May 6, 2013 - Superintendent's update to the Board


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Superintendent's Update to the Board on activities happening in the Vancouver School District.

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  • 13-06-18
  • John Abbott from the 21 st century learning initiative in the UK met with elementary and secondary students at several schools on April 15 and 16 before leaving for a two week visit to school districts around the province. 13-06-18
  • On Thursday April 18, students, staff and the school ’s Aboriginal parent community gathered for Templeton’s annual First Nations Night. The evening featured some excellent traditional First Nations food (prepared by the outstanding Templeton culinary arts program) as well, the evening was an opportunity to acknowledge the success of the school’s Aboriginal learners. 13-06-18
  • On Thursday, April 18, I met with VCC President Kathy Kinloch to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU will provide enhanced opportunities for Vancouver Aboriginal learners. In addition to increased coordination between the two institutions, the agreement provides five scholarships for free tuition for the first year for Vancouver Aboriginal students wishing to attend VCC. 13-06-18
  • On Friday, April 19 during a Pro-D day, dozens of teachers from across the district headed to Van Tech where they learned about teaching sustainability and gardening from Fresh Roots, a non-profit organization that manages and runs Van Tech ’s new market garden. 13-06-18
  • On Tuesday, April 23, Grade 4 students from Tecumseh Elementary School headed to a creek near Spanish Banks where they released salmon fry that they had been raising. 13-06-18
  • On Tuesday, April 23, the week long Alternative Secondary Art Fair held at the Round House was kicked off with some breathtaking pieces. The evening was capped off with some lyrically gifted students who performed all sorts of great music acts which ranged from freestyle rap to marimba drumming. 13-06-18
  • On Wednesday April 24, Quilchena Elementary hosted a massive Eco-Fair. Non-profit organizations came from around Metro Vancouver. Along with the assistance of parents and staff, students helped host over a dozen stations ranging from Slow Food to Eco-Art. 13-06-18
  • Ever seen a home made hovercraft? Well at the King George IB Fair held on April 25, that was one of the many exhibits on display. This photo shows the Deamo Ford, a Grade 10 student who wanted to build a go-cart for his IB project, but settled on designing and building a fully functioning hovercraft (because it would cost about $9500 les). His dad is still looking for the leaf blower! 13-06-18
  • On Friday, April 26, Tennyson Elementary held their annual Spring Fling. The photo on the right shows one of our young students and her mother who are leading the charge to make events like the Spring Fling a “zero-waste” event. 13-06-18
  • On Friday, April 26, Justice Thomas Berger visited Macdonald Elementary where he gave students a first hand account of his experience heading up a Royal Commission on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline (in the 1970s). 13-06-18
  • Sunday, April 28th is the National Day of Mourning. This date commemorates workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illness due to workplace related hazards and incidents. The numbers are staggering. In 2011, 919 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada – a decrease from 1,014 in the previous year. This represents more than 2.6 deaths every single day. In the nineteen year period from 1993 to 2011, 17,062 people lost their lives due to work–related causes (an average of 898 deaths per year). 
 Workers' Memorial Day was started by the Canadian Union of Public Employees in 1984, and the Canadian Labour Congress officially declared it an annual day of remembrance in 1985 on April 28. The date 28 April was picked because on that day in 1914, the Workers Compensation Act received its third reading. In December 1990, this day became a national observance with the passing of the Workers’ Mourning Day Act, so that on April 28, 1991, it was officially the National Day of Mourning. In 2001 the International Labour Organization first observed World Day for Safety and Health at Work on this day. The Day of Mourning has since spread to about 80 countries around the world.  Our flags will be lowered to half-mast from Friday and through this weekend.

As we go to work, please join with co-workers throughout our organization in remembering those being commemorated. Let us further strive to establish safe conditions in the workplace for all and renew our commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace to prevent further deaths, injuries and diseases from work. It is as much a time to remember lives lost and injured as it is a call to protect the living.     This year, in particular, I wish to also take a special moment to remember the tragic deaths of people around the world who work in educational settings who have been injured or killed due to the senseless acts of others.   13-06-18
  • On Tuesday April 30, Magee Secondary students played host to provincial election candidates from all four major provincial parties when they held a student organized debate. The debate was a greatopportunity for senior students to learn more about public policy issues being discussed duringthe current provincial election. 13-06-18
  • On Tuesday April 30, students from Henderson and Moberly Elementary schools visited the Education Centre to demonstrate their sketch books. The colourful and artistically rendered books created by the students are great examples of hands-on learning – congratulations to the teachers and other staff who supported this wonderful endeavour. This was a fun-filled day for both the students and the superintendent! 13-06-18
  • On Tuesday, April 30, the Education Centre was the site of an incredible array of digital presentations created by students from Vancouver elementary schools. It was an inspiring exhibit using technology to support 21 st century learning that got the attention of many visitors and staff at the VSB – including a few trustees! 13-06-18
  • On Tuesday, April 30 I had the pleasure of visiting the Museum of Anthropology at UBC for the First Peoples’ Festival, an annual event that brings together a range of exhibit, performances and activities about Aboriginal culture – including dancing, carving, making a Talking Stick, weaving, story telling, drumming and a workshop on governance. During the visit I met with newly (re)elected Tsawwassen Chief Bryce Williams and Musqueam Councillor Howard Grant. 13-06-18
  • On Tuesday, April 30, along with several district staff, I had the opportunity to visit the Rooftop Garden located on the 10 th floor of an underutilized parking garage. This amazing technology provides organically grown leafy vegetables to local restaurants and grocery stores and demonstaetes a viable use for underutilized spaces in the city – perhaps even our school sites could house such sustainable business operations. 13-06-18
  • On Wednesday, May 1, Lord Roberts as well as a students from several other Vancouver elementary schools enjoyed some real hands on learning experiences at the Community Mining Fair. I am told that geology really came alive for these students – as compared to their usual sedimentary field trips, they all had a rocking good time! 13-06-18
  • On Thursday, May 2 we had a wonderful visit with a delegation from China who were interested in learning more about the Vancouver School Board – including child care opportunities for visiting adult international students and university faculty. The Canadian Trade Commissioner to China from Beijing also attended. 13-06-18
  • On Friday, May 3, I attended Queen Mary Elementary school to see the Scientists in Residence Program in action with our students and teachers. At the same time, Paige Axelrood, founder of the “Scientists in Residence” program accepted a cheque for $20,000 from a local branch of the Royal Bank in support of this program. The Scientist in Residence program is an excellent organization that has operated in the Vancouver area since 2004. It provides amazing hands on learning opportunities for our students. 13-06-18
  • A big congratulations to the Grandview Elementary Ravens basketball team who won the city-wide final and are now the City Champions. 13-06-18
  • On May 5 th , students and staff at Street Front Alternative Program participated in the 2013 Vancouver Marathon. The students exceeded expectations and once again showed the world what hard work; mental toughness and the drive to succeed can do. Congratulations to lead teacher Trevor Stokes and staff for the great work that they do on behalf of our students. 13-06-18
  • Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids 13-06-18
  • Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids 13-06-18
  • 13-06-18
  • May 6, 2013 - Superintendent's update to the Board

    1. 1. Superintendent’sUpdateJune 18, 2013
    2. 2. John Abbott from the in theUK met with several student groups
    3. 3. Templeton First Nations Night
    4. 4. VSB and VCC MoU
    5. 5. Fresh Roots Pro-D Day at Van Tech
    6. 6. Tecumseh Salmon Fry Release
    7. 7. Alternative SecondaryArt Fair
    8. 8. Quilchena Eco-Fair
    9. 9. King George IB Fair
    10. 10. Tennyson Spring Fling
    11. 11. Justice Berger visits Macdonald Elementary
    12. 12. Sunday April 28, 2013 - National Day of MourningThis date commemorates workers who have beenkilled, injured or suffered illness due to workplacerelated hazards and incidents. The numbers arestaggering.In 2011, 919 workplace deaths were recorded inCanada – a decrease from 1,014 in the previous year.This represents more than 2.6 deaths every singleday. In the nineteen year period from 1993 to 2011,17,062 people lost their lives due to work–relatedcauses (an average of 898 deaths per year).
    13. 13. Magee Student-Organized Debate
    14. 14. Moberly and Henderson Sketch Book Day
    15. 15. District Digital Fair
    16. 16. First Peoples’ Festival
    17. 17. Roof Top Garden
    18. 18. Roberts at the Community Mining Fair
    19. 19. Chinese Delegation Visit
    20. 20. Queen MaryScientists in Residence
    21. 21. Grandview Junior Basketball
    22. 22. Street Front Alternative
    23. 23. Other past events• April 25 to 28 – BCSTA AGM and conference• May 2 – VSB “Big One” at 2 pm occurred• May 3 – VSSAA Coaches dinner• May 4 – BCCPAC AGM was held• May 2 - Theatre Temp production: This. Basedon the Seven Ages of Man Speech byShakespeare, This is a beautiful, humorous,thought-provoking piece which includeselements of mask, clown and movement.----
    24. 24. Upcoming events• May 9 – ENIGMA – Eric Hamber Fashion Show• May 9 – Film Festival at Templeton• May 13 – Pulling for Inner City Kids (CLICK)• May 16 – CLICK Fundraiser at Creekside• May 17 – Eric Hamber Anniversary Celebration