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Microsoft Word - AAM'S PDP

  1. 1. Student ePortfolioStudent DetailsName: MISS AYE AYE MONYear: Postgraduate (1 Year Course)Campus: Cavendish CampusCourse: MSc Mobile & Wireless Computing CourseInstitution name: Mobile ComputingPersonal Profile - My 30 second advertisementI am a Master Student in University of Westminster with over 8 years’experiences of Computing. I have sponsors from my family andfriend for this Computing degree and want to be as a SystemManager in the field of any mobile application development using myprevious skills and working experiences. If I have a chance, I wouldlike to attend PhD course in UK and work in UK to get foreignworking experiences especially in Central London.Portfolio ContentsArtifact NotesSkills Matrix A summary of my key skills Examples of Skills Matrix.docWork Experience A summary of my previous and current work experiencesArtifacts Word documents, Power Point, Photos, Hyper LinksSWOT Analysis Positive and negative characteristics, opportunities and threatsSMART Goals A summary of my objectives for future actions.Action Plan A number of SMART goals. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  2. 2. Student ePortfolioCV and Job Applications A summary of my details and applied about jobs Curriculum vitae.docx Aye_Mon_-_New.doc Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  3. 3. Student ePortfolioSkills Matrix The Skills Matrix is designed to help you record evidence of the wide range of skills which graduate employers require. This particular list comes from recent research with a number of large graduate employers, and comprises the top 10 skills they said that they require from employees. I will develop these skills in a number of ways; during my studies at university, in employment, in my leisure time, or in my community. Keeping a Skills Matrix will help me when I come to filling in application forms. Many people find the most difficult parts are the open-ended questions, which look for evidence of skills. The skills that I am most likely to have evidence of early in my time at university are placed first, with more complex skills towards the end of the list. However it is not an exhaustive list, and there is space on the template to add other skills: Evidence Academic Work Experience Leisure, Community orSkill Student Union Voluntary Activities Work Involved in writing Heartbeat Involved in writing member Involved in teaching Involved sharingTeam working Program to monitors the registration of golf club data and MS Internet Courses, many experiences presence of nodes in the access and MS VB to the field force Internet Office XP and perfectAn extremely common skill which virtually cluster through a series of system database. (For CE and Database communicationevery employer I apply to will require. keep alive, or heartbeat InfoService ) Programming with and interpersonal messages. (For M.C.Tech Involved in writing POS of sale Visual Basic and skills.This skill is often better evidenced from (Rangoon)) manage D-COLA and load data onto SQL. (As a Assistant Involved managingwork or recreational activities than from Involved in writing MS Access the MPC Head Office Database Lecturer in Myanmar systemacademic study. The key is to emphasise 2000 for Sale Process, System. (For Myanmar Pharmacy Computer independently, self Purchase Process, Shipment Co) Federation (NGO)) learningwhat my role was in the team. Process, Diesel Process and Involved in setup my own Business techniques and Credit Return Process and MS as a Director. Services of Binary knowledge in Access 2000 for Information Knowledge Computer Centre are quickly. of Customer, Supplier, Computer Network Installation & Involved leading Inspector, Employee and Networking Service, Computer qualities in group Vehicle Registration. (For Software Project, Multimedia work and distribute B.S.I.S (Hons) External Degree Project, Web Site Design & my sills. from London Metropolitan Developing Computer (DTP), Involved as a University) Training Facilities of Professional teacher to teach Courses and Computer Sales and computers course Services. for office staffs. Involved as a trainers to train Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  4. 4. Student ePortfolio how to self study on Internet and show multi ways. Involved as a volunteer to spread my knowledge and skills to young people in one high school village which was my father’s native town.Communication & interpersonal skills Communication with Burmese Communication with Indian Communication with CommunicationThis is a large and broad skills category. Lectures for First M.C.Tech in Programmers for Myanmar different level of with various kind ofCommunication comprises written, spoken and Burma Pharmacy Company to do POS ages and skills people.listening skills, all of which can be of interest to Communication with Irish software and Stock Management students. Happy to learnemployers. My ability to communicate with a Lecturer(from UK) in KMD Software Try to communicate multi cultures andwide range of people is also important. For Computer Centre (Yangon) to Communication with International with people in various kind ofexample, I am likely to communicate in a very do Thesis workmates (Polish, Japanese, Mother tongue foreign languagesdifferent way with a client than with a senior Communication with Korean, Indian, Bengali, France, (Burmese in other countries.manager. The number of people I am Japanese Lectures for IT Chinese, British) to do Part-time Language), I would like tocommunicating with is also important - for Professional Courses jobs in London. Japanese Language study Humanexample trying to persuade one person is very Communication with British Communicate with so many and English Communicationdifferent to trying to persuade a roomful of 30 and Europe Lecturers for students for each class. Language (Second (HC).people. My academic studies at university are an English Language and Double Clear to speak and prepare notes Language). I have alreadyexcellent source of evidence of communication MSc Degree in London. for them and use body languages I can speak, write studied aboutskills, whilst a part-time job may provide Communicate with one by one for long distance students and e- and read properly in Humanexcellent evidence of my interpersonal skills. for projects and one to many learning teaching. Burmese and Communication for class jobs. Making meeting with staffs in own English but a little and Information Writing Thesis, taking paper job, presentation for students, bit in Japanese. Systems for first exams, doing on line exams, attending staff meeting in big NGO. Now, I try to know IDCS Diploma from making presentation in front more Languages like London Guildhall of teachers and students. Korean, Chinese, University. Hindi and Bengali for communication Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  5. 5. Student ePortfolio in London.Customer focus & service orientation Contact with Customers or To change all styles according to Keep in mind Participate for Students for collecting kind of jobs to get people’ attention. Customers always Customer care andAs the UK economy becomes increasingly requirements or needs. To care Customers and fast Right. keep in touch bydominated by service sector industries the Help people in class by services in order to get their Be careful eye using polite ways.need for employees with customer focus explaining lessons and satisfaction. contact and Oral andand service orientation will increase. answering to all questions. To follow all procedures for Non- VerbalEvidence for this particular skill is most services. Communications.likely to come from work experience, but To overcome Customers’ complainscommunity or voluntary activities may also and get their useful sources. To organise a group to do To organise people to setup my own Lead organisation as Be patient forOrganisation, planning & prioritisation small projects for course business. a good team leader. members ofabilities works. To motivate and persuade to get Make a schedule and organisation. To make a plan in order to their attention and respect. perfect plans for all. Follow Rules and finish on time. To define responsibilities and duties Do step by step Regulations ofEmployers increasingly expect staff to be To setup level of priority to for all members. according to plans. to manage their own work loads. The complete smoothly.abilities to organise, plan and prioritise arethe key to doing this. Many people areexceptionally skilled at doing this withoutrealising it. For example, successfullybalancing study, work, and raising a familyis an extremely impressive achievement! Flexible with Classmates and Flexible with Workmates and Enquiry about all Submit all reportsFlexibility, adaptability & capacity to Lecturers. Leaders. students’ activities for future changescope with change Try to know all technical and Try to learn work natures and and arrangements. of improve practical changes. situation changes. Enjoy in organisation. International studentEmployers like staffs that are open minded life.and able to change roles quickly andsuccessfully. Examples of this skill could bedrawn from almost any area of my life.International students, for example, Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  6. 6. Student ePortfoliocan evidence this very effectively bydescribing how they have adapted to living,studying and working in a different country. Make analyst before doing Study a business strategy and Participate in In order toAnalytical ability & decision making design and implementation. meeting with people to discuss Analysis Stage in overcome wrong Try to get experience people each others. organisation. decision making ,Analytical Ability includes being able to suggestion and make a own Record meeting minutes and collect Sharing with Analysis iscritically evaluate information, and decision to get Academic suggestions and decide for different point of essential need.identifying and evaluating alternatives. One goals. improvement of organisation. views.of the major functions of a degree courseis to develop my analytical abilities. A Motivate to get rightsuccessful decision maker evaluates the decision plans.options before choosing a course ofaction, and might also consult and listen tothe opinions of other. One of the keys tomaking a successful career choice isanalysing all the available information aboutme and the labour market to make aninformed decision. Be active and control myself Need to motivate myself for all Observe to all Try to do the bestSelf-motivation & drive to get targets. followers. seniors and motivate for all. Drive me to study properly. Don’t mind if people drive me to do myself to control allEmployers are increasingly looking for staff jobs. juniors.that are pro-active, and use their initiative.Self-motivation and Drive also involves theability to see a task through to a successfulconclusion. Not always the easiest skill toevidence, a good example might entaildescribing how you used my initiativeto deal with a difficult situation in a part-timejob. Master for Technology Thesis I tried to know about manual Listened all about Studied about pastAbility to innovate concerned with network systems to parallel running with people needs and ideas and made for clustering in Linux but my computerised systems for three proper explained to future plans. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  7. 7. Student ePortfolio teacher didn’t teach about businesses. One of them was management level. Always try to doTo innovate is to introduce new methods, that module during course Pharmacy company, second one Gave some the best in presentideas, or products. To be innovative I do not term. was Pure water factory and the last suggestions and time.have to come up with ideas that no one has B.C.I.S (Hons) Thesis about one was Fishing product company. good ideas toever had before - I can be innovative by Disel Distribution of big I submitted all of my great ideas and overcome problemsapplying an idea in a situation where it has company in small town in my current problems to do good one. in organisations.not been tried before. country. Difficult to get data Negotiate between about their business because up and down level to they couldn’t speak in solve all problems. Burmese properly. I persuaded them to do Computerized in their businesses. Time management to relax Give holidays to staffs and make Student life is the Tried to work underMental & physical resilience mental and physical. some parties. happiest life, and pressures and took Take care myself be happy Business and working life is easy to get a lot of stresses onMany employers value the ability to cope and healthy. struggle so, need more time to relax enjoyments. jobs.with stress and pressure. One important myself. After jobs , took afactor in being able to do this is possessing rest for next newgood organisational skills. A good example jobs.of this would be a situation where I haveachieved a successful outcome despitebeing under intense pressure. Studied about Project Leaded for a own business in my Leaded someLeadership ability Management, Business country by running with few staffs students to attend Management, Communication and teachers. classes regularly.This skill is particularly important to anyone Systems Management, Selected some good friends to Leaded somewho wants to progress onto a management Advanced Database teach some courses in Centre and problems to get fairtraining scheme, or apply for a job where Management systems, gave them good salaries and results and humanthey will be managing other staff. Examples Decision Support Systems in commissions. right.for this are more likely to come from work or order to work in Management Well trained staffs and goodleisure activities than from academic level. management to improve Being the captain of a sports team orbeing a crew manager at Burger Kingare two possible examples. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  8. 8. Student ePortfolio This page of the e-Portfolio to keep a record of all of my work experiences. This will prove particularly useful when I amWork Experience writing my CV or completing an on-line application, as I will be able to quickly cut and paste information as required. In the Reflection column, try and write what I gained from that particular work experience. It may be that a certain activity confirmed my interest in this type of career, or on the other hand I may never want to do this type of work again - either is extremely valuable in the process of career decision making.Work Experience Place From To Reflection on evidenceAs a General Manager in High Point Rangoon (Yangon), Burma April 2000 July 2001 Managed Centre with Director, Customer careComputer Centre (Permanent Status) (Myanmar) and helped to workmates, Taught computer courses and trouble shooting for computersAs a Computer Teacher in JUNE Rangoon (Yangon), Burma August 2001 December 2001 Taught Computer Basic Application courses toCompany (OASIS) Pure Water Factory (Myanmar) some office staffs in order to support when(Part-time Status) system changed to computerized systemAs a Programmer in CE InfoService Rangoon (Yangon), Burma January 2002 November 2002 The main objective of the project was to manage(MICT) Myanmar Information and (Myanmar) the golf club data. Management of Data involvedCommunication Technology Park writing MS Access and MS Visual Basic(Permanent Status) programming. The complete process of system was a three months process. System created by development life cycle. I was responsible in the complete automation of the process and checks to be carried out. Developed an application for some systems and wrote some course notes by using Microsoft latest good reference books with other workmate Got on job training and attended some courses to support for jobAs a Computer Teacher in (UMFCCI) Rangoon (Yangon), Burma December 2002 December 2003 Participated in hardware and softwareThe Union of Myanmar Federation of (Myanmar) installation when set up the class room, LearnedChambers of Commerce and Industry about small LAN network in classroom and(Part-time Status) server control, equipments, problem solving for Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  9. 9. Student ePortfolio students, system maintenance, teaching and learning for teaching trainingAs an Assistant Lecturer in (MCF) Rangoon (Yangon), Burma December 2002 August 2005 Attended some professional IT courses fromMyanmar Computer Federation (Myanmar) Japan and India, Taught Computer courses and(Myanmar Japan e-Learning Centre) managed for all courses. Defined course notes,(Permanent Status) course schedule, exam papers, marking scheme, guide group projects, tested with individual and group presentation. Sometimes, multi classes for the whole day and persuaded students to get their attention and regular class attendingAs a Computer In Charge in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma December 2003 April 2004 This project is to describe sale process that isMPC(Myanmar Pharmacy Company) (Myanmar) performed by D-COLA shops. POS process(Part-time Status) handles all sale transaction and produce daily sale reports. Stock balance control and payment auto calculation can perform by POS, POS of D- COLA will perform the validation and provide the data back to MPC head office in file by disk transfer system because no network system. D- COLA will send only that data , which needs to be updated in MPC head office database. Records sent back by D-COLA shop after validation shall be processed through MPC management Process. The process shall apply the changes to MPC head office database, account management, purchase arrangement, sale record, stock control, accounting reports issued. The complete process of MPC system was a five months process. Each process when carried out was checked for Data Integrity/Data consistency. This process also involved QA testing Generation of reports to management for data consistency. I was responsible in the complete automation of the process and checks to be carried out. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  10. 10. Student ePortfolioAs a Director in Binary Knowledge Rangoon (Yangon), Burma March 2004 August 2005 Collected necessary equipments and installedComputer Centre (Self-Employment) (Myanmar) hardware, software and network for teaching and sale show room. Contacted with Suppliers, Customers, Students, Business people, Teachers. Advertised about courses, products, software and web sites. Interviewed and employed teachers and staffs for running business.As a Sale Assistant in Burger King London, England September Present Making Burger, Selling and managing cash till,(Part-time Status) 2005 customer care, communicate with International customers and workmates, dealing with staffs and customers.As a Waitress in Indian Restaurant London, England June 2007 August 2007 Cleaning, Washing, Customer service, problem(Part-time Status) solving, menu items and prices learning, food and drink items learning, caring shop appearance.As a Staff in Wasabi Sushi and Bento London, England February 2008 Present Cooking rice, making sushi, cleaning andJapanese Restaurant (Part-time Status) washing, learning about wasabi and follow food hygiene. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  11. 11. Student ePortfolio Any object made or modified by a human culture, and later recovered by an archaeological endeavorArtifactsWord Documents Other Documents Hyperlinks – Useful Sites STUDENT eportfolio 8A7CDA3 4 tnemngissA sdohteM hcraeseR AYE AYE MON 11403689 Mobile and Wireless Computing Course University of Westminster Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  12. 12. Student ePortfolio 12/05/2008 02/05/2008 19892.php 22/04/2008 12/04/2008 Poster Assignment 02/04/2008 PDP Assignment 23/03/2008 13/03/2008 03/03/2008 Project Proposal Assignment Start DateEnd Date Submit Return Date Date 40966.phpCareers and Student Employment35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LST: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  13. 13. Student ePortfolioSWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis is useful for assisting me in making informed decisions. It helps me to look at all the potential influences. Strengths are my personal positive characteristics, the things that I am good at. Weaknesses are factors that my need to improve upon, and are typically a lack of skills, knowledge or experience. Opportunities are chances for me to develop my weaknesses and build on my strengths, for example favourable circumstances. Threats are those factors that might restrict or prevent my actions; these might be circumstances beyond my control and/or the decisions of others. Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to me, and are factors that I have control of. Opportunities and Threats are external, and are factors that I usually have no direct control over. The example below shows a SWOT analysis carried out about me when I was considering taking a first Master degree course after my first degree from Burma and second degree from UK to gain some relevant work experience.Strengths WeaknessesB.Sc (Computer Science) External degree from London Guildhall University Sometime stay quiet, Thinking deeply and taking time for doing important things,B.C.I.S (Hons) External degree from London Metropolitan University Sometimes slow response when so tired physical and mental,B.C.Tech degree form University of Computer Studies, Rangoon (Yangon) Short temper for complex problems, don’t like to find some things when lost,M.C.Tech degree from University of Computer Studies, Rangoon (Yangon) No patient to wait someone late, don’t want to spend with friends in free times,Achieved 2 Bachelor Degrees, 1 Hons. Degree, 1 Master Degree Like stay alone at home, eating too much and sleeping a lot,Excellent reputation with classmates, workmates, students, customers as a Enjoy for moving accommodation to get environment changes,competent, knowledgeable and helpful assistant. Enjoy my classes, work andconsistently greet with people with a smile. Honest, reliable and productive. Like make friendship with people but lazy to contact with them all the times,Developed a reputation for excellent services by acknowledging a person’s No time for spending times for happiness, like to do jobs and study a lot for futurepresence and making eye contact, greeting people in a friendly manner, and life,giving them full attention, taking time to answer a question or findingsomeone else who could. Don’t like to live with family, more prefer living alone and sometimes sharing with people.Good Academic results got so many IT certificates, diplomas, member cards,recommendation letters. Well trained for both theory and practical, good Doing quickly when argent and no time , like struggling and observing things,technical skills, good communication skills (Written, Listening, Reading, Non Like to create or start problems to fight for funny, happy with people angry forVerbal). Experience of communicating with a wide variety of friends, staffs, jokesstudents, customers, colleagues and representatives of other organizationsboth formally and informally and using variety of media. Improved ability to Like spending money for shopping and testing for education, paying , donating ,listen carefully and simplify the message. Realized better knowledge and sharing money for help people, Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  14. 14. Student ePortfoliounderstanding helps as well as a good grasp of the language. Sometime, get raining days , broke money, need help from friends, parents, relatives,Teamwork has been an integral part of all the jobs I have done so as far andhave been effective member helped by superior communication and people Well known how to manage time and financial but sometime prefer to break goodskill which I posses. The following outcomes were achieved consistently. management plans,Reduced workload and took pressure of work and got thing done quickeralways meeting deadlines. Try to test people’s mind and asking a lot of questions about their point of views and sometimes against with themI am keen on keeping fit and healthy and regularly do sport. I read extensivelyon many subjects and enjoy constructive discussions. I maintain a positive Explaining, giving suggestions, non stop talking to persuade them to change theiroutlook on life and like to dine out. mind, Ignore them when they tried to lie me or when I find out about the truth things, Stay away with narrow minded people, Feeling shame to make friends with strangers.Opportunities ThreatsPeople like and love me too much, Easy to get help and chances, Most of the Lot of pressure to finish two degree at the same time.times are good luck and sometimes are bad luck. Social work, business and participate in NGO organisation, so many work loadGet great support from my parents and relatives and some friends for and no time for family, friends and Found some rude people who made me angry and sick, try to kick me out from myEasy to get part-time or full-time jobs without effort too much but sometimes best position because of their jealous.need to follow the rule. Some people hate me when I motivate and persuade them to do the best and show(For example : in UK, my status is student and difficult to get full-time the right and easy ways to save money and times.professional job at the moment and need to study more to know latesttechnology and environments) Some people approached me to get chances and use me to get benefit for them. I like to help people but I don’t like when people try to use my knowledge and skills.Get people respect and favour in job places and in classes. Some people tried to make me friend when they need my help but after that theyGet request and response from people easily and quickly. forgot to say thanks and ignore me until they need my help again.Sometimes, some of my dreams come true in my real life. Management level disliked me when I pointed out their weaknesses and unfair for all people.Pay off some of my debt because sometimes I won lottery. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  15. 15. Student ePortfolioGet helpful and peaceful flat mates, neighbours, house mates, friends, work No choices and no chances for some situations.mates. Need some effort, against enemies, negotiate or fight with opposite some peopleSome people miss me a lot when I left them. when they made me problems.Get special opportunities because I always work hard and try to getachievements all the times.Take great opportunities to perform heavy duties.Achieve big help to overcome difficult certain circumstances. Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  16. 16. Student ePortfolio SMART Goals and Action Plans are closely related. Both methods help me to plan my future actions. I may prefer oneSMART Goals approach over the other, or I may want to try both. A Goal is an objective. Making my goals SMART can help me to attain them, as it makes me to think about them in a number of ways.Goal Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic RelevantWhat I wish to achieve? Make each goal as State how I will know How will I achieve my Have I done some Is the goal relevant to specific as possible when my goal has been goals? Are there any research, got the right other goals I have set or achieved obstacles to their experience and skills, my long-term career achievement, any and made appropriate plans? constraints that must choices of modules? Timed be overcome, and any State when I want to goals that are achieve the goal. conflicting? What resources and help will I need? Do I need to set some subsidiary goals that must be fulfilled before achieving my main goal?To apply NI National Contact with NI office Made phone calls to get First, got Temporary NI Got interview Need to upgrade whenInsurance Number branch to get NI an appointment number on paper experience and oral card is expire number Interviewed with office Finally, got useful NI communication skill staff Card to apply jobs Explained to other Filled up form and gave people to apply NI in details futureTo apply various kind Sent CVs, Covering Prepared several CVs, Received thank letters, Studied how to write Job seeking again andof jobs to work in letters, Job Application letters according to job sorry letters, Interview CVs, English again until to get a goodLondon forms types invitation letters Language, job job, nice salary , great Sent by post , by e-mail, requirements, made training and experiences on line forms effort to get response from employers Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  17. 17. Student ePortfolioTo get Interviews Got phone calls from Prepared for Interview, Got Interview Results Tried to understand Ready to transfer to managers, Interview Studied about job and took some paper work nature, Friendly other branches, date and time, Explain specifications, Practiced test or on line test, with workmates, good Accepted other on jobs about previous working for Conversation, Eye Interview with head communication with training for promotion, experiences and skills, contact, Speak clear, office staffs and met people, good manners Learned about advance Asked some questions well dressed (formal), again with unit steps to Interviewers Not nervous, self managers, supervisors, confidence senior staffsTo take exams, do Attended regular Studies in deeply, old Got questions, Tried to understand Exams are essential incourse works classes, Made home questions, theory and schedule, instructions, meaning of questions, Student’s life, works, Took lecture tutorials, help from Lecturers, Tried to answer Will take so many exams notes, Responded to Discussion with friends, friends perfectly and within repeatedly, Lecturers asked unclear points, marking schemes, made own ideas and Defined time frame to notes, answered to all finish right time questions carefully Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  18. 18. Student ePortfolio Action Planning and SMART goals are closely related, for example an Action Plan could contain a number of SMART goals. ForAction Plan each Action I should consider: The resources that I will need to undertake it; How I will know when I have been successful; The timescale of the action.Actions Resources Success Criteria TimingComplete Scholarship Application On line web sites Sent from to destination place on time July 7 2005 (Joint Japan/World Bank)Forms Scholarships Departments Achieved good response and special March 31 2007 (Prospect Burma) (Joint Japan/World Bank, Prospect offers July 19 2007 (University of Burma, Universities) Westminster)Complete Universities’ Entrance Internet web sites, On line forms, by Got Unconditional offers from all February 25 2005 (University ofApplication Forms post office Universities, Auckland) Students Administration University of Plymouth didn’t ask for March 11 2005 (Middlesex University) Departments deposit and gave me Acceptance April 29 2005 (University of Plymouth) (University to Auckland (New letter to apply UK Visa Zealand), University of Plymouth (UK), Middlesex University (UK), University of Westminster (UK)Complete Job Application Forms Lord’ and Joy Indian Restaurants, Got Interviews, well trained, good September 17 2005 SSP(Select Service Partner Limited) , working experiences, Changed Calibre International Agency, several jobs because of different Listhaven Catering Co., Ltd. situations, All were not my faults Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  19. 19. Student ePortfolioCV and Job ApplicationsA CV or curriculum vitae is a marketing tool. With my CV I will be able to promote myself. Imagine the CV asbeing a brochure that will list the benefits of a particular service. The service being my time and skills! Whenwriting a CV look at it from my employers point of view. Would I stand out against the competition (the othercandidates) and would the manager want to talk me for a possible job? I have to ask myself these questionswhen writing my CV or curriculum vitae. Networking and interviewing are essential for my job hunt and my CVis just the first step in the job search. However a CV will be my first contact with potential employers and willopen the door. If I am invited for an interview I would then be in a position to explain and expand on what is inmy CV. A CV is an essential tool in my job search. When applying for a vacancy I generally first have to sendmy CV to present myself to the prospective employer.Job-application forms are an important part of the recruitment process. Employers will use my applicationform as a first-stage filter, in order to draw up a shortlist of interviewees. For this reason, I should take thetime and effort to make my job-application form as perfect as possible. Make a copy of my job applicationform, so I can refresh my memory before an interview. List my educational qualifications and work experiencein reverse chronological order (most recent first), unless told to do otherwise. Graduate employers areseeking evidence of my ability to do the job. Analyse the competencies required, such as teamwork andproblem-solving, and think of occasions when I used them. Explain the context, my role and actions, and whathappened as a result. Stress proactive activities, rather than passive interests. Use verbs such as liaised, co-ordinated, investigated and developed.Embedded CV AYE AYE MON FLAT 48, ROTHAY, ALBANY STREET, LONDON,UK (NW1 4DH) MOBILE NUMBER; - 07894562202/07525941067 • E-MAIL MOBILEROSE@GMAIL.COM OBJECTIVE To work in UK. EDUCATION 2007-Present University of Westminster M.Sc Mobile and Wireless Computing • Introduction to Mobile Computing • Mobile User Interfaces • Compact Framework Development with C# and .Net • Research Methods • Mobile Communications Network Technology • Native Platform Development • Wireless and Cellular IP Networking • Project Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  20. 20. Student ePortfolio 1999 - 2002 London Metropolitan University B.Sc (Hons) Computing & Information Systems • Decision Support Systems • Object Oriented Analysis & Design • Software Engineering Methods/Management • Advanced Database Management Systems • Communication Systems Management • Computing Project 1996 - 2006 Rangoon University of Computer Studies B.C.Technology (Hons) M.C Techonology. • Computer Architecture & Organization • Advanced Electronics & Power Control • Techniques, Linear Control System • Data Communication • Computer Networking • Computer Control System & Neural NetworkWORK EXPERIENCE 2005 - 2008 Burger King Company/Wasabi Company/Indian Restrurant Sale Assistant • Involved in making all kind of burgers/Sushi in the Kitchen, Opening and Closing shop, cleaning kitchen and dining area. • Involved in serving customers as sale assistant, stock delivery and stock control. • Involved in checking daily sale and other type of reports. 2004 - 2005 Binary Knowledge Computer Center/Own Business Director – Rangoon/Myanmar • Involved in writing Computer Basic courses, Programming courses, Network courses, Exam questions and management for centre • Involved in teaching Internet & E-mail course, Computer Basic courses and Database course • Involved in computer sales and Trouble shooting Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  21. 21. Student ePortfolio Work Experience Continued 2002 - 2005 Myanmar Information & Communication Technology Assistant Lecturer – Rangoon/Myanmar • Involved in training Web Master, Teacher training, Java programming courses • Involved in teaching Internet & E-mail, Computer Basic courses and Database course 2003 - 2004 Myanmar Pharmacy Company Limited. Team Leader – Rangoon/Myanmar • Developed POS process will store the sale records, which are required to be send to MPC for validation. • Involved in writing POS to sale manage D-COLA and load data onto the MPC Head Office Database system. • Developed MPC management process will update MPC database as per the data received from D –COLA after validation. 2002 - 2003 The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Computer Teacher – Rangoon/Myanmar • Involved in writing Internet & E-mail course, Computer Basic courses • Involved in teaching Internet & E-mail course, Computer Basic courses 2002 - 2002 CE Info-service Computer Programmer – Rangoon/Myanmar • Developed in data management of Golf club • Involved in writing member registration and checking golf tolerant • Involved in writing Microsoft Access & MS VB database system. 2001 - 2001 Pure Water Computer Teacher – Rangoon/Myanmar • Involved in teaching Computer Basic Courses 2000 - 2001 High Point Computer Centre General Manager – Rangoon/Myanmar • Involved in teaching Computer Basic Courses • Involved in Computer Sales & ServicesCareers and Student Employment35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LST: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  22. 22. Student ePortfolio SKILLS Languages - Able to speak English, Japanese & Burmese. Computers – Able to design Software packages. Communication – Working as part of a team. REFERENCES References and letters of recommendation available on request.Embedded Covering LetterDear Sir,Please find enclosed my CV for your reference.I have been working for several years in IT field in my country (Burma) also know as Myanmar.I am interested in gaining some work experiences in IBMand would be grateful if you could look over my details.I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regardsMiss Aye Aye MonDear Sir,Please find enclosed my CV for your reference.I have been working and studying Information Technology for over ten years, two and half years in BurgerKing Restaurants and few months in Indian Restaurantsand have recently completed a B.C.I.S from London Metropolitan University.I am interested in gaining some work experience in this industry in the UKand would be grateful if you could look over my details.I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,Miss Aye Aye Mon.Apply a ICT Technician Job.docxApply a Data Entry Clerk job.docx Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  23. 23. Student ePortfolioJob specifications & advertisementsInternal Sales / Field Sales / Sales Executives - Printing Solutions - LondonSales Executives/Account Managers - Printing Solutions - London Due to expansion we are looking to employsales people at all levels including Internal Sales, Field Sales and Sales Executives.Salary: from £15k ++ dep. on role and experience Location: LondonCompany: Perfect Colours Date Posted: 19 Mar 2007Job Title Location Date Company NameSystem Administrator 2007-02-26 OrangeThe Role This is a demanding hands on technical role requiring all round skills and a requirement tocontinuously multi-task. All Orange Multimedia Operations IT systems and services ...Test Analysts Shipley, England, United Kingdom 2007-02-26 AccentTEST ANALYSTS, SHIPLEY, WEST YORKSHIRE, £29k, PLUS BENEFITS Due to restructure, this is anexciting opportunity to join our ICT team improving bespoke IBM based systems by introducing ...IT, South WalesSouth Wales, United Kingdom 2007-02-26 IntaPeople LimitedIT, South Wales IT Support Analyst - South Wales Salary £15k - £22k dependable on experience An excitingopportunity has risen to join a large well established firm specializing in ...Test Analyst, To £33k, CardiffCardiff, United Kingdom 2007-02-26 LorienTest Analyst, To £33k, Cardiff - Test Analyst required by global software solutions company. Ideally ISEBcertified to Foundation level, you will have proven experience of working in ...Automated Test Analyst, Negotiable, SurreySurrey, United Kingdom2007-02-26LorienAutomated Test Analyst, Negotiable, Surrey - Automated Test Analyst. Must have previous system testingexperience and use of automated test-scripting tools (ideally QARun or similar ...Desktop/IT Support, 0, OldhamOldham, United Kingdom2007-02-26Computer PeopleDesktop/IT Support, 0, Oldham - IT Support / Desktop Support. Due to a number of high profile projects andincreased workload my client has a requirement for an IT Support / Desktop ...Reflections and feedback on your to meshow details Jan 30 ReplyDear Aye Aye Mon,Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your application to the European Graduate Programme2008.We will contact you via email about the outcome of your application.On this site you can see what is going to happen once you have submitted your application to the EuropeanGraduate Programme 2008: Programme itself will start on 1 September 2008.Thank youThe European Graduate Programme Team Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E:
  24. 24. Student to meshow details 2/14/07 ReplyDear AYE AYE,Support Staff/Administration Assistant - Assurance Quality SUP01420Thank you for your recent application and your Curriculum Vitae in connection with the above position.We regret that, on this occasion, we have decided not to proceed further with your application.We will gladly retain your details for approximately six months in case any suitable position arises during thattime.May we thank you once again for taking the time to apply to us and for the interest you have shown.We are sorry that, due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot give individual feedback onapplications or CVs.We wish you the very best in your future career.Kind regards.Recruitment at to meshow details 2/13/07 ReplyDear Aye,Thank you for your interest in coming to join us here at Tesco.We have considered your application very carefully and unfortunately have to tell you that on this occasion wewill not be progressing your details any further.We appreciate that you may be disappointed, but we would like to wish you every success with your currentjob search and thank you again for applying.Recruitment TeamTesco Stores LtdGreat Response letter.docxWaterstones book shop.docxResponse letter.docxResponse letter 1.docxResponse letter 2.docxResponse letter 3.docx Careers and Student Employment 35 Marylebone Road London NW1 5LS T: 020 7911 5184 F: 020 7911 5182 E: