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Demos on:<br />SAP XI & SAP PI<br />Online Trainings <br /><br />Mail ID:<br />Contac...
SAP Automation Testing
HP Business Process Testing
SAP TAO 2.0 Presentation
SAP Automation Project
SAP TAO Hands on
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V global it solutions sap xi-pi


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V global it solutions sap xi-pi

  1. 1. Demos on:<br />SAP XI & SAP PI<br />Online Trainings <br /><br />Mail ID:<br />Contact: Ravi Kumar<br />SAP XI & SAP PI<br />Demo: Saturdays & Sundays <br />Time: 6.00 AM to 8.00 AM & 9.0 PM to 11 PM (IST)<br />Online & Class Room Trainings<br />For More Details Visit Web site:<br /><br />By Govind<br /><br />Mail ID:<br />Daily Class on SAP Manual Testing & SAP Automation testing & SAP TAO<br /><ul><li>SAP Manual Testing
  2. 2. SAP Automation Testing
  3. 3. HP Business Process Testing
  4. 4. SAP TAO 2.0 Presentation
  5. 5. SAP Automation Project
  6. 6. SAP TAO Hands on
  7. 7. HP Quick Test Professional
  8. 8. SAP XI & SAP PI
  9. 9. SAP TAO 1.0 Live</li></ul>By Govind<br /><br />Mail ID:<br />Demos on:<br />SAP XI / PI<br />SAP TAO 2.0<br />HP BPT<br />SAP Automation<br />HP Tools<br />By Govind<br /><br />Mail ID:<br />Hands on Projects<br />SAP TAO hands on Training<br />SAP Manual Testing (SD, MM)<br />SAP Automation Project<br />Automation Projects using QTP<br />Automation Framework<br />Manual Testing Projects<br />Hands on Testing Trainings<br /><ul><li>Manual Testing
  10. 10. Manual Testing Line Projects
  11. 11. Automation Testing using QTP
  12. 12. Automation Live Projects
  13. 13. Framework Development
  14. 14. Resume Preparation
  15. 15. Interview conducted & Group Discussions</li></ul>By Govind<br /><br />Mail ID:<br />