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Committees & quasi judiciary


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Committees & quasi judiciary

  1. 1. Committees & Quasi Judiciary
  2. 2. Committee ? A group of persons appointed to perform a specified service or function
  3. 3. Committees in Legislature • Public accounts Committee • Estimates Committee • Public Undertakings Committee • Committee on Petitions • Committee on Govt assurances • Committee on Subordinate Legislation • Committee on Privileges & Ethics
  4. 4. Committees in Legislature…. • Committee on the welfare of SCs/STs • Committee on the welfare of women, children and physically handicapped • Committee on the welfare of OBCs • Committee on Environment • Committee on Official Language • Committee on Local Fund accounts
  5. 5. Standing Committees in Local Self Governments
  6. 6. Standing Committees in Grama Panchayat • Finance • Welfare • Development • Health and Education
  7. 7. Standing Committees in Municipalities 1. Finance 2. Development 3. Welfare 4. Town Planning 5. Health & education 6. Tax Appeal 7. Works
  8. 8. Quasi Judiciary ? An Individual or Organization which has powers resembling those of a court of law or Judge, able to remedy a situation or impose a legal penalty on a person or organization
  9. 9. Lokayukta Constituted as per kerala Lokayukta Act,1999 (8 of 1999)
  10. 10. Functions and Powers of Lokayukta • Any person can make a complaint to Lokayukta • Lokayukta may enquire into any allegation against any public servant • Powers as per Criminal Procedure Code 1973[Act 2 of 1974] and Code of Civil Procedure 1908[Act 5 of 1908]
  11. 11. Powers of Lokayukta… • Lokayukta can send report the concerned authority regarding the inaction or maladministration • Concerned authority shall file action taken report within one month, to redress the grievance and injustice
  12. 12. Public servants to vacate office if declared by the Lokayukta [Section 14]
  13. 13. Public servants other than Govt servants to submit property statement before 30th June [Section 22]
  14. 14. Address of Lokayuktha The Kerala Lokayukta Legislature Complex Vikasbhavan PO ,Tvpm 33 Ph.0471 2300549
  15. 15. Human Rights Commission [Protection of Human Rights Act,1993]
  16. 16. What are Human Rights ? Rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution or embodied in the international covenants and enforceable by Courts in India
  17. 17. Functions of H Rs Commission Enquire suo motu or on the complaint by the victim or any other person on behalf of the victim, in to • Violation of HRs • Negligence in prevention of violation • Intervene in any proceedings • Visit any Jail, Hospital or other institution • Review safeguards • Spread literacy, Encourage N G Os etc
  18. 18. Powers of HRs commission • Power of Civil Court • Power as per Cr P C Recommend for action accordingly; Concerned authority has to file action taken report within one month
  19. 19. Address of H Rs Commission Kerala State Human Rights Commission M P Appan road Vazhuthacaud,Tvpm 14,Ph.0471 2337263
  20. 20. Consumer Protection Act 1986 [Act 68 of 1986] To establish forums for redressing the grievance of consumers in respect of defects in goods or deficiency of service
  21. 21. CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL FORUMS • Dist. Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum – up to Rs. 20 lacs • State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission - up toRs.1 Crore • National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission - above Rs 1 crore
  22. 22. • To file complaint there is limitation of two years • Delay shall be condoned on sufficient grounds
  23. 23. Penalty • Forums can impose penalty of imprisonment up to three years • And also fine up to Rs. 10000
  24. 24. • Forums can also order to attach the property of the opposite party who is not obeying the orders • Revenue Recovery can also be initiated
  25. 25. Ombudsman for L S Gs Constituted under section 271 J of the Kerala Panchayathiraj Act 1994(Act 13 of 1994)
  26. 26. Functions of the Ombudsman Conducting investigation and or enquiry in respect of any corruption or maladministration or irregularities in Local Self Government Institutions including its officers and elected members
  27. 27. Commission of Enquiries Act 1952 [central Act 60 of 1952] • The appropriate Govt may appoint a Commission if it is of the opinion that it is necessary, to enquire into any definite matter of public importance • The Govt shall appoint a Commission if a resolution is passed by the Legislature • The commission shall be deemed to be a civil court