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My Pocket Commercial - Ways to Plan Your Flyer Distribution


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In this PPT, you will be able to find the different ways through which you can plan a flyer distribution for your business and can catch customer attention for your business.

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My Pocket Commercial - Ways to Plan Your Flyer Distribution

  1. 1.  Flyers are very versatile and a cheap form of advertising when compared to other marketing methods. It can be very easy to design your own leaflets if you follow some simple guidelines.
  2. 2.  Planning Flyer Distribution Routes  How to Hire Flyer Droppers  The Right Ad Messaging  Acquiring Permits for Flyer Distribution  Flyer DistributionTrial Session  In-Field Management Process
  3. 3.  A good plan prevents many potential problems. Mapping out the exact routes for your flyer distribution will usually prevent several big issues. Without solid maps and routes, you can expect people to get lost, miss entire streets, and even quit in the middle of their first session when they get frustrated.
  4. 4.  Once you have developed your route planning skills, and have completed a few sessions yourself, it’s time to hire your flyer distribution team! To start, you need to think about who makes a good flyer dropper. It’s a physically strenuous job so hiring individuals who are in good shape is obviously beneficial.
  5. 5.  There is one major legal obstacle to consider before starting a team. You’ll need to understand your local permit requirements for flyer distribution. In most cities, this isn’t a big deal. In fact, you often don’t even need to register as long as you don’t knock on the doors while delivering flyers.
  6. 6.  Print the maps ahead of time. Bring one copy of each area for each flyer dropper that will work in that area. Print an extra copy so you have backup. Draw all the routes out ahead of time.  Provide each flyer dropper with a pen or pencil so they can track what areas they have completed.
  7. 7.  Once each person is set up on the app, show them the maps and the routes. Explain why you drew the routes the way you did so they can start learning how to plan routes themselves. Make sure they understand that any time they spend walking without delivering flyers is a waste of time. To incentivize our team, we offer bonuses when the team averages over 100 flyers per hour.
  8. 8.  My Pocket Commercial is the Flyer Distribution Company, which provides the unique and well maintained flyers to apartments, Condos and Businesses.