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Code for All: Comparative Models Across Borders by Catherine Bracy (Code for America)


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Catherine (Director of Community Organizing at Code for America) presented this session at The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference (TICTeC 2015) on 25 March 2015 in London.

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Code for All: Comparative Models Across Borders by Catherine Bracy (Code for America)

  1. 1. Code for All: Comparative Models Across Borders Catherine Bracy Director of Community Organizing Code for America @cbracy
  2. 2. 2011
  3. 3. Code for All is an international network of people and organizations who believe that digital technology opens new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have an positive impact on their communities. We enlist and support the public to create digital resources, tools and practices that result in stronger local communities and more responsive and effective governments.
  4. 4. Innovations on the Model ➔ Japan: Corporate partnership model ➔ Germany: Focus on citizen science ➔ Mexico City: Brigadistas ➔ Africa: Partnering with media organizations
  5. 5. Lessons ➔ Unpacking implicit American values in Code-for model ➔ Fellowship is really high maintenance ➔ Sub groupings not necessarily by region but by shared context ➔ Balance between strong local organizations and a strong network ➔ We share a lot of the same challenges
  6. 6. Fake it ‘til you make it.
  7. 7. What’s Next ➔ Independent organizational structure ➔ Infrastructure to support the global civic tech community ◆ CfAPI ◆ Forums ◆ Content and resources
  8. 8. Join us!