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Oil can henry s coupon


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Oil Can Henry S Coupon - Save big on oil change with Oil Can Henry S Coupon

Based on the recomendations of some of the my friends I got my oil changed today at "Oil Can Henry's" in Bremerton, Wa., about a mile and a half from my house. After going back and forth with my previous cars from oil changes at Jippy Lube and dealerships, this was a great oil change experience. When I first pulled behind one of the bays an attendant came out to my car and immediately handed me today's copy of "USA Today", some regional magazine, and a brochure that covered all of their services so I could decide what I wanted... Immediately acknowledging and attending to a customer is something that I have NEVER seen at jippy lube or any dealership. So, made a great first impression right off the bat.

After I pulled into the oil change bay their attendants talked to me about the services and oil that I wanted (I went with the Castrol EDGE, the highest end full synthetic that Castrol offers) and made sure that I had no questions. Then they told me that I could just sit in my car during the oil change and showed me the LCD screen where I could watch what the mechanics (err, oil change guys?) and see what they were doing in my engine bay and underneath my car. A VERY cool feature.

During the whole process all of the employees were very easy going and actively engaged in conversation with me about sports, regular guy stuff, and talked a lot about my car (they all really seemed to like the speed 3, and after noticing that this was my first oil change on my still brand new car they offered some great advice for caring for the car and keeping it in like-new shape). This was the best "car maintenance" experience that I've ever had, hands down. The combination of the customer service, the value for the money (after checking with jiffy lube and other dealerships, the price at Oil Can Henry's was almost exactly the same), and the overall level of ease that they provide to their customers has made me a customer of Oil Can Henry's for a looooooong time. If you're not going to do your oil change yourself then go to Oil Can Henry's, I seriously doubt that you can go wrong with them.

Now the most intersting part I got a discount of 46% on my bill also with Oil Can Henry S Coupon available at I sware its a win win situation and totally recommended.

Oil Can Henry S Coupon - Save big on oil change with Oil Can Henry S Coupon
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Oil can henry s coupon

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