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Platform as a service


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Platform as a service provided by Peepal Technologies. A new company which offers mobility solutions.

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Platform as a service

  1. 1. Mobility solutions for Today
  2. 2. Facts and expectations Global mobile data traffic in 2011(597 Petabytes per month) was over eight times greater than the total global Internet traffic in 2000 (75 Petabytes per month)Monthly global mobile data traffic will surpass 10 exabytes in 2016.Over 100 million Smartphone users will belong to the "gigabyte club" (over 1 GB per month) by 2012.
  3. 3. The growing number oftablets, smartphones andconnected devices will pushdemand for mobile data to over10.8 exabytes per month by2016, an 18-fold increase over2011 according to Cisco.That’s a compound annual growthrate (CAGR) of 78 percent from2011 to 2016 Projections
  4. 4. Mobile Data Traffic Will Double Again in 2012• The number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the worlds population in 2012.• The average mobile connection speed will surpass 1 Mbps in 2014.• Monthly global mobile data traffic will surpass 10 exabytes in 2016.• Monthly mobile tablet traffic will surpass 1 exabyte per month & will exceed 10 % of global mobile data traffic in 2016.
  5. 5. It’simportantto capture this Audience For your Business
  6. 6. Join UsTo Offer mobility Solutions to the world Audience
  7. 7. We are young But notnew to the world of Mobility
  8. 8. We are a great team
  9. 9. What we offer is a Ride on our platform MyPeepal offers mobility solutions for Individual and organizations. With cloud based services, You can gain access to the platform and launch your own services on the mobile platfom any day.
  10. 10. The Extraordinary Portal Engine  Ability to render Portlets in pre- selected different templates  Different Portlets styles give the flexibility of using different structure to create the portal  Region Specific Portals  Indexing based Portal Creation  Content editor web based GUIWill be Tuned to your Business needs
  11. 11. Rendering Solutions Flexibility to render the portal on handset browser based on its capabilities Ability to render portal in different mark- up languages based on browser compatibility Supports portal rendering based on screen size of the device Ability to fetch the UA profile of handset browser at runtime
  12. 12. Host your Apps for all the O/S and handsets
  13. 13. Video Solutions
  14. 14. The platform Supports all kinds of video formats.Keep your Videos online, Generate revenues by serving on mobile Devices Promote your company, products on the platform
  15. 15. Browsing on Mobile Browsing solutions for any media company.You run a news paper, a website, a blog. You will never need to go any where for any other screens like tablets and Smartphone. It is custom made solution for you which you could design.
  16. 16. Fluid Designs Site Designs which fits on screens. With HTML 5 and CSS3 No need to worry about the tablets and handsets of various screen Sizes. You will float on every known device.
  17. 17. Building Blocks Content Subscriber SubscriberManagement Management Management Diverse Campaign Contest Content Management Engines Content Advertising Subscriptions Engines search Portal SMS Gateway AlertFramework Engine Management
  18. 18. Reach out to us for your path breaking mobility solutions at: Support@mypeepal.comNew Abode.VAS Mypeepal Technologies
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