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'Ignite: For Good' presentation 12: Can big business be good?, Nick Davies


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This is Nick Davies from Neighbourly's presentation which he gave during the 'Ignite: For Good' evening mySociety hosted on 29th October 2014 as part of the Bath Digital Festival. Description: Business has had plenty to say about its 'responsible intentions'. But in 2014 we reached a tipping point as a number of global brands shifted from story-telling to story-doing. Or in other words, from 'marketing to consumers' to 'mattering to people'. Here are stories of brands making a meaningful difference - and how will help them do more.

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'Ignite: For Good' presentation 12: Can big business be good?, Nick Davies

  1. 1. Can big business be good? Nick Davies Founder & CEO @nbrlyuk @NickSDavies
  2. 2. Climate change rallies 2015
  3. 3. Our market research is telling us that consumers are making a shift. A shift from focussing solely on “MY world” – their immediate family, through to ‘our’ world with villages and communities, to thinking about – and caring about – “THE world”.
  5. 5. Real-term budget reductions Rising costs of social care
  7. 7. companies SEARCH we MATCH projects SHARE