Interpersonal skills


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Interpersonal skills

  1. 1. Role Of Revenue Officer As a Team Leader.
  2. 2. Do you share good time at workwith your team members?
  3. 3. Or are there some grudges?
  4. 4. Is it affecting your daily work?
  5. 5. So let’s have a look on some reasons for it….
  6. 6. Interpersonal Skills...
  7. 7. What are Interpersonal Skills? Effectively translating and conveying information. Being able to accurately interpret other peoples emotions. Being sensitive to other peoples feelings. Calmly arriving at resolutions from conflict. Being polite
  8. 8. Unity in diversity Every one has a color of his own. Try to identify each other’s unique ability and use it to work together.
  9. 9. Whether you take credit Try to act smartOr your team member… and Achieve common goals
  10. 10. Different people differently Try to understand each-others thoughts and situations. Work together by using each-others’ competencies……(2+2=5) Try to involve others also to put their view-points.
  11. 11. Every action hasEqual and oppositeReaction… If you put your hands for help They w ill put it too If you give respect You will get respect
  12. 12. Empathize!Put yourself into the shoes of others…..
  13. 13. ….so, Understand other’s situation & act accordingly!
  14. 14. Clarity to the powers of a teamleader…. The team leader is a fellow worker and friend, not a supervisor;  leads by example, not by giving directions;  is a peacemaker, not a warrior;  is a coordinator, not an order giver;  is a facilitator, not an individual decision- maker; and is a communications link , not a communications owner. 
  15. 15. If there are so many powersthen responsibilities can’t beoverlooked… Manage time to solve queries of team members. Guide the team to improve processes. Your work is the sum of the team member’s work---It’s on your part how you accomplish it. Support your team members---they will support you in return.
  16. 16. …… Make them organize their work. Welcome their suggestions before taking any decision.
  17. 17. Don’t Criticize! How Dare you did that? You are always wrong!!!
  18. 18. Be polite! Help them to correct their mistakes! But handle the situation privately…Still Some changes have to be made to make it perfect!!!Still Some changes have to be made to make it perfect!!! II know you have the ability to do much better. know you have the ability to do much better. So, let us discuss those changes. So, let us discuss those changes.
  19. 19. Always Appreciate!Even for small things…….
  20. 20. But appreciate openly It makes feel good… They will always be thankful to you for that
  21. 21. Plan your work… Your work (team Leader) Division of work between team members Team Member Team MemberTeam Member (2) (3) (1)
  22. 22. Plan…. What to do? What to do? How to do? How to do? When to do? When to do?Who will do what?Who will do what?How much time itHow much time it will take? will take?
  23. 23. Discuss Issues!And try to resolve them mutually
  24. 24. Show them the way to successThey will surely help you toachieve it…
  25. 25. Be a role model for your team They will definitely Follow your footsteps And even if you Are not present They will make your presence always felt
  26. 26. You could also be good role model… Lead by example. Act the way you want other people to act. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Spread the word and make it something good. Do you say things that someone might repeat? If yes, than make it something good.
  27. 27.  Be kind. There is nothing better than someone saying "Wow, She is really a nice person. Put kindness out and you will get kindness back. Respect yourself and others too. Dont do things you will regret. You are the only person in control of you. Be a leader not a follower.
  28. 28. Improper conversation…. Sunil : Hi John John : Hi Sunil Sunil : I saw your report, you must prepare it again and that too today itself John : But why ?? Sunil : I am not getting any results from it. John : I am not going to do it again, and that too today is impossible !!! Sunil : John !! Try to understand I need it today. John : No!! I don’t have time Sunil : You must. John : I already told you no.Finally they depart without any conclusion.
  29. 29. Act TactfullyT = Think before you speakA = Apologize quickly when you blunderC = Converse, don’t competeT = Time your commentsF = Focus on behavior – not personalityU = Uncover hidden feelingsL = Listen to feedbackLet’s have an example………..
  30. 30. .  T.J Joseph.  Adhikarathil.  S H Mount.  Kottayam.
  31. 31. Proper Conversation… Sunil : Hi John, how are you? John : Hi Sunil, fine Sunil : I saw your report, I think we missed some analysis in it. We may have to prepare it again John : But why ?? Sunil : We are not getting any cost analysis from it and the meeting is for cost analysis. John : I am not going to do it again, dont have time for it. I have enough to do now. Sunil : John !! It is a requirement from the customer, otherwise whatever we are doing now will also be of no use, I know you put in your best efforts into that report. John : Sorry, today it’s not possible. to do it alone so quick also is not possible. Sunil : I will send Vijay also to help you, and then time permits I will also join. John : No need of you, if you can send Vijay then I will try to finish it today it self Sunil :Thank you John John : It’s my job.Finally they depart with positive conclusion
  32. 32. Work together so that even whenanyone is stuck with someproblem-You are there to help!
  33. 33. Fill each other’s loop holes andbe an Effective Team worker….