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  1. 1. Introduction to CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management for the Civic Sector (updated 1/15/2010)
  2. 2. Agenda What is CiviCRM? Key CRM Features Components: Contributions and Pledges, Event and Membership Management, Broadcast Email, Case Management, Grants Who’s Using It Evaluating CiviCRM for Your Organization Integration with Other Tools Resources
  3. 3. What is CiviCRM? Web-based, open source, internationalized CRM software Designed for Non-Profits, Membership and Advocacy Organizations Project of Social Source Foundation (501c3) and CiviCRM LLC Open source (free) software supported by a community of users, developers and technology providers Integrated with Drupal and Joomla! Content Management Systems (CMS’s) - OR runs standalone Internationalized  translated into Polish, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese…  Localised date, address, currency display…
  4. 4. Key CRM Features Record and manage information about your members, clients, volunteers, activists, donors, staff, affiliates, branches and vendors. Define custom fields specific to your needs Organize constituents into groups Track relationships between constituents Flexible search capabilities Track interactions such as meetings, phone calls, emails, and define custom interaction types. Map constituent locations Collect constituent info and expose selected info to the “public” or “members” via CMS integration
  5. 5. Contributions & MembershipManagement CiviContribute  Online contributions & personal fundraising pages  Automatic receipting  Premiums  Track online / offline contributions and pledges  Plugins for PayPal, and others CiviMember  Configurable self-service member signup and renewal  Tracks member status based on your organization’s membership categories, periods and “rules”.
  6. 6. Event Management Configure event info Publish event info to iCal or RSS Online paid or free event registration with auto receipting and confirmation Discount configuration Price sets for complex event pricing Offline registrations: import participant lists Attendance sheets: export participant lists Waitlists and Moderated Events
  7. 7. Broadcast Email CiviMail  High-capacity broadcast email  Integrated with CRM  Mailing lists are fixed or “smart” groups  Personalize via mail-merge with contact info  History of mailings and responses tracked for each contact  Tracks opens, click-thrus , and forwarding  Subscribe, unsubscribe and bounce-handling
  8. 8. Additional Features CiviReport - 20+ built-in reports with graphing, automated report generation and more… Tell-a-friend - make it easy for donors, event participants and members to spread the word. Personal fundraising pages - supporters promote your fund- raising campaigns by creating personal contribution portals. CiviPledge - accept and track pledges for recurring contributions. CiviCase - integrated case management. CiviGrant - input and track grants to organizations, individuals or households. Custom search framework - search and display data “your way” Drupal integration modules - Member->Roles, Views 2, OG Synch.
  9. 9. Who’s Using CiviCRM? Non-profits of all shapes and sizes…  Local arts organizations and clubs  Regional environmental organizations  Foundations  Museums  NPO tech providers  Public interest lobbying groups and political parties  National and global membership associations and advocacy organizations …
  10. 10. Who’s Using CiviCRM
  11. 11. Who’s Using CiviCRM American Friends Service Committee Creative Commons Bioneers Linux Foundation Mozilla Corporation and Foundation Canada and New Zealand Green Parties Physician Health Program-British Columbia QuestBridge University of Michigan Museum of Art Urban Alliance for Sustainability USPIRG / FFPIR …
  12. 12. Vibrant Community - Viral Growth 375,000+ total downloads since inception 3,500+ active installations (via ping-back) - v2.0+ Community forums  16,000+ members  Avg 50+ posts / week-day Over 100 individuals and consultants have participated in the design and development of CiviCRM Community Advisory Group Book Sprint Google Summer of Code Projects Organizations like U.S. Public Interest Research Group and Physician Health Program are sponsoring major new features 3rd party modules - Organic Groups, Views2, Ubercart,…
  13. 13. New for v3.1… Contact subtypes HTML system emails (receipts etc.) Personal dashboard Theme-able markup for front-end pages Merge from search results / contact edit
  14. 14. Coming in v3.2 Move to trash / undelete Performance optimizations CiviCase Phase 3 Tagging for activities and cases Custom data for Addresses Look and feel renovation / theme-ablity
  15. 15. Resources Project Home  Documentation   Understanding CiviCRM ( This Presentation  IRC (#civicrm on Community Forum (support and discussion)  Professional Services  Downloads 
  16. 16. Evaluating CiviCRM for YourOrganization Free software… BUT, requires technical skills OR budget for consultant to install, configure and maintain Rapidly evolving in response to active user and developer community - top ratings in recent NTEN CRM survey Growing integrator ecosystem. Some will host too.  “Specialized” hosting companies (Drupal+CiviCRM) and CiviMail- only service (CiviSMTP) Do you need a web-based non-profit focused CRM, with the current feature-set AND integrated with a Content Management application?
  17. 17. Evaluation Code: 103How Was this Session? Call In Text OnlineCall 404.939.4909 Text 103 to 69866 Visit Code 103 Enter Code 103Session feedback powered by:Tell Us and You Could Win a Free 2011 NTC Registration!
  18. 18. Integrate and Customize CiviCRM Profiles - CMS integration  Registration and input forms  “Public” search and listings pages Import and Export data Custom screen layouts (templating) Custom search framework Public APIs - allow other tools to insert, update and retrieve CRM data