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The power of FOI generated stories and campaigns: Jenna Corderoy


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Presented at AlaveteliCon 2019 in Oslo. More details of the conference can be found here:

Published in: Technology
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The power of FOI generated stories and campaigns: Jenna Corderoy

  1. 1. FOI stories (and a battle) @JennaCorderoy 23rd September 2019
  2. 2. We investigate: - Lobbying - Anonymous money in UK politics - Transparency (or lack of) issues surrounding ministers’ meetings and hospitality - And… Brexit FOI stories (and a battle)
  3. 3. FOI stories (and a battle)
  4. 4. FOI stories (and a battle)
  5. 5. Transparency is important where it feels like UK politics is getting murkier (and especially when powerful - and unaccountable - organisations are in play). FOI stories (and a battle)
  6. 6. - Does not make public its membership list composed of politicians - Accepted a donation from a highly controversial businessman - Does not publish its accounts - And yet receives hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayers’ money to fund its ‘research’ - research that its members rely upon but kept away from the public FOI stories (and a battle)
  7. 7. FOI stories (and a battle)
  8. 8. FOI stories (and a battle)
  9. 9. FOI stories (and a battle)