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Ppt s1u3 my house


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Ppt s1u3 my house

  1. 1.  People normally live in a house or a flat.
  2. 2. In houses and flats we can find rooms like: A kitchen, a bedroom or a bathroom  We cook in the kitchen  We sleep in the bedroom  We wash in the bathroom
  3. 3. A door is made of wood. A roof is made of tiles. A window is made of glass.
  4. 4. Eskimos live in igloos made of ice. In the desert people live in tents. People live in skyscrapers in cities. In China there are houses called pagodas.
  5. 5. Some members in a family are: Grandmother Father Baby Sister Brother
  6. 6. In my family, we all help. I tidy my room. I lay the table. I make my bed. I help in the kitchen.