June 4, 2012 - Superintendent's update to the Board


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Superintendent's Update to the Board on activities happening in the Vancouver School District.

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June 4, 2012 - Superintendent's update to the Board

  1. 1. Report to Board [June 4, 2012]School visits:• Dickens Elementary• Dickens AnnexNews items• Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation has awarded $9,000 to Takea Hike Program and $11,000 to StreetFront Alternate.• Ministry details on $1,054,540 VSB allocation – to be used tosupport K-3 reading for teacher inquiry projects, release time etc.• Premier announced ERASE: Bullying strategy – Expect respectand a Safe Education – five-year training program.http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2012/06/premier-announces-erase-bullying-strategy.html• Ministry has announced (1) Collaborative Action Researchgrants $5,000 (school level) and $10,000 (district level) tosupport research and collaborative inquiry in the area ofpersonalized learning; (2) Innovation through an invitation tothink differently – Expression of Interest for interim change of apolicy/order/regulation with a purpose of clearing the way forinnovative practice.May 22: Joint meeting of the VSB and VPL senior staff – topics includedthe sectoral review and the notion of co-locating services as part of ourasset sustainability considerations, potential for common but parallelapproaches to library services, shared visioning from the largercommunity perspectives.May 23: Aboriginal Focus school discussionsMay 24: Val Overgaard nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinctionaward: http://www.ywcawomenofdistinction.org/May 24: Launched the MODO car sharing program- Kirthi Roberts andstaff. I have now registered to be a driver!May 25: Adult Education graduation ceremony:Surayya Jan: $40K UBC scholarship
  2. 2. May 29: Scholarships presented to four deserving alternate educationstudents to cover tuition, books and transportation - three at Spectrumand one at Tupper Young Mum’s Program:CKNW Orphan Fund Scholarship• Awarded to a student graduating (Dogwood) from a VBEAlternative Program but unable to pursue a post-secondary courseof study that would enable le them to attain the career path oftheir choice due to financial need• They do not usually qualify for scholarships awarded for highacademic performance• Student has demonstrated leadership to overcome obstacles andsocial/emotional challenges• Student would have to have a have overcome adversity, such asbeing street entrenched, be in care, or live in a family with anincome below the poverty line• Their parents/guardians are not in a position to support themfinancially, and part-time jobs will not support them adequately.• Scholarship funds are available to cover the costs of tuition, books,and other course related materialsAwarded to Spectrum Students:• Cianna Barker: ($5,000) Honour Roll student; highly talented artist,Peer Tutor and Community Service Student. Cianna wants to beteacher. Planning on attending Langara in the University Transferprogram and then off to university to become a teacher.• Lorissa Campbell: ($5,000) Top English student, Honour Roll,Community Service. Is hoping to attend Langara in the EarlyChildhood Education program.• Elizabeth Jenkins: ($5,000) Valedictorian for the SpectrumGraduation Ceremony this year, Honour Roll student, Peer Tutorand Community Service Student . Elizabeth plans on attendingLangara Colleage in the University Transfer program – eventual goalis to become a dentist.
  3. 3. Tupper Young Parents Program:Chalaine Ang: ($6,500) To cover costs of childcare andtransportation (Chalaine also won a STAND FoundationScholarship of $5000 to cover her tuition costs). Chalaine hasapplied to Capilano College for the Legal Admin Assistant Program.May 29: Blessing for the Pendleton blanket in the reception area.We are proud of this display that honors the Aboriginal communitiesand compliments the yellow cedar Whorl created by Musqueam artist,Susan Point, to celebrate the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement.The Pendleton Blanket features Raven and the Box of Knowledge withartwork inspired by Tlingit artist, Preston Singletary. A portion of theproceeds from the purchase of this blanket has been donated to theAmerican Indian College Fund to help support tribal colleges.May 30: Joint VSAA retirement function where we honoured retired andretiring VSAA and DMT members.May 31: Special Parents’ Forum for the parents/guardians of Grade 7 –12 ESL/ELL students at Churchill and Van Tech.Each of the two evening events will enable parents to• Learn how the district is supporting success for each ESL/ELLstudent in our schools• Better understand how the BC education system works(Graduation requirements, Pathway to Graduation, Equivalencycredits and Post-secondary opportunities)• Learn how they can help students to get the maximum benefitfrom their time in high school• Ask questions and offer suggestions regarding the future ofESL/ELL in VancouverProvide feedback to Senior Management regarding recommendationsto consider should the district consider any adjustments to ESL/ELLservices.May 7: Aboriginal Achievement celebration at Templeton.