being automated. • ResultSummary.Java: This script contains functions to print the test execution summary and detailed execution report. • ExcelFunctions.Java: This script contains functions to read/write into Excel files. • ZipResults.Java: This script contains functions to export the test execution summary into .zip format which can be stored for future reference. • Test Suite: This is collection of executable test scripts and the contents of this suite are determined by the status of test scripts in the Controlscript.xls. • Data Table: This is collection of Excel files which act as placeholders for the test data for each test script. • Results: This is collection of HTML files and contains the execution summary.
  4. 4. Configuration of the Automation Frame – Utility.xls Bealls Florida application can be executed on the above mentioned browsers.
  5. 5. Test Case & Test Data Configuration Control Script of the Execution of Test Case – ControlScript.xls Test Data Used of the Execution – TestData.xls Test scripts set with status Run are executed in the automation suite, ignored are not considered for execution
  6. 6. Test Result of Execution – Summary.html Test Result summary after execution of the Test Suite
  7. 7. Click on the any test script, which shows the events of execution flow & failure screen shot is captured.
  8. 8. In case of failed test script Screen shot of the failed event is captured Click on the failed step to view failed page screenshot
  9. 9. Email Report of the test suite execution
  10. 10. Email Report of the test suite execution

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Bealls florida automationoverview


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