Introduction to MyPlan for All Advisors Meeting


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  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/20/11 14:59) -----allow student to see if courses are available or notFERPA and student dataprepare advisors for public commenting
  • Based on feedback from focus groups – one system is critical
  • What did we miss?
  • Introduction to MyPlan for All Advisors Meeting

    1. 1. What is it? What can weMYPLAN expect? How do we get involved?
    2. 2. ACADEMIC PLANNING TOOL THAT MAKES ITEASIER FOR STUDENTS TO NAVIGATE THEUW’S CURRICULAR OFFERINGS. Because of MyPlan, I can more easily find courses I might want to take next quarter based on my major’s requirements. Being able to outline a plan and share it easily with my advisor has helped me focus on studying, not worrying about graduation
    3. 3. MYPLAN YEAR 1 Beta PublicNov-Dec 2012 Jan-Feb 2012 Mar-April 2012 May-July 2012 August 2012 Manage My Audit My Share with Explore Find a course Plan Record/Plan an advisor programs• Search catalog • Save courses of • Receive warnings • Allow advisors to • Search and view and time interest and notification find and view My program schedule on basic • Add and modify • “What is” and Plan requirements parameters courses in plan “What if” audit • Share with • Compare• View course • Save a plan based on today specific requirements of landing page • Receive warnings • “What is” and individuals 1 to 3 programs• View requisites related to “What if” audit • See comments my• Find course via requisite rules based on plan advisor has made program • View completed • Add comments requirements and in progress that my advisor (explore programs courses can see dependency)• Search via • Add placeholders • Find programs advanced • Multiple plans with high affinity parameters • Additional to coursework validations • Find ‘low cost’ minors and double majors
    4. 4. ACCESSING MYPLAN Students MyUWUG Advisors ‘Tickler Content’ Grad Advisors MyPlan EARS MyGrad
    5. 5. ADVISOR AND STUDENT INVOLVEMENTWe have conducted…Advisor focus groups, 1:1 interviewsStudent interviews & persona developmentGrad school, UAA and advising leadership on steering committee and advisory groupWe are currently…Planning monthly usability tests with advisors and/or studentsDeveloping a communication, training, and launch plan
    6. 6. WHAT WE’VE HEARDA learning plan is not a course scheduleFreshmen don’t instantly need a 4 year planAdvisers had a strong interest in how MyPlan will integrate with current tools such as MyUW, MyGrad, EARS, SDBs, etc.MyPlan should facilitating conversations between students and advisers rather than replacing meeting with advisers.Lots of ideas for features that may not be addressed year 1
    7. 7. RELEASE PLANNING & PREPARATIONRelease teamIn-person trainingHelp desk support and preparationOn-going communication about what to expect and where to get more helpTraining server will be made available in the springSoft launch is being consideredWant to work with advisors on best approach
    8. 8. GET INVOLVEDEmailRequest a meeting or presentationSend questions and recommendationsVolunteer as a test participantAttend a planning meetingMyPlan website (barebones)Track project updatesView presentation slides