2012 America's Golf Team Fact Sheet


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Overview of America's Golf Team

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2012 America's Golf Team Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Information Technology Solutions 2012 America’s Golf Team Fact SheetAGT Coaching GroupTrain-to-Play A Player Development Initiative that will growTrain-to-Play All-Stars the game and rounds played byTrain-to-Compete providing affordable, local first class coachingCompete Select and training. A Coaching Initiative that will provide newTrain-to-Excel career opportunities for golf coaches whileExcel Select increasing player competency, enjoyment, andProfessional Golf Team USA retention A Fundraising Initiative that will ensure AGT Players receive world class instruction, train-AGT Tournament & ing, competition, mentoring, and characterAcademy Group development education opportunities A Professional Golf Initiative that will ensurePilot Programs In Process: AGT Players receive sponsorship as they exitTrain-to-Play In School—CO, KY amateur golf and pursue professional golfTrain-to-Play After School—CO, KYTrain-to-Play LPGA Girls—KYTrain-to-Compete LPGA Girls—KYTrain-to-Excel—COTrain-to-Excel PGA Village—FLTeam USA Winter Training Camp—AZAGT Capital Group AGT Corporate Partnership Mission Statement:Special EventsCorporate Sponsorship AGT is committed to creating long term partnerships that reflect shared beliefs, strategies, and industry leadingFundraising innovations designed to promote the growth and enjoyment of the game.Grant Program
  2. 2. AGT Coaching Association AGT Industry Leading Innovations include:AGT Coaching Group  Shifting from teaching golf to coaching golfTrain-to-Play  Applying sport sciences to golf  Accelerating skill acquisition through structured practiceTrain-to-Play All-Stars  Applying science of motor performance (performing when it counts)Train-to-Compete  Assessing mental toughness and self-managementCompete Select  Applying On-the-Range and On-Course transfer training strategiesTrain-to-Excel  Customizing coaching programs for all skill levels  Establishing training plans and realistic expectationsExcel SelectProfessional Golf Team USA Each AGT Program is grounded in the philosophy that golf is a late specialization sport and the student-athlete will reach his/her highest potential by the implementation of a Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) plan. This plan includes a multidisciplinary approach that includes athletic skill training, sport specific skill acquisition, heath and fitness education, and mental training. Our coaches create partnerships within the golf community including new andAGT Tournament & existing junior programs, golf and athletic facilities, golf organizations, schools, parks and recreational organizations, parents and volunteers in an effort toAcademy Group grow the game and make golf more affordable for all.Pilot Programs In Process:Train-to-Play In School—CO, KYTrain-to-Play After School—CO, KY Benefits to National Sponsor SERVICES AVAILABLETrain-to-Play LPGA Girls—KY Coaching EducationTrain-to-Compete LPGA Girls—KY Creating an elevated brand awareness at the local level in part- Player DevelopmentTrain-to-Excel—CO nership with AGT’s player members, coaches, and families. College CombinesTrain-to-Excel PGA Village—FL Creating specific brand awareness thanks to green grass Parent and Volunteer SupportTeam USA Winter Training Camp—AZ partnership with AGT Affiliates. This partnership will enrich spon- Corporate Events sor employee quality of work experience and promote retention. Fundraising Creating specific brand awareness in untapped areas of golf retail currently being utilized in TPI and similar fitness programsAGT Capital Group on all tours (The Science of Motor Learning)Special Events Creating specific brand awareness through a series of NationalCorporate Sponsorship Pro-Am Sponsorship opportunities that fundraises on the local,Fundraising state, and national levels.Grant Program Creating specific brand awareness in partnership with highly specialized Class A Members of the LPGA and PGA of America trained to accelerate skill acquisition through cutting edge coach- ing models and AGT expertise. Sponsorships established early in a AGT player’s career will lead to higher product sales over a longer period of time. Myra Blackwelder 2009 Hill Gail Way Versailles, KY 40383 Phone: (859) 317-1042 Fax: (859) 873-6328
  3. 3. AGT Program Goals AGT Player Benefits:  Access to affordable player development program in the local area  Opportunity to advance to elite level golf through a pathway of su- pervised practice, training events, and qualifiers conducted by li-AGT Coaching Group censed AGT Coaches at the local level, section, conference, state,Train-to-Play sub-region, region, super region and national levelsTrain-to-Play All-Stars  Outstanding play will open doors to player financial grants and elite level coaching through the AGT qualifying pathwayTrain-to-Compete  AGT will provide equal access to the college recruiting processCompete Select through AGT College CombinesTrain-to-Excel  Provide financial assistance to ranked AGT Players as they exitExcel Select amateur golf and transition into professional golfProfessional Golf Team USA Become an America’s Golf Team Allied Golf Association Partner:AGT Tournament &Academy GroupPilot Programs In Process: Phase II: Results of the Talent Identification and Develop-Train-to-Play In School—CO, KY ment Questionnaire to US OlympiansTrain-to-Play After School—CO, KY Community Outreach / Coaching / Sports Sciences Divi- sions : 2003Train-to-Play LPGA Girls—KYTrain-to-Compete LPGA Girls—KY  “The successful development of an Olympian is the cul-Train-to-Excel—CO mination of many years of training and the support ofTrain-to-Excel PGA Village—FL numerous individuals and organizations. It is a long-term process, both complex and intensive, which requiresTeam USA Winter Training Camp—AZ high levels of training, education, and support.”  “Conclusions: The most significant influences amongAGT Capital Group success factors and obstacles were: dedication and per- sistence of the athlete, effective coaching, support fromSpecial Events family and friends, a love of sport, excellent training andCorporate Sponsorship competition opportunities and strong financial support.”FundraisingGrant Program  “Finally, U.S. Olympians reported that a lack of financial support was the number one obstacle to overcome and reported having financial support as one of the Top 10 factors of success. They experienced the greatest finan- cial hardships at the national and international competi- tive phases. This suggests that as the performance level of Olympians improved the demand for more financial support also grew.” Myra Blackwelder 2009 Hill Gail Way Versailles, KY 40383 Phone: (859) 317-1042 http://assets.usoc.org/assets/documents/attached_file/filename/4603/ReflectionsonSucces.pdf Fax: (859) 873-6328
  4. 4. National Talent Identification Pool The AGT Player Development Pathway Professional Golf 6-12 Participants per Team 20 Academy TeamsAGT Coaching Group 240 Participants NationalTrain-to-Play Elite Amateur GolfTrain-to-Play All-Stars AGT Excel Select Super-RegionTrain-to-Compete 216 ParticipantsCompete Select College (NCAA I, II, III, NAIA, HBCU,Train-to-Excel JuCo) RegionExcel Select AGT Train-to-Excel 2,500-5,000Professional Golf Team USA AGT Compete Select Sub-Region 2,500-5,000 Participants State Select Teams (12 Player Teams)AGT Tournament &Academy Group AGT Train-to-Compete State 5,000—10,000 ParticipantsPilot Programs In Process: Elite Players—Established Junior Tours—High School GolfTrain-to-Play In School—CO, KY AGT Train-to-Play All-StarsTrain-to-Play After School—CO, KY Conference 5,000—10,000 ParticipantsTrain-to-Play LPGA Girls—KY Elite Player—Junior League Golf / Established State Junior ToursTrain-to-Compete LPGA Girls—KY Train-to-Play SectionTrain-to-Excel—CO 50,000—100,000 ParticipantsTrain-to-Excel PGA Village—FL Junior League Golf / Established State and Local Junior ToursTeam USA Winter Training Camp—AZ Developmental Programs 500,000—1,000,000 Participants First Tee / LPGA Girls / SNAG / Boys and Girls Club etc.AGT Capital Group In School Programs Local AreaSpecial Events 5,000,000—10,000,000+ ParticipantsCorporate SponsorshipFundraisingGrant Program Myra Blackwelder 2009 Hill Gail Way Versailles, KY 40383 Phone: (859) 317-1042 Fax: (859) 873-6328