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Ppt s2u0 back to school


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Ppt s2u0 back to school

  1. 1. SCHOOL
  2. 2. MY SCHOOL Some parts in a school are: Playground Classroom Gym Library Dining room Bathroom
  3. 3. MY SCHOOL BAG In our school bag we can have: A pencil case A pencil sharpener Coloured pencils A rubber A pen A pencil A ruler
  4. 4. THE SENSES We have FIVE SENSES: hands to FEEL. ears to HEAR. mouth to TASTE. nose to SMELL. eyes to SEE. We use our
  5. 5. TASTE  Different parts of the tongue can taste different flavours.
  6. 6.  There are loud and quiet sounds. HEAR  Sounds can be low-pitched or high-pitched.
  7. 7. SMELL  Things can smell well or badly. SEE  These are the parts of the eye: Eyelashes Pupil Iris
  8. 8. FEEL  Cold or hot.  Smooth or rough. Objects can be:  Soft or hard.
  9. 9. PowerPoint realizado por Myriam Malo.