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Revistas de Trabajo Social


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Listado de revistas impresas y electrónicas disponibles para el área de trabajo social

Published in: Education
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Revistas de Trabajo Social

  1. 1. Centro de Yauco Biblioteca Revistas Electrónicas de Trabajo Social (166 Títulos) Acta Sociológica Family Practice Management Addiction & Recovery Family Practice News Administration in Social Work Family Process Adolescence Family Relations Adoption Quarterly Gender & Society Aging Gender Issues Aging Generations Aging Male Geriatric Times American Journal of Sociology Gerontology American Sociology Review Growth, Development and Aging ARETE Health & Social Work Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work & Development History of Family Australian Journal of Social Issues Hong Kong Journal of Social Work Australian Social Work Infants & Young Children British Journal of Guidance & Counseling International Family Planning Perspectives British Journal of Sociology International Journal of Children Rights Canadian Journal of Aging International Journal of Mental Health Canadian Journal of Sociology International Journal of Social Welfare Caribbean Journal of Social Work International Journal of Social Work Chasquí Journal Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal Journal of Adult Development Child & Family Social Work Journal of Aging and Social Policy Child & Youth Care Forum Journal of Aging Studies Child & Youth Services Journal of Applied Gerontology Child Abuse Review Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work Child Protection Report Journal of Child and Family Studies Child Protection Law Report Journal of Child Sexual Abuse Child Welfare Journal of Children & Poverty Children and Society Journal of Community Development Society Children Rights Journal of Comparative Social Welfare Children Services Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology Children Today Journal of Divorce and Remarriage Clinical Social Work Journal Journal of Drug Issues Community Care Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect Drugs & Society Journal of Evidenced – based Social Work Early Child Development and Care Journal of Family History ELDR Journal of Family Issues European Journal of Social Work Journal of Family Psychotherapy Family & Community Health Journal of Family Social Work Family Advocate Journal of Family Studies Family and Community History Journal of Family Violence Family Coordinator Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services Family Law Quarterly Journal of Gerontological Social Work Family Life Journal of Marriage and Family Family Matters Journal of Multicultural Social Work Family Planning Perspectives Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work Myrna M. Rodriguez Medina Bibliotecaria
  2. 2. Centro de Yauco Biblioteca Journal of Research on Adolescence Social Development Issues Journal of Social Behavior and Personality Social Indicators Research Journal of Social Issues Social Justice Journal of Social Welfare & Family Law Social Justice Research Journal of Social Work Education Social Policy Social Policy & Administration Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation Social Policy Journal Journal of Social Work in End of Life & Palliative Care Social Psychology Journal of Social Work in Long Term Care Social Psychology Quarterly Journal of Social Work Practice Social Research Journal of Social Work Practice in Addictions Social Research Update Journal of Social Work Research and Evaluation Social Science Journal Journal of Society & Social Work Social Science Quarterly Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare Social Service Review Journal of Teaching in Marriage and Family Social Work Journal of Teaching in Social Work Social Work and Christianity Journal of Technology in Human Services Social Work Education Journal of Women & Aging Social Work Forum Journal of women & Aging Social Work in Education Journal of Youth & Adolescence Social Work in Health Care Journal of Youth studies Social Work in Mental Health Marriage and Family Review Social Work in Public Health Marriage Partnership Social Work Research New Social Worker Social Work Research & Abstracts Older American Reports Social Work Review Parenting Social Work with Groups Parenting Your Aging Parents Society Psychoanalytic Social Work Society in Transition Race, Gender & Class Sociología Reclaiming Children and Youth Sociológica Research of Aging Sociological Analysis Rural Social Work & Community Practice Sociological Focus School Social Work Sociological Forum Sex roles Sociological Inquiry Smith College Studies in Sociological Methodology Social Work Social Analysis Working with Older People Social Behavior and Personality Youth & Society Social Choice and Welfare Myrna M. Rodriguez Medina Bibliotecaria
  3. 3. Centro de Yauco Biblioteca Revistas Impresas de Trabajo Social (15 Títulos) Disponibles en el Centro de Yauco Administration in Social Work* Clinical Social Work * Criminology Criminology and Public Policy International Journal of Early Childhood Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology Police Chief, The Revista de Derecho Puertorriqueño Revista Jurídica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico Revista Jurídica de la Universidad Interamericana de PR Social Policy * Social Research* Social Work Trabajo Social y Salud Young Children *Nuevas suscripciones solicitadas para el programa de Trabajo Social Carolina, Utuado, Cabo Rojo, Yauco, Santa Isabel Myrna M. Rodriguez Medina Bibliotecaria