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Your own e-commerce Picture Cookie Shop is just a few clicks away. It\'s easy, profitable and FREE!

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My Picture Cookie002

  1. 1. Contact Us: (877) 695-6554<br />
  2. 2. Youwill love this full or part-time income opportunity.<br />It’s fun, fabulous and FREE!<br />Existing Businesses: Add an exciting new product category and additional profit<br />center without additional investment.<br />Fundraising Organizations: Finally, a unique new way to raise money and<br />promote awareness of your organization or cause.<br />Students: Great news for high school and college students. You get the winning<br />combination of making money while balancing your hectic schedules.<br />Moms: Imagine being able to stay home with your new born baby and<br />make money too! Forget daycare... new mothers, you can now live this dream!<br />Retirees: Stay connected with the workforce. Make money without leaving the<br />comfort of your own home. Enjoy your freedom and take charge of your future<br />at the same time.<br />
  3. 3. Recession Proof:No matter what the economic climate, people will always buy<br />custom cookies because of their wide appeal.<br />Universal Appeal: Cookie products are among the most widely accepted<br />consumable product in the world.<br />Established Marked: There are hundreds of established markets for custom cookies,<br />reaching every segment of society.<br />Great Value: Our delicious and memorable cookies are also extremely affordable.<br />With prices as low as 99¢, our cookies are the best value around.<br />Total Support: Our technical and product support programs are of the highest<br />standards. We are here for you every step of the way!<br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. The market for our personalized, affordable, crowd-pleasing cookies is wide open and unlimited.We’ve been providing these unique and delicious visual delights to everyone from the local caterer to major worldwide corporations.<br />They’ve been used for numerous promotions, sold in gift shops and used on table place settings at a wide variety of venues including weddings, birthdays, conferences and special events throughout the entire United States and even abroad. <br />Because you can literally reproduce any logo, message or picture in vibrant, edible full-color, they are a delicious and memorable way to promote anything. They are widely used at tradeshows, grand openings, product rollouts, sporting events and an endless list of marketing initiatives and opportunities. Yet we haven’t put a dent in this virtual goldmine and we realize that without you, we never will.<br />That is why we created this program. To provide you and others like yourself the opportunity to make moneyin this lucrative niche’ market, on your own time and as your own boss.<br />Whether you own an existing business, you are a member of an organization with fundraising goals or just a nice person that wants to build a cookie empire, there is an opportunity for you!<br />The best part of this is setting up your online Picture Cookie shop is totally FREE!<br />
  6. 6. Our delicious picture cookies are not only a treat for the eyes, they taste great too!<br />Each mouthwatering cookie is created fresh with a choice of flavored icing and sealed<br />in a clear cello bag. Your vibrant full color "edible" design is reproduced directly<br />onto the cookie icing (not rice paper) so your cookies "Taste as Good as They Look!"<br />
  7. 7. Our delicious picture cookies are not only a treat for the eyes, they taste great too!<br />Add a sheer party favor bag and transform your cookies into a festive, elegant keepsake<br />for any event or occasion. They are the perfect complement to weddings, birthdays,<br />anniversaries, baby showers, etc. Your cookies will be inserted in the favor bags at<br />our factory, ready to use when they arrive at your door. Choose from a variety of colors.<br />
  8. 8. What could be better than giving someone a delicious picture cookie? Giving 12<br />of them!! You’ll certainly make a lasting impression with this beautiful gift box<br />filled with one dozen of our delicious and personalized cookies, each individually<br />wrapped for freshness and personalized with your own special edible message!<br />A truly special way to show your appreciation to friends, colleagues and customers.<br />
  9. 9. People from every walk of life love to celebrate and the one confection you will find in most celebrations is cookies. As a matter of fact, Americans consume over 15 billion dollars of this irresistible confection each year.<br />There are 304 million people in the USA. Translated , there are<br />more than 304 million reasons to celebrate a birthday each year.<br />More than 2.2 million weddings in the USA annually and 2.2 million opportunities to make them unique.<br />According to the Small Business Administration, there are approximately<br />24.7 million businesses in the United States. Therefore, 24.7 million<br />reasons to stand out.<br />The market for personalized promotional products and party favors is in<br />excess of 20 billion dollars annually!<br />
  10. 10. Your Store is tagged with a unique code and a web address (URL) to distinguish you from others. <br />Earn $$$$ by simply directing potential customers to your shop.<br />Each cookie you sell is labeled with your web address. Therefore,<br />every cookie becomes an advertisement for your cookie shop!<br />You will be paid 20% from every order from day one! <br />Orders are accumulated and commissions are paid on the 15th day of the following month. <br />You will be paid by check or through your PayPal account.<br />
  11. 11. Promote your own Picture Cookie Shop <br />and earn 20% commission from each sale<br />The following illustrates potential profits when customers purchase from your cookie shop.<br /><ul><li>360 @ $0.99 = $356.40 / your commission = $71.28 *
  12. 12. 180 @ $1.39 = $250.20 / your commission = $50.04
  13. 13. 140 @ $1.59 = $222.60 / your commission = $44.52
  14. 14. 90 @ $1.79 = $161.10 / your commission = $32.22
  15. 15. 40 @ $1.99 = $79.60 / your commission = $15.92</li></ul>Special Note: This 99¢ pricepoint is by far the best value on the market. We’ve actually sold tens of thousands of cookies to corporations and marketing companies at prices that ranged from $1.39 - $1.99.<br />
  16. 16. Real Life Example<br />A major telecommunications company was looking for a unique way to launch their new company image. They chose our Picture Cookies and purchased 20,000 of them at 99¢ each.<br />Your commission on an order this size is $3,960!<br /> <br />Of course not every order will be this size. However, think of how many businesses participate in trade shows, conferences, grand openings, employee appreciation and numerous other promotions. Now think of how many people are planning weddings, graduations, anniversaries, sweet sixteen parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, christenings, etc, etc, etc…<br /> <br />It’s easy to see how those commissions can really pile up!!<br />
  17. 17. Your Shop: <br />Is branded to your business, organization or yourself.<br />Includes an easy to use design studio where customers can upload images, crop, zoom, rotate and add text.<br />Includes an extensive stock art galleryto choose from.<br />Is a total e-commerce solution with credit card and Paypal options.<br />Is easyto navigate.<br />
  18. 18. Your very own<br />PERSONALIZED on-line<br />PICTURE COOKIE SHOP<br />is just a few clicks away,<br />it’s SIMPLEit’s FREE!<br />