DataPublic: Building Drupal-Powered Open Government (Nik Garkusha, Microsoft Canada)


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Slides from Nik Garkusha, Open Platforms Lead at Microsoft Canada. Presented at the 2012 Toronto Drupal Business Summit.

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  • Microsoft accounted for 1 percent of the contributions to the Linux kernel between release of version 2.6.36 in October 2010 and the arrival of version 3.2 in January 2012. That puts the Redmond giant in the top 20 corporate contributors to the project
  • 34 – median age in Milton, ON
  • Cities across Canada deploying Open Data portals
  • Gov’t IT is under pressure:Council, Mayor & Gov’t Community Mandates to drive Transparency, Insight & AccountabilityCitizen Voter Communities pressure on Representatives to be more engaged & connected w/ CitizensCitizens looking for improved services delivery, mobile & creating a 2-way citizen-enabled gov’tOn top of that IT industry trends & pressures to cut costs, improve agility, efficiencies – e.g. with Cloud
  • Where is IT in this – often strained for resources, everyone comes to them to deploy portals anyway; now they have to do open gov, wtf?Pain Points For Developers & CitizensNot developer-friendly (No APIs)No open licenseData is not easily shared / reusedPublishing isn’t consistent
  • How can Gov’t have a more effective platform for engaging w/ citizens & do open data:Solutions For Government 2.0 Borrow Web 2.0 concepts:VisualizationRecencyInteractivityAccessibilityEase of Deployment
  • The IT spending dashboards are designed to help CIOs of individual government agencies get a handle on the effectiveness of government IT spending. The site was built with Drupal.The IT Dashboard provides the public with an online window into the details of Federal information technology (IT) investments and provides users with the ability to track the progress of investments over time. The IT Dashboard displays data received from federal agencies' reports to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), including general information on over 7,000 Federal IT investments and detailed data for over 800 of those investments that agencies classify as "major." The performance data used to track the 800 major IT investments is based on milestones contained in agency reports to OMB called "Capital Asset Plans", commonly referred to as "Exhibit 300s." Federal Agency Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are responsible for evaluating and updating select data on a monthly basis, which is accomplished through interfaces provided on the IT Dashboard website.
  • 34 – median age in Milton, ON
  • Example: http://bhangra.meFront end – Drupal + Silverlight mapOut of Browser App Mobile AppBack end – Drupal + GeoRSS
  • These blocks can be positioned anywhere on the site via Context or the Blocks Administration page
  • our custom slideshow module which is built on top of our custom theme'Cogito' which is built on top of the Foundation Framework ( It is both responsive and mobile friendly. It has a custom menu element for mobile devices.
  • custom theme 'Cogito' which is built on top of the Foundation Framework ( It is both responsive and mobile friendly. It has a custom menu element for mobile devices.
  • Much of the smart ‘thinking’ behind Open Government is being drive by the Obama Administration in the US. One of the first public data catalogues was Data.Gov.
  • Easy to launch an Open Gov initiativeFocus on applications vs. setting up infrastructureWhy Use Windows Azure Cloud?Azure is a secure managed platformMany accessible resources No reliance on ITCloud scales to your needs for performance & capacity as demand grows
  • “Portal-in-a-Box”:Powerful back-end management Open Government PortalDataPublic (Beta)Drupal 7 + Custom Features & modules :Fully multilingual navigation & content12+ unique features, 3 custom modules Open Data catalogue & document libraryMobile-ready design
  • (no coding)Installs & configures:Open Gov PortalOpen Data Catalogue Open Data Mapping & Social ApplicationsOpenDataInstaller.comOpen Data InstallerCloud-based publisher for Drupal 7 & open data appsOpen Source + AzureOpen Gov infrastructure in under 1 hrDesigned for non-developersLower start-up costs with cloudLaunch in a matter of days vs months
  • 8.       Offload IT costs to cloud – lower startup costs w/out servers/costs of maintaining infrastructureWhy The CloudLeverage Drupal platform and communityFlexibility –Scale to performance & capacity Cost – Infrastructure when you need it, pay as you go Speed: Roll out faster by focusing on content vs. infrastructureSecurity – Manage more fixing holes in your custom server setups
  • Test Out Data Public!We’re looking for:Feedback BETA testersInterested customers & partnersWho want to get ramped up with leveraging DataPublic & Open Data Installer in their organization or business
  • DataPublic: Building Drupal-Powered Open Government (Nik Garkusha, Microsoft Canada)

    1. 1. buildingDrupal-PoweredOpen Government
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    3. 3. kernel version 3.2 top 20 1%
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    7. 7. OpenGovernment
    8. 8. ● Doc Libraries ● Open Data ● Visualization ● GIS ● Analytics Transparency: Insight & Accountability Gov IT Engagement: Service Delivery:Social & Community Applications ● Portals ● Media ● 311 Case Mgmt ● Crowdsourcing● Elected Official Blogs ● ● Mobile ● Gov’t as a Platform ● 2-Way APIs ● Citizen-enabled
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    10. 10. DataPublic (Beta) “Portal-in-a-Box”:
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    24. 24. • Working Photo Galleries: Photo upload + dynamic resizing, scaling, and cropping.• oEmbed Thumbnail: Dynamic retrieval & embedding of videos and images• Silverlight Map: Interactive mapping framework (+geotagging)• DataLab / OGDI Field: Embed dynamic OData sources from Open Data Catalogues
    25. 25. Nik Garkusha Microsoft Canada