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9 ec606a.36(finished)


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9 ec606a.36(finished)

  1. 1. Networking and LANCut through, Store and forward and adaptive switch mechanism 1
  2. 2. Recap In the previous class, you have learnt about – Ethernet frame format 9EC606A.36 2
  3. 3. ObjectivesOn completion of this period, you would be ableto know about • Network Hub • Network Switch • Store and Forward switch • Cut through switch • Adaptive switching mechanism 9EC606A.36 3
  4. 4. Network Hub• Hubs, switches, and routers are all devices used to connect oneor more computers to other computers, networked devices, or toother networks• Each has two or more sockets called ports into which one canplug in the cables to make the connection• A hub is typically the least expensive, least intelligent, and leastcomplicated of the three• Hub takes the signal from one port and sends out to the other ports after due amplification and pulse shaping• Hub is a physical layer device• Hub is a multi-port repeater 9EC606A.36 4
  5. 5. Hub
  6. 6. Network Switch• A switch does essentially what a hub does but more efficiently• Switch also performs amplification, pulse reshaping functionslike hub• Switch learns about the configuration of the network• By observing the traffic, it learns which physical addresscomputer is to which port• From the observation it prepares a forward table• When it receives a packet from a port, it reads the MAC addressfrom the frame header and looks into forward table. Thenforwards the packet only to the port to which the machine with thedestination MAC address is attached• Therefore Switch works both on physical layer and MAC layer 9EC606A.36 6
  7. 7. Network Switch
  8. 8. Network Switch
  9. 9. Various Switch Architectures• Store and Forward• Cut through• Adaptive 9EC606A.36 9
  10. 10. Store and Forward Switch• A switch performing store-and-forward will wait to forward a frame until it has received the entire frame• Store-and-forward is most often used in environments supporting reliable physical or data link protocols• A received frame is often checked for errors before being forwarded 9EC606A.36 10
  11. 11. Store and Forward Switch Contd..• This type of switch is inherently slower in environments where upper layer protocols already provide reliable services• The tip off that you are dealing with a store and forward style switch is whether the switch has buffers 11 9EC606A.36
  12. 12. Cut Through Switch• Cut-through switches begin forwarding the frame as soon as the switch has read the destination address• A cut through switch will forward the data before it has completed receiving the frame• These switches will function at wire speed, forwarding traffic as fast as it receives it• Nearly all cut-through switches have no RAM buffers for storing frames 9EC606A.36 12
  13. 13. Adaptive Switch• Adaptive switch is an advanced switching architecture• It provides the communications infrastructure with unprecedented high availability, scalability• It enables Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)-based telecommunications, data communications and embedded systems to incorporate 224 PCI bus segments 13 9EC606A.36
  14. 14. SummaryIn this class, you have learnt about • Hub is a physical layer device • Switch is a layer-2 device • Store and Forward switch stores the entire frame in a buffer then it reads the header then forwards the frame to the concerned port • Cut through switch waits until it receives the frame header, then it forwards the frame to the concerned port without actually waiting for the arrival of the complete frame 9EC606A.36 14
  15. 15. Quiz1. Hub is a _________ device Ans: Physical layer 9EC606A.36 15
  16. 16. Quiz2. Switch works on _________ and ____________layers Ans : Physical and MAC 9EC606A.36 16
  17. 17. Frequently Asked Questions1. What are the differences between hub and switch?2. What are the differences between switch and router?3. What are the differences between store and forward switch and cut through switch?4. Explain Store and forward cut through switch mechanism 9EC606A.36 17