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Family Story: How technology can better support Children’s Services, Elle Tweedy (Futuregov)


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This presentation was made at mySociety's TICTeC Local conference on 6th November 2018. More information about TICTeC Local can be found here:

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Family Story: How technology can better support Children’s Services, Elle Tweedy (Futuregov)

  1. 1. FamilyStory Designing world class children’s services supported by the best in digital technology TICTeC Local, Manchester
  2. 2. Social workers achieve amazing things with families. But are held back by the systems and technology they work with.
  3. 3. “Case management systems focus on collecting information, they don’t support the interaction with families” Clare Chamberlain Director Centre for Systemic Social Work
  4. 4. Process, not people, is dictating social work practice “The art of being a social worker is becoming lost. Too often, it is regarded as a process to be followed – a single track which, once started, trundles along a predetermined path, usually of escalation” Ray Jones, Emeritus Professor of Social Work 60% of practitioner time is spent writing, recording and processing data into a system is spent on other admin, speaking to agencies, information gathering or travelling Leaving around 20% of time to spend working directly with families 20%20%
  5. 5. ‘Social work is not a process, it is an art, a skill, a way of working with people in crisis to help them to see their way through it and strengthen their future’ Sally Robinson Social Care Network, The Guardian
  6. 6. These are the records of real lives, they do not belong to Local Authorities
  7. 7. FamilyStory vision An open platform that allows social workers to spend more time collaborating with families, gives families ownership over their story and enables everyone involved to work better together.
  8. 8. FamilyStory design principles Practitioners spend more time with families, less time in front of computers Technology supports social care practice, it isn’t just a reporting tool Decisions are collaborative and technology enables this Families have ownership over their story Families Social workers Partners
  9. 9. FamilyStory outcomes Better outcomes for families (sustainable, less time in interventions, owned and breaking cycles) Enabling better decisions around commissioning and strategic direction Reduced cost (processing/admin, less backend resource, quality time on cases leading to better decisions Radically changing social work practice and enabling the rest of the country to join an innovative marketplace
  10. 10. Building an Alpha experience
  11. 11. What we’re learning... The concept is far scarier than the reality Show the thing to win hearts and minds Communicate and challenge the purpose of integration with legacy systems And don’t be held back by it Build a network of supporters and champions on the ground
  12. 12. ‘Very exciting development in SW recording with Partners in Practice, Tri- borough and @FutureGov. I think we might crack this yet!’ Isabelle Trowler Chief Social Worker for England