May 21, 2013 - Superintendent's update to the Board


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Superintendent's Update to the Board on activities happening in the Vancouver School District

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  • 13-06-18
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2013-05-21 16:49) ----- 13-06-18
  • Earlier this month, Macdonald Elementary students displayed their wonderful artistic creations at the Britannia Art Gallery. The exhibi titled, “Ancient Here to Now” showcased paintings produced with the support of Artist-in-Residence, Susan McCallum, who worked closely with Grade 7 students to develop their water colour skills. 13-06-18
  • On the evening of Thursday, May 9, I attended the Enigma 2013, the Eric Hamber fashion show. Fashion designers, tailors, and textiles students, along with a few returning alumni, took to the stage to model their amazing creations. Van Tech hairdressing students also supported show by providing behind the scenes coiffures. A particularly exuberant shout out was given to retiring principal, Dianne Good, who modeled one of her own homemade creations. 13-06-18
  • On May 9, students from Roberts Annex put on a wonderful musical entitled Dream Catcher. Many people commented about the quality of the production that rivaled any Broadway show. 13-06-18
  • On May 9, Tupper Tech students teamed up with Laurier Elementary students to build several garden planters. Staff and students at Laurier have high hopes of transforming the land once taken up by a portable into a thriving garden full of vegetable and herbs. 13-06-18
  • On Friday, May 10, Byng English Language Learners enjoyed a guided tour of Musqueam lands as part of the “Harmony in Action” event – a partnership between the Musqueam people and Byng ’s ELL community. 13-06-18
  • On May 10, Gordon Elementary students made a Destination Imagination (DI) presentation on behalf of hundreds of their peers. They showed a massive photo which included photos of all of the students at Gordon. 13-06-18
  • On a rainy Monday, May 13, in aid of CLICK (Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids), students from several inner city schools from around the district kicked off Inner City Kids Week with a tug-of-war contest on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The students were supported by members of the Vancouver Police as well as VSB staff members. 13-06-18
  • On May 13, the day before the Provincial Election, Windermere students held their own Student Vote to highlight the democratic process among secondary school students. A few of the Student Vote organizers are featured in this photograph. 13-06-18
  • On Monday, May 13, I visited Macdonald Elementary and had a chance to see the brand new Aboriginal art the is spread throughout the school. The Aboriginal Focus School is now akin in many ways to an Aboriginal Art Museum. 13-06-18
  • On Wednesday, May 15 I joined Chairperson Patti Bacchus, VSB District Principal Don Fiddler and our Aboriginal Support Workers for a heart warming Grade 7 Aboriginal Student Honouring Ceremony held at the Musqueam Cultural Centre. The event celebrated the success of more than 130 Grade 7 aboriginal students who will be transitioning on to high school . 13-06-18
  • On Thursday, May 16, I had the good fortune of touring David Thompson Secondary with Principal Iona Whishaw and viewing the incredible hallway art that is throughout the school. During the visit I also had a chance to speak with some very articulate students about the student forum/student voice initiative and how it has grown in their school. I also visited Odyssey teacher Danny Borges and saw how his students were using iPads to learn science, in this case Ohms Law. 13-06-18
  • On Thursday, May 16, I toured the new Sir James Douglas Elementary school with Principal, Catherine Feniak. Much as Kitchener, it will be another amazing and exciting, safe space for staff and students to work and learn. 13-06-18
  • On Thursday, May 16, as part of my visit to Sir James Douglas Elementary school with Principal, Catherine Feniak I got to experience a Hip Hop lesson underweay in the gym with Artist in Residence, Homage. Kurt was with me and I think he was better able to understand the dance moves than me. I also visited a Kindergarten class to see the magic of iPad to tell a story. The teacher was showing each student’s story that they had created on their iPads. 13-06-18
  • Very early on Friday, May 17, I joined VSB staff and Trustees Patti Bacchus, Mike Lombardi and Cherie Payne at QMUNITY ’s 9 th annual International Day Against Homophobia. The keynote was an incredibly articulate young student named Cory Oskam (and his mum Nicole Seguin), who gave an excellent speech about his life as a transgendered student as a goalie with Britannia’s hockey academy. 13-06-18
  • Last Friday, May 17 Eric Hamber Secondary held their 50 year anniversary celebration that featured exhibitions of the school’s fantastic fashion and arts programs as well as various traditional decade rooms. The turnout for the event was great and, I understand that the gala the next day went very well. 13-06-18
  • 13-06-18
  • 13-06-18
  • May 21, 2013 - Superintendent's update to the Board

    1. 1. Superintendent’sUpdateJune 18, 2013
    2. 2. Macdonald Art Gallery
    3. 3. Hamber Fashion Show: ENIGMA
    4. 4. Roberts Annex Musical
    5. 5. Laurier Garden Bed Construction
    6. 6. Byng ELL Musqueam Visit
    7. 7. GordonDestination Imagination
    8. 8. CLICK Tug-of-War
    9. 9. Windermere Student Vote
    10. 10. Macdonald School Visit
    11. 11. Aboriginal Student Honouring Ceremony
    12. 12. David Thompson Hallway Art
    13. 13. Sir James Douglas Elementary
    14. 14. Sir James Douglas Elementary
    15. 15. International Day Against Homophobia
    16. 16. Eric Hamber 50 Year Anniversary
    17. 17. On the calendar…• May 22 – Hamber HUB Bike Event• May 22 – Templeton Splash and Dash• May 23 – Laura Secord Carnival• May 24 – Adult Education Graduation• May 24 – Baldwin Bash Volleyball Tournament/Social• May 24 – Van Tech Climate Wars Talk• May 24 – Byng Symphony 10thAnniversary Concert• May 28 – School visits to Tupper and Livingstone• May 29 – École Bilingue Bikers’ Breakfast• May 31 – Alternative Ed Sports Day• May 31 – Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary centennial