Benfits of RSC membership


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Benfits of RSC membership

  1. 1. Royal Society of Chemistry Your Membership Your RSC Are you making the most of it?
  2. 2. Your RSCYour Networks
  3. 3. 35 Local Section across 9 Regions Local section Publicrepresentatives lectures Schools Mixer Demonstrationsmeetings Social Scientific activities lectures Every RSC member in the UK and Ireland is part of a local section
  4. 4. International sections and Reps across 4 continentsRSC activities in over 40 countries around the world
  5. 5. 9 Scientific Divisions Environment, Sustainability and Energy Dalton Education Division Division Division Industry Chemical and Biology RSC Technology Interface Division Council Division Organic Analytical Materials Division Faraday Division Chemistry Division DivisionMembers can join RSC Divisions to be kept up to date and to have input into RSC strategy, direction and vision
  6. 6. 75 Specialist Interest GroupsAccess a wealth of scientific and networking opportunitiesWant more involvement? Join an Interest Group committee
  7. 7. Other networks Younger Benevolent members fund volunteer network visitors RSC Green Representatives Chemistry networkSee for details
  8. 8. MyRSC - DiscussionGroups Photos Forums Blogs Files Access and share information Expand your circle of contacts
  9. 9. Your RSCYour Careers Service
  10. 10. RSC Careers Service Extensive resources on MyRSCTelephone consultations available Careers hubs in your city
  11. 11. Company Profiles Videos Careers AdviceChemCareers 2011 Vital Stats Live 5 days, 5 themes Discussion 14 exhibitors 3000 attendees Postgraduate Competition Look out for ChemCareers 2012!
  12. 12. Your RSCYour Member Benefits
  13. 13. RSC MagazinesChemistry news, analysis All the latest information articles, features, about the activities of theopinion columns and more RSC and its members Delivered to you in print and online
  14. 14. RSC discounts, bursaries and travel grants Reduced fees Journal and for RSCbook discounts ConferencesInterest Group International Travel Grants Stopover Grants Conference JWT Jones Research Bursaries Travelling Fellowship Fund See for details and application forms
  15. 15. Benevolent Fund Housing advice and support Volunteer visitors Debt advice Disability support Advice on state benefits Support for members’ familiesOffering members in need a helping hand since 1920 Members of all categories considered
  16. 16. Other member benefits and hotel discounts Insurance Offers to suit deals your lifestyle Discounts on Special rates for work and legal and business tools financial advice
  17. 17. Your RSCYour Contacts
  18. 18. Contact us....Local Sections and YMN Interest GroupsAndrea McGhee Fiona McMillanMember Networks Specialist Member Networks SpecialistEmail: Email: interestgroups@rsc.orgCareers advice and guidance MyRSCCharlotte Ashley-Roberts Adam TurnerLaura Woodward Member Networks SpecialistAdvice and Guidance Specialists Email: myrsc@rsc.orgEmail: careers@rsc.orgBenevolent Fund MembershipSarah-Lou Tomlin Hilary WhiteAdvice and Guidance Specialist Membership Operations ManagerEmail: Email:
  19. 19. Not yet a member? Join today at rate for students just £17 a year!