KLR Act- 81(3) exemption.


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KLR Act- 81(3) exemption.

  1. 1. GOVERNMENT O F KERALA Abstract Revenue - Exemption uls.81(3) of the Kerala Land Reforms Act-Constitution of District Level Committee for the scrutiny of applications and fonnulation of guidelines for processing of applications- Orders issued. REVENUE (N) DEPARTMENT G.O.(RT).No. 254412012lRD. Thiruvananthapuram, Dated:03/05/2012 Read:- I ) Government Letter No. 35 17/N2/20 1 IIRD dated. 2 1.01.201;! 2) ~ e t t eNO.L.B.B~ r 1-10112 dated. 17.02.2012 of the h Secretary, State Land - ORDER-1. L Government are in receipt of many applications seeking exemption from land ceiling limit, under Section 81(3) of the Kerala Land Reforms Act. Governinent felt that for processing the applications , specific guidelines are to be formulated, so that only eligible cases will get the exemption as envisaged in the Act. A meeting was convened for discussing the matter in detail. In the meeting, it was decided to formulate specific guidelines and to prepare a checklist of documents, which the applicant shall hrnish alongwith the application. It was also decided to constitute district level committees for scrutinizing the applications, in the light of existing n~les orders in force, and recommending eligible cases, for the consideratioi~of and governii~ent. The Secretary, Land Board was entrusted with the task of form1.1lating the draft guidelines and the checklist of documents and to give suggestions on the coinposition of the ad-hoc committee. 2. Accordingly, the Secretary, Land Board, submitted drafts of the guidelines,check list and compositioll of the District Level Conimittees as per the letter read as 2""aper above. 3. Government, having examined the matter in detail, are pleased to constitute District Level Comittees for scrutinizing the applications, with the following compostion :
  2. 2. District Collector - Chairman Deputy Collector (L.R) - Member Tahsildar of the Taluk concerned - Member District Level Officer of the department concerned - Member (according to the nature of the land )4. On receipt of applications for exemption, the District Collector concerned,who is the Chairman of the Committe, shall convene meeting of the committee andthe Committe shall scrutinize the applications with reference to the relevant rules,guidelines,checklist and other relevant aspects.5. The guidelines, which. shall be followed while scrutinizing thd applicationsand the checklist of documents, which the applicant shall furnish alongwith the.application, are given at Annexure - I and Annexure -11 , respectively. (By Order of the Governor)To The Commissioner Land Revenue,Thiruvananthapuram. The Secretary, Land Board, Thiruvananthapuram. District Collectors of all the 14 Districts ( k o r r ~ , ~ i u ) Stock File/ Office Copy.
  3. 3. ANNEXURE-IGUIDELINES FOR THE SCRUTINY OF APPLICATIONS1) It should be ensured that the land, which may be given exemption, will be used for activities in public interest for econoinic development, and the area required is justified.2) The period for which exemption inay be given shall be fixed based on the purpose for which the land is proposed to be used. 3) Exemption granted will be conditional, depending on the nature of the land, purpose for which it is proposed to be used and other relevant aspects. I 4) The land should be used for the allowed purpose within the stipulated period and no part of it should be Left unused or unprotected. 5) If the project, for which the land will be utilised, requires clearance from any departmentlministry/agency, it shall be ensured that the same is obtained from the department/ministry/agency concerned. 6) The period within which the project will come up. 7) The exemption shall not be for the purpose of land hoarding and , to earn illegal profits. ,
  4. 4. CHECKLIST OF DOCUMENTS, WHICH THE APPLICANT SHALL FURNISH ALONGWITH THE APPI.ICATIONi) Whether purpose for which the land would be used is. Yes/No specified in the application?ii)w . Whether detailed project report submitted? . I , . YesMo iii) whether it is stated as to how the project would satisfy YesMo.I public interest? *liv) Whether details of the land in question (District, Taluk, YesINo Village, Survey No., Re-Sutvey No., Area. Nature of the land) are specified in the application? - V) ,whether documents,which prove that the applicant is the Yes/No owner of the land in question,are furnished alongwith the application? vi) Whether details of the total extent of land possessed by the YesINo . - applicant (~istrict, Taluk, Village, Survey No, Re-Survey No., Area) are furnished? vii) Whether ceiling returns, in respect of land in excess of Yes/No " ceiling limits, are filed before the Taluk Land Board ,- . ; r kf ~0nci9wd?- so, whether details fi~mished? - viii) Whether the laid forwhich exemption is sought had been Yes/No included in any ceiling cases? $, 1 (ix) (whether the land in question had been given exemption in ~ e s / ~ o I any ceiling cases? .. x) Whether caselcases, connected to the land in question, is YesINo pending before any court of law? If so, whether details furnished? xi) ;Whether the land is included in any forest land disputes? If Yes/No .) ]w, whether details furnished? xii) If the applicant is s Trdst, Educational Institution, Yes/No Charit* Organisation,ek,, whether, documents of I Iregistration, trust dead, etc. are Furnsihed? I 1